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Edith Piaf

( Singer)

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Biography Edith Piaf
Edith Piaf (real name Gason) was born December 19, 1915, French singer (singer).

Her mother - tsirkachka Anette Maillard - gave it to his parents upbringing and prudently disappeared. Baby's father, Louis Gason immediately after her birth moved to the front.

Can not say that the couple were delighted Maillard appearance of girls, but at least they have not given up on her. Representations and grandparents about child care were quite peculiar. Whole family ate mostly "good wine", though, to Edith it as an exception, mixed with milk. In 1917, her father came home on leave and found his daughter although not entirely healthy, but still alive.

Edith has agreed to take his mother, Louise - cook in a brothel. It turns out that in the first months of life with Edith began to develop cataracts, but the couple Maillard, apparently, it just did not notice. Grandma Louise spared no money for treatment, but nothing helped. Doctors were powerless, but "cotrudnitsy" brothel kind to the granddaughter of Louise. They went to church and prayed for her. Soon, a miracle happened - Edith was seen.

. The girl went to school, but respectable townsfolk did not want to see next to their children of the child living in a brothel, and studying for her very quickly ended.

. Edith went to work on the street with his father (before the war he was an acrobat)
. Louis demonstrated public stunts, Edith singing and collecting money.

At fourteen Edith decided that the already quite independently, she left her father and got to work in the dairy shop, but Edith had returned to his former craft. Initially, she worked with two friends, and then with a half-sister Simone.

Men in the life of Edith came early - almost immediately after her departure from her father. Falling in love, she regularly and as a regular cast of lovers. That was her whole life.

Was no exception and the father of her only child - Louis Dupont. A year later their daughter.

When Edith invited to sing in a cheap cabaret Juan-les-Pins, Dupont patience came to an end. He went from her, soon took away his daughter, who soon fell ill and died. Together with her daughter from the life of Edith finally gone and Louis.

A few years - and Piaf, woke up the famous ". After the debut of music-hall "ABC" her name appeared in all newspapers. It was a furor. So the second time was born the Great Edith Piaf.

She had a lot of men - and no one is known to legions, and celebrities: Raymond Asso, Jacques Pyla, Yves Montand.

In late 1946, presented Piaf Marcel Cerdan. Edith went on tour in America and there met with him. Since then, the couple became inseparable, and the things Marseille moved into the apartment of Edith.

But Marcel was a wife and three sons. Throw them he could not, and could not hide his affair. Despite all his love, Edith, only once (in the Lok Sheldrake) agreed to give for the sake of Marseilles from normal life. More than ever, she herself does not limit.

But Marcel Cerdan was killed in airplane crash. In Edith began severe depression. She began to drink, looking for salvation from the misery in spiritualism. She was drawn to where it began: Edith came out into the streets, dressed in an old, sang and rejoiced like a child, that nobody knows. Home, she returned almost on all fours, taking their own men, whose names the morning she could not remember.

Time heals, and the wound inflicted by the death of Marcel, dragged. But it was not the last. A few years after the death of Edith Piaf Cerdan got in a car accident.

She began to take an analgesic, and drugs were her faithful companions. Once the singer tried to throw out the window, and only the presence of her friend Marguerite Mono saved her life.

Realizing that it can not do without morphine, Edith Piaf decided to treatment. But when he returned home, she again began to prick. Then he went to hospital, unable to bear, escaped from there, back again ... Recover managed to recover from alcoholism and depression - no. Completed the list of its ills cancer.

And yet, despite all the misery she has not stopped singing and love. Piaf appeared on the scene even, . when she could not relinquish chained arthritic hands, . not drop off, . even falling in a swoon, . and in forty-seven years, . before the end, . fell in love with twenty-seven barber Theofanis Lambukasa, . married him and brought her lover on the scene, . but died, . and not having to turn it into a star.,

. Edith Piaf died Oct. 11, 1963
. Great Edith Piaf - a woman who loved the stood in the music hall, drama theater, acted in films (including the films "Nameless Star", "Paris continues to sing"). Piaf distinguished by rich colors voice, expression and simultaneous simplicity of performing style, artistry. Created masterpieces of lyrical songs of confession (by text and music of some of them).

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Edith Piaf, photo, biography
Edith Piaf, photo, biography Edith Piaf  Singer, photo, biography
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