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Stepanov Yuri Konstantinovich

( Actor)

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Biography Stepanov Yuri Konstantinovich
photo Stepanov Yuri Konstantinovich
Childhood and adolescence

Yuri Stepanov was born in the village Rysevo Cheremkhovo district, a hundred and fifty kilometers away from Irkutsk. His father worked as an agronomist, Mom taught in school science:

When Yuri was still young, his father was transferred to a place called Tayturka that Usolskaya area director of a large farm. Father, though, and was a director, and his thoughts are not allowed to do something for the public expense. Therefore Yura grew as all the guys - digging potatoes, fished, hunted, had later engaged in beekeeping, animal husbandry and a carpenter, and built: the Father raised him - God forbid. Physically punished. In general, the educated not glove.

The first teacher, Yuri Stepanov Elena Lazareva remember that the future is not an actor is particularly diligent in study. It was hard to get to do something uninteresting. A favorite is the lesson Jura was reading. His retellings of reading the whole class listened with open mouths.

In Tayturke Jure met Anatoly V. Absandulev - boxing coach. He recruited a group of boys and taught hunting, fishing. Survive. Stepanov come from a family of hunters and fishermen, but his father was lost at work. And in the House of Culture of the guys are doing in the circle amateur - danced, traveled with propaganda team: The first teacher in this case was director of the House of Culture Olga Firsova. Jure like they do, but he does not remember that dreamed of becoming an actor.

According to his countrymen, the first role was in a comedic Stepanova miniature. He was a master of all trades. Should have seen everything, as he danced a quadrille, and sang - not hear enough!

And parents want to become a son п+я-п+я-п+п¦п¦п¦п+п+. His father was a director of a large farm and had hoped that his son would study in Agricultural Institute.
But Stepanov bet with a friend and, after finishing school in Tayturke, went in 1984 to do in Irkutsk Drama School. I did. During his studies he worked as a carpenter, a bricklayer, a tractor, oil producers. When Yuri was a student at drama school, his father said: "Well, learn. Dengi financial help ". But it Stepanov graduated with highest honors, and his father asked: "Well, everything?" Calm down? Now let's serious business ": But the father did not know what to Irkutsk came the selection committee of GITIS. After the first qualifying round, Yuri took on the Drama department. Olga Firsova advised that if Stepanov wants to pursue acting profession, you have to go to Moscow and to learn from Peter Naumovich Fomenko. Only him.

So Yuri Stepanov, and made. Went to Moscow. Pyotr Naumovich he himself did not know, just about him a lot telling. GITIS Stepanov studied at the acting and directing department, the acting group. Of course, while some skills are acquired directorial profession. This happened simply because the students studied together, lived side by side, worked. Something delayed. And his profession Yuri develops every day. His so taught. It should read, I suppose, have something to offer the director, but something should be and reject. This is the basics of the profession, which Stepanov a soldier does, and it helps.

Now the actor thinks that he not be moved in GITIS to one team of teachers, in which he appeared, the theater it just would have killed. Of course, the actor would have survived physically, but his soul would have killed the theater. The young actor - it is a porous substance that absorbs all. In what will enter the atmosphere, and so full.

In the workshop Fomenko same with first-year students inculcated the ability to forgive, the ability to endure, if possible not to lose the feeling of love for each other. This helps so far.

Workshop of Peter Fomenko

All that the course was the basis of the Moscow theater troupe Workshop of Peter Fomenko ". And to a certain point in the career Stepanova appeared only one achievement - the Theater of Peter Fomenko. But what an achievement! After Stepanov in the theater since its foundation. Among the roles - Vasya in 'Puppet Show', . Grisha 'Barbarians', . Sobachkin in "Vladimir III degree" Gogol, . Benjamin in "Sound and the Fury, Faulkner, . Chichikov in Chichikov, . Dead Souls, . Volume Two "by Gogol, . Islayev in the "Month in the Country by Turgenev, . Hunchback of 'Adventure' Tsvetaeva, . Algernon in "The Importance of Being Earnest, Wilde, . Lynyaev a "wolf and sheep" Ostrovsky, . Chebutykin in "Three Sisters, Chekhov,
. Awarded theater awards - Prize of the Moscow festival. Vysotsky (for the role of Benjamin) Prize for Best Actor at the International Festival "Kontakt-93" (for the role of Lynyaeva); laureate of "The Seagull" in the category "Synchronized swimming" (for the ensemble cast of the play "Three Sisters"). Now Stepanov busy even in 'Twelfth Night' (Sir Andrew Egyuchik), the 'Moth' (Colonel) and is considered one of the 'diamonds' theater - the audience goes to Stepanova.

. Director Sergei Zhenovach once said that without the students of the course, Yuri Stepanov (with remarkable depth and frightening certainty who played Benji Kompsona), he would not have taken for the formulation of Faulkner's novel 'The Sound and the Fury'
. Recognition flattering for any actor, but for Yuri Stepanov, somewhat unexpectedly, at the time, because ever since the training at the institute after him deeply entrenched Role comedian.

. Craving for improvisation, drawing, and the ability to exist slightly above the text - in this distinctive feature of his acting nature
. Rare gift of innate litsedeya, . plus the total figure and the open, . radiating charm person initially prevented see a clown that looks good, . that became clear over time: Stepanov can be lyrical, . and mercilessly ironic, . and even cruel, and he knows how to laugh, . remain serious, . and sometimes from a helpless smile of his hero wants to cry.,

. It will incidentally be noted that nature bestowed Stepanova obedient and 'artistic' body, which, despite its comprehensiveness, remarkably plastic and expressive
. What allows him to be convincing in any role. But whoever he may play, he always recognizable. Its a solid figure, broad face, a thorough walk, seeing once impossible to forget.

. Actor's facial expressions are so varied and expressive, that it has no need to hide behind makeup, he vyleplivaet from his face what is necessary for each character
. The only role with characteristic make-up was Stepanovskoe repertoire - The Hunchback of Tsvetaeva's 'Adventure' (directed by I. Popovski).

. In an elegant, air-woven like lace staged 'wolf and sheep, "Peter Fomenko Stepanov played one of his best roles - an honorary magistrate Lynyaeva - showing that his comic talent is much deeper than mere buffoonery.

. And playing the role Islaeva in 'Month in the Country' on the border between drama and tragedy, Stepanov once again confirmed what was obvious after the 'sound and the fury' - for him there are no borders Role
. It does not exist for him and the concept of 'purity of the genre'.

Among the theatrical community of the disciples Peter Naumovich lay down some 'Fomenko' - creators, different from other. For some time now 'Fomenko' out of the aesthetic of the underground, becoming heroes not only advanced theater. They are happy to invite removed.


'Cinema - a contagious thing, - says Yuri Stepanov. - Not because they pay the money, although it is a pleasant and important fact. At first, I work on the set seemed a terrible. 'That antiteatralnoe art' - I thought. And then felt one moment of attraction. You have to do something only twice in my life, so you will never go back to this is not. Only two double, to catch the desired state. And so begins the forces fighting inside you! When, after a walk on the cold forest, returning home, . drink a glass of vodka, . Eat hot dumplings with sour cream and garlic - it is like a drug, . you dwell in or with the incomparable feeling of warmth and happiness,
. So here. Are you now, now caught kicks, and for the sake of this life worth living. And you fly like a bird. "

Actor is often recognized that in general hate the show, but understands - is one of the parts of the profession. Therefore decide to sample it is not easy. So the very first acquaintance with the camera at Stepanova was in "The Undertaker" Pyotr Naumovich Fomenko. Of course, there are no samples were. Then there was the little episode "Heads and Tails" from Danelia. Also without trial. We talked and all. The experience in Orel and Tails "was very pleasant. 'I had to Danelia, and I thought: "Oh my God, is that he". Playing together with Govorukhina - there just might drive you mad with happiness. And I who - in Moscow has just arrived, a student. "

Already a great movie - is "Time of the Dancer". That's where samples were. But first, a lot of rehearsing, preparing. Vadim Yusupovich Abdrashitov not simply said: "And let". No. All went into the room, had a long conversation, joined up. And only then held a demonstration: one, two, three, four or five times. Then he said that everything found, it is time to work. When Stepanov Vadim Abdrashitova starred in 'Time dancer' at the end of filming the actor knew what experience he gets, that puts in your luggage, and it certainly does not compare with any money. Such directors as Abdrashitov Danelieya and showed him how in Soviet times to make a film. There was the extent, consistency, desire, strength and opportunity to do better. Here's what he Stepanov said of his work with Abdrashitova: 'Before you take me to the role in "Time of the Dancer" Vadim Abdrashitov looked all my performances. I consider him my godfather dad to the movies. He taught me all. I Abdrashitova was already more professional work. Yes, and the role - one of the main. I even was unimportant, what is the movie. "

And then there was a small role in the movie Bodyguard Gosha Vladimir Grammatikov "Hello from trumpeter Charlie". This scenario, incidentally, written Danelia. He spent Stepanova in the picture.

In general, samples in life Stepanova was little. In "Citizen guard" samples were. Dostal seeing Yuri Stepanov, said that he wants all. Now the actor Nikolai Nikolaevich friendly families who hoped to communicate, even if he did not invite into their new projects ... In 'Citizen Chief' Dostal took Stepanova still in 'Stiletto' and 'Shtrafbat'. Here the actor talks about his work with Dostal: "When we were shooting the episode," Citizen of the head, "we Nikolai Dostal worked nights, because the set did not have time to discuss the role. In the evening we sat down, drew their own versions, and then reduced to a common vision, and in the morning, prepared, have come to the set. This is now rare: This is a wonderful person, wonderful teacher who taught me during the filming just another profession - a profession producer. There were no allowances for the fact that this series, and here you can do anyhow. "

. And in a movie for Stepanova no major or minor roles, each to his character he comes thoroughly vykladyvayas to the end: 'Here in Moscow windows "
. I say, they say, why are you there, come, gone ... No, guys, I need to do this scum MRAZ. To understand everything that he is. What they are: '

One of the most prominent roles in film Stepanova Glymova consider the role of the military series 'Shtrafbat'. Once the 'kingpin' and now a fighter Antip Glymov, went to defend our homeland, when the enemy came to his land. 'Six months, that we were shooting the picture, I was not feeling that we plant a tree, - says Stepanov. - Once to the set arrived sir, needed his advice. And he said that the souls of people like our shtrafbatchiki not find solace. They have become a bargaining chip. Mourn them there was no one. Another priest said that through us, through this picture, they can still get a consolation. I take those words to strengthen the idea that our film - it's the right thing ... '

. It is a genuine professionalism of its value and remove directors like Balabanov, Dostal, Frost, Teacher, Lungin: All the time there are interesting projects, from which it is impossible to refuse.

. Family

. Stepanova's father was a man of uncompromising ..
. All wanted to keep something. It was a large farm, which began to pinch, pressed. Stayed as a finger, struggled, fought and: In the end he was killed. Father to this day for Yuri Stepanov authority, although the time to see him only in the film 'Time of the Dancer'.

And my mother died, when Yuri was filmed in 'Citizen Chief', he reported directly to the site. Directed by Nikolai Dostal went up and said: if you want, stop the shooting? A shot by shot in the cafe! Frankly, the actor was surprised. In general, the scene dosnyali, and he hurried to the airport.

Now in his native village Jury, according to relatives, visits regularly. There he left a brother and sister. Must visits the graves of his parents and does not miss opportunities to hunt. It is better for him to rest. The first major trophy in the future actor was the elk, which Yuri got, studying in ninth grade. Horn still hanging in his Moscow apartment.

Apartment in Moscow at Stepanova came when he got his own family: 'We met with Irina in the theater, she sewed our costumes for the play' The Adventures'. We are with her for a long time lived in a cohabiting. Then it so happened that she was in a position. I was just in: In general, we got married. I joked that getting married for the sake of registration, and she replied that her husband, so be it, prescribe to himself. "

Irina - wonderful seamstress. Very design clothes and sew. Studied at the Institute of Light Industry.

Konstantin Stepanov son was born, when the actor was already over thirty: 'When a son was born, I became a completely different feel myself: I just turned around 180 degrees and went in the opposite direction. I was, I do not know: like a dog who gave birth, and God forbid someone touch her puppies: I realized that I was not living for himself. My bachelor life is not over then, when I met my wife, and when born Constantine. This is a measure of responsibility. I know that I have for him and what not to do. "


On actor Yuri Stepanov could say a lot. On his uncompromising, . Professionalism: Yuri Stepanov has rare qualities for an actor: a firm belief, . knows, . what is good and what is bad, . like direct and honest conversations, . hates intrigue, . coquetry, . caprices and other required attributes, . accompanying acting success,
. He - man of his word, he - a man of action. He - theater and film Yuri Stepanov.

'Pyotr Naumovich Fomenko always says: "Never lose the place where you can come and lick their wounds". At the moment for me this place - my theater where I come in and licking their wounds. And help me in this. Fortunately: '

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Stepanov Yuri Konstantinovich, photo, biography
Stepanov Yuri Konstantinovich, photo, biography Stepanov Yuri Konstantinovich  Actor, photo, biography
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