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Zhigalov Andrey

( Professional Clown)

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Biography Zhigalov Andrey
Born 21.04.1966, Chelyabinsk

Andrew Jigalov - a professional clown. In the early 90's he graduated from the pop-circus school. It was there and found him in 1990, assistant director Nikolai Dostal, who set about shooting tragicomedy 'cloud-paradise'. Andrew has played in this movie the main character - a good-natured idler Kohl nicknamed 'tumbleweed'. Film narrated about hopelessness remote provincial town. Hero Andrew Zhigalova, which are driven everywhere, from the boredom out what he was going to the Far East. Instantly everything around me. Kole taken aback arrange lavish sendoff. Former favorite again swears his love and says he will wait. Friends say drinking companions of the Pacific. In the heart of each begins to wake up the dream:

The film immediately attracted attention, as spectators, and professionals. With great success 'Cloud-Paradise' was shown at festivals in Locarno and Geneva, and Andrei Zhigalova compared, no more no less, with himself as Yuri Nikulin. But everything turned out differently:

After the paintings 'cloud-paradise' Andrew starred in several movies, and then: in 1993, went on the circus contract in Germany.

Returning after 15 years

For a dozen years in Europe, Andrew Zhigalov became famous clown. With its variety-circus 'Zhigalov show' he was acting in circuses in Germany, France, Switzerland. 'Clown without make-up' - so-called today Andrew. He has a lot of contracts, time is scheduled for many months in advance. But, despite this, Andrew in 2005 came to Russia from Germany, responded to the proposal of Nicholas Dostal to play in a sequel to 'cloud-paradise'.

. For his new film 'Kolya - a rolling field' Nikolai Dostal gathered all the actors, . starred in the first film: Allu Kluki, . Sergei Batalov, . Irina Rozanova, . Vladimir Tolokonnikova: Why he returned to this theme? Director himself explains it this way: 'After I took 36 games and 6 of the documentary series, . decided to debut in this century, the usual full-length film,
. Normal, human, artistic, I hope, a movie about normal people. Where no shooting, no killing, no bloody scenes. Cinema, which shows the life of provincial Russia and a half dozen years after the events that occurred in my film in 1991. This is a whole historical epoch. Then our hero went from a provincial town, and now returns. But this is completely independent picture, though with the same characters and with the same actors'.

Hero Andrew Zhigalova - Nicholas - returned to his native village once. During the ten years of wandering, he visited a lot where. Much has happened in the country. And only in the village life is still.

Once again, history repeats itself, as in the first film. Handed out gifts, celebrating his return, Nick once again running away from the hopeless boredom. And drive it to anywhere loyal friends, loving neighbors, favorite, who had to give birth to a son in his absence. Chase of the naive and always ready to come to the rescue of a boy in the dark, making his sudden return and the same sudden departure in the 'number one news' more in the next decade:

. Like the first picture, the movie 'Kolya - rolling stone' was highly marked - 13 th Film Festival "Window to Europe 'was marked by special prize of the jury' Golden Boat '.

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Zhigalov Andrey, photo, biography
Zhigalov Andrey, photo, biography Zhigalov Andrey  Professional Clown, photo, biography
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