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Oleshko Alexander

( Actor)

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Biography Oleshko Alexander
photo Oleshko Alexander
Alexander Oleshko was born July 23, 1976 in the capital of the Moldavian SSR, Kishinev. Question 'whom to be? " He never suffered. Well as anyone? Course an artist! He was still in kindergarten a lot of singing, entertaining others, and, picking up a rope, do not jump, but was represented by its cord from the microphone. For the same reason, the school he studied the exact sciences is weak - why they artist. One can only wonder - how such a love for play-acting, because in the family to this one relationship was not. My grandmother, for example, generally had dreamed that the grandson of a priest. She taught him the prayers, took me to church, and all that beneficial fall on young soul:

Grafted from his childhood love for the church, did not prevent Alexander Oleshko be an active pioneer. He disappeared the night before school, fascinated by the social work. When in Moldova began international conflicts, the young Sasha wrote a letter to the newspaper 'Evening Kishinev', protesting at the demolition of the monument to Lenin.

. Troubles

. Learning in first grade, Alexander Oleshko first saw painted in primer Red Square and told all that will live in Moscow
. Since then the capital has always attracted him to her. Sasha was 14 years old, when he told my mother: 'If you let me go to Moscow, then I'll run away'. Well, what she was doing, as not authorizing:

At fourteen years were made available only in the circus school. Well, the circus - so the circus. Meanwhile, there came the hard times: the collapse of the Soviet Union, economic collapse, political crisis. In such circumstances, and going adulthood Alexander. Many all this was somewhat daunting, but he graduated from college with highest honors, and television transmission led ( 'Row-show', devoted to films of the famous fairy tale the director, and 'Pin' on the channel '2 x2 ').

Beginner artist even in the movie managed to be removed. Alexander Oleshko remembers that time: 'This was the era of Soviet cinema of the outgoing. And, like phantom pain, is not the Soviet Union, and even some movies dosnimayut. And the horrific stories were in fact, when these were terrible endless coups, when the wounded attributed to Kiev station, when the announced curfew. And we 'Mosfilm' dosnimaem some scene in the film 'Round Dance'. And then 15 minutes before the start of the curfew by the bullets, in the literal sense of the word, run away '.


After graduating from the circus school, could be satisfied with this and. Theater and Cinema in ruins, and here - a real opportunity to work on the stage, make money. And he was earning, and very bad at the time. But Alexander decided to throw all the projects and in 1995 entered the Shchukin School for a course VVIvanov.

In his own words, he spent four happy years, learning acting skills, but at night while working as a waiter. When in 1999 he graduated from the school, the young artist was invited to a multiple theaters. Then for almost all of it decided Alexander Shirvindt, persuaded to go to the Theater of Satire. Alexander and did not resist, because they once worked as his favorite Andrei Mironov.

However, in the Theater of Satire, Alexander soon became disillusioned, and, without waiting for the end of the season, wrote a letter of resignation. A couple of months he was out of work, and then, in 2000, invited him to his 'Contemporary' Galina Volchek.

Alexander recalls that his start in theater was difficult. Role Epikhodov in 'Cherry Orchard' make poor: 'In the short time I could not hear properly Galina. So she applied to me his trademark teaching methods, dipping me in an atmosphere of absolute dislike and alienation. In general, it is modeled on the example of our relationship with her relationship Epikhodov and Dunyasha. And I was so hurt that Volchek, who respected me and took to the theater, suddenly does not like me and did not notice that all this frustration was laid on the role, so I played it perfectly. After the performance, Galina came to me and said: 'Good. Congratulations. Everything was done correctly. Good writing and successful life in our theater. "

Theater 'Contemporary' has become for Alexander Oleshko a home. According to his confession, he enjoys working. However, the theater, and he does not consider his work, for it is rather a holiday. And this he said sincerely, no showing off. On stage, 'Contemporary' Alexander busy in the performances: 'Balalajkin and K' (Kshepshitsyulsky), 'Three Sisters' (Fedotik),' Once again on the emperor's new clothes' (Minister of tender feelings), 'Sweet Bird of Youth' (Fly), ' storm '(Kuligin),' Difficult People '(Beni Alter).

. Parallel, Alexander Oleshko participated in the formulation of theater Vakhtangov 'Mademoiselle Nitouche', where he played Floridor and Celeste
. This cooperation has proved very successful. Alexander won the prestigious theater prize 'Golden Gull'. For an actor it is valuable is the fact that the role Cц?lestin once played himself Andrei Mironov.


After graduating from the Shchukin School Alexander Oleshko back on screens. Acted in small roles in serials: 'Request Stop' (Dimochka), 'Turkish March' (Arkady), 'code of honor' (Simon), 'Station' (Vadim). Then there were more significant role. One of them - Peter apple in the painting 'Turkish Gambit'. The very funny and awkward Petechka in love with a charming heroine whose Olga Krasko. In the novel by Akunina hero Alexander Oleshko splay-footed, and therefore it did not take to the infantry. Working on the way, the actor wore special boots a half size smaller and tore at his feet in the blood to get another gait.

Another great work - the role of copywriter Sasha in comedy series 'commercial break'. And while there got a little differently than I would like Alexander, but on set he was lucky to meet and work with Yuri Stoyanov. 'I love people who are capable of irony and self-irony', - says about him, Alexander Oleshko. I remember and loved as an actor for his roles in the sitcom 'Let's get married "(Dmitri),' All this sudden '(Sasha), another series and films.

Since 2007, Alexander Oleshko removed in comedy series 'Father's Daughter'. Cheerful, good series, designed for family viewing. Under him and become the hero of Alexander - a well-groomed, young tycoon Vasili Fedotov (or 'alligator', as he calls the Buttons). Actor plays a funny, effervescent, with pleasure and the apparent sympathy for his character.

'Daddy's Daughter' brought Alexander widespread popularity, but he refers to it without any euphoria. Yes, his characters are loved by the audience, but the actor still believes that there is nothing serious in the movie not yet made.


His outlet Alexander Oleshko calls involved in the project 'Smeshariki' on TV 'Home'. These funny characters once occurred in the hearts of millions of children, because they are made with soul and love for young viewers. Part of his soul in 'Smesharikov' put and Alexander. Thankful children meet him reciprocate, calling the actor affectionately 'SmeShurik':


At Alexander Oleshko have experience of family life. He lived a half year marriage to actress Theater Alexander Kalyagina Olga Belova. Lived, they say, one soul, and about that time, Alexander remembers with great warmth. On leaving, they have remained good friends. And the reason for separation: It so happens that it is difficult to explain. And should it? Has the same human rights to privacy:

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Oleshko Alexander, photo, biography
Oleshko Alexander, photo, biography Oleshko Alexander  Actor, photo, biography
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