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Kolganov Vadim

( Actor)

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Biography Kolganov Vadim
photo Kolganov Vadim
Born 17.01.1971, Ulyanovsk region.
'We all come from my childhood ...' - Remember a wonderful phrase? January 17, 1971 in Ulyanovsk region was born the next Honored Artist - Vadim Kolganov. At the age of three years with his parents, he went to 'conquer the' Ural steppes.

. 'The school years wonderful' - School for Vadim's life began at age 6 in the city of Orenburg, where the actor began to write his first poems ( 'I do not want to be a Communist, but I want to be a machinist').

. 'Long live the scene, the audience, the hall ...' - In the sixth grade Vadim started to play in a youth theater, while still successfully engaging and boxing
. The first directorial experience occurred in grade 10, while Vadim is combined with another game in the popular theater 'Search'.

Soon he entered the Orenburg school culture, to separate 'theatrical direction', he graduated with honors.

'Serve Russia ...' - Vadim after school went to the service of their country, first in Khabarovsk, and then to Kamchatka. After a year of service, winning the competition 'Polit Scrabble' (something like "SSC"), Vadim went on vacation.

After the army, Vadim began working in his hometown in the 'Center for Children and Youth Creativity'. Joined the music school and began to leave the scene Orenburg Drama Theater. But to finish 'muzykalku' did not succeed ... because Vadim waited Moscow, remaining unconquered yet ...

Education VGIK

Doing to VGIK, the acting and directing department, Vadim came to the remarkable leaders of the course - MM. Hutsiev and I.L. Raihelgauz. It Raihelgauz, after the first year of Vadim, invited him to his theater - "School of modern play '.

The first performance, which was attended by Vadim - a spectacle B. Morozov 'Mrs. Leo', his debut was held in Tallinn on tour. The show then Raihelgauz 'Yours sincerely, Don Quixote,' and then 'nothing special' - In. Shamirova. Honors degree in the academic year brought little, all is not got ...

VGIK Vadim graduated in 1998.


After fighting positions had the opportunity to stay in the theater school of contemporary plays, but Vadim wanted to try his hand at other theaters. Collaborate agreed to several theaters, but Vadim chose Drama Theater KS. Stanislavsky. There he played in productions of: 'Twelfth Night', 'The Taming of the Shrew', 'Masquerade', 'The Will in Italian'. Then they began to appear antrepriznye projects - 'Moscow Open City', 'Millionaire'. In the theater of Stanislavsky Vadim worked for 5 years.

Vadim is now successfully playing in the theater school of contemporary plays. His repertoire includes a variety of genre shows: children's performance on D. Oster 'Bad advice', 'City' E. Grishkovets, performances Raihelgauz 'Own Words' and' Seagull. This operetta '. Also in 2007 the school of modern plays produced premiere 'Russian jam', the director and. Raihelgauz where Vadim perfectly played the role of Rostislav!

Figure 7 brings good luck ... In April 2007, Vadim was awarded the title of Honored Artist of Russia.


Vadim first appeared on television in the series 'Rig' in 2001, but, unfortunately, the role was not large. In 2002, the whole country saw the series 'Free Woman', where Vadim went to, practically, the main role - American.

2003 was very fruitful in the work of the actor. The audience saw Vadim in the role of Captain Grishko in the film 'mind I shoot'. In the same year the band released the film - 'screw, or dream is not dangerous', by which the whole country is met with Vasya Tsoi, which, again, played by Vadim. Also the creators of 'free woman' have decided to withdraw the continuation, and long-awaited second part was published in 2003.

2004 gladdened us two works: an episodic role in the film 'Private Number' and one of the main roles - the captain Demidenko - in the series 'Russian medicine'. In 2005, Vadim starred in a cameo in the sensational movie 'bastards'.

. 2006 gave the actor the role of Attalika a sensational blockbuster 'Wolfhound of the kind of gray dogs' and the main role in the sitcom 'Golden mother-in-law' - the role of businessman Sergei Krymov

Although 2007 is just getting its momentum, but in March 2007 on Channel (ORT) was released series 'Tatiana's Day', where Vadim brilliantly plays the role of Viktor Rybkin.

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    Kolganov Vadim, photo, biography
    Kolganov Vadim, photo, biography Kolganov Vadim  Actor, photo, biography
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