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Stychkin Eugene A.

( Actor)

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Biography Stychkin Eugene A.
photo Stychkin Eugene A.
Born 10.06.1974, Moscow


About Eugenia Stychkin want to write in his style: easy and ironically, avoiding haste and vulgarity, as wrote the great Russian classic novels in X? X century. It seems that kind Oblomov surrounded by numerous relatives in the morning sun flooded the spacious veranda. Stychkin even wrote his novel, and his life and acting skills is growing every year ahead - the most exciting and interesting pages, but we still read the first chapter of this moralistic story. As befits the epigraph:

If this had meaning for me, and I would have a strong desire to get close, make friends, introduce yourself and get talking, I would have started telling all sorts of stories about me. If the goal was not, then the first and last name would be enough for dating. Well, what else could I say? What Rossiyanin, Muscovite, the actor, that crazy love my profession, wildly miss the old days, which now exists only in books and in the architecture of the beloved city ... What I'm afraid of almost everything new, but I am quite a happy man.
E. Stychkin

. Chapter?, Nostalgic, in which the hero meets with a famous simultaneous interpreter and the famous ballerina

. June 10, 1974 in Moscow, . in the House of mother and child Plyushchikha boy was born in Eugene and the same day he met a wonderful beautiful woman, . which later proved to be prima ballerina of the Bolshoi Theater Xenia Ryabinkina, . sister of the famous Helen Ryabinkina of ballet dynasty Ryabinkina, . and actress (Swan Princess in 'The Tale of Tsar Saltan'), . and most importantly - his mom,
. Later, the acquaintance with his father, the legendary interpreter Alexei Stychkin. Stychkin-father worked for many years in the UN in Switzerland. Back home, he worked in the State cinema - led a group of interpreters at the Moscow International Film Festival. And Zhenya's father was a famous collector of art, the owner of the collection of Russian paintings. And also people who are respected and to whom everyone went for advice: 'We had one picture that I really liked. Then she was gone: in collecting is always present exchange. Pictures must live. They can not hang in one place. When she died, I became very upset. And daddy. We are with him all the time, it recalled. And then my father made an incredible effort, somewhere in this picture found and returned it in our collection. Since then, we have often sat under it, drank viskarik and were very happy that she returned. Some pictures may cause you to be happy '.

Over time, my father began to teach Zhenya what he knew: language and life. And the first and the second best absorbed by examples, and an example Zhenya unobtrusively received every day: 'From my father I inherited a system of coordinates, values, and for this infinitely grateful to him. But otherwise we have to argue with him so violently that people who do not understand we have seen in the present incarnation of the problem of fathers and children. I think our normal business disputes, do not regret them, but the coordinate system learned and dream, without changing anything, send it to their children. Not need to be like. But in any case should not strive to be different from '.

In any decent hero should have its own fairy-godmother. Or godfather who will tell and advise. A cross Zhenya was himself Anatoly Romashin. However, waved a magic wand and open the door to the godson 'magical world of cinema' Romashin not in a hurry: 'I am my father's godfather - Anatol Romashin - once said:' Imagine that you are in a completely dark room. There are still people with you, and thrown on the floor perch, and in the dark can not see that number - an abyss, the floor. And then you walk in the darkness, feeling under the feet of this perch, but suddenly a voice rings out: jump. Who will jump, the one actor: "I probably would have jumped '.

Future profession came up with my wife my mother - she always liked how the boy someone shows: animals, or parodies of the familiar: 'I still believe I am doing horribly, terribly, and above all very unlikely. A mother felt that it was good, and that therefore I must be an artist. Pope was against it, he gave me the opportunity, if he was really against it, he was a very powerful man, he probably would have found ways to dissuade me from this. But he was not happy with this decision, just gave me the opportunity to try. But on the other hand my father thought, . that the acting profession is some progressivity: you first actor, . then, . If a good actor, . then you can become a director, . If a good director, . you can then start another script writing, . ie, . there's something that's such a hierarchy, . career ladder ',
. Many people dream about a scene from early childhood. Eugene on the scene never thought: at school nightmare, barely moving from class to class. That is why, according to the laws of the genre, he had to smile good luck

. Chapter?, Optimistic, in which the fate still finds a hero

. After high school, Stychkin carried documents to VGIK - because they all said, if there is a lot of fun, it is a wonderful institution with wonderful people, where you can see a lot of good pictures - well, interesting way to spend four years
. But for the conquest of the stronghold of one film was a smile, as it turned out, is not enough: 'I read that more or less learned. Then there was the essay, and I wrote it on the unit. But the appeal, written by our Dean Elena Evgenievna Magar, helped - it was decided to leave me on the faculty at the commercial rate. The writing I was invited to rewrite next year, with a new flow. But then it was canceled and made an oral presentation, and the sense of my "writing" all perfectly arranged. So I do not have to rewrite '. However, there appeared the first legend Stychkin: a guy came to the selection committee, he was told: write an appeal. He took a pen and wrote: Hair Removal. I was adopted. It does not matter who created this legend - the main thing that she is quite taken root in the biography Stychkin and looks believable truth.

Doing a course in WGIK A. Dzhigarkhanyan and A. Filozova, the young hero immediately began acting (film A. Sorokin's 'Bee', where his partners were T. Dogileva and E. Martsevich), and several months later could not imagine any other life. From the outset, he fell in love with the profession and gave her all the time: "Usually, students are not very creative colleges are serious about learning lessons and I liked the crazy. I was lost in the institute from morning till night - was engaged in stage movement, speech. I in fact was not very good diction. When the freshman came to the pre-listening yahontovskogo contest, I did not even hear: 'You're lisping. What you hope for? " I take those words then wildly angered. I am in this sense, man clockwork - if anything I want, then hell-bent. And next year, I still was named the winner of the contest Yakhontova '. And in parallel with speech lessons beginner actor began to master stunt tricks and dance: 'I had all the time to do something better than. I can not say that in our institute, I danced better than. But the brazen - it is so. Because the people who danced better than I, were performed, as it was laid on the program, waltz and polonaise, and we with my classmate Milena Tskhovrebova danced the pas de deux from the ballet "Le Corsaire". Without the cuts, as it was delivered at the Bolshoi Theater. In any case, we tried everything to be truly. Milena rose fingers. I did different complexity jumping, twisting pirouette great ... And we have achieved the main thing - it is crazy like teachers and, apparently, it was funny, though we tried to do all this quite seriously, not even smiling. "

. Education VGIK, . which has always been noted for its liberal views, . particularly, . on students' performance, . largely changed Stychkin: 'Unlike other, . more rigorous high schools, . where you all knowledge is imposed, . here need a little strain,
. Because this little frivolous atmosphere may have to make a rest and get estimates. Then I do not really see the point of entry - why so tense, so try and tear me all the veins? It's not some high school, where diplomats are prepared and where it is important at any price to get through and get a "portfolio". You have graduated from a certain set of knowledge, because on this depends your future. Oh, and by luck, too, to some extent. However, if you will be given a chance, we must be prepared for it '. His chance to actor Eugene Stychkin not lose, and only during the school featured in several films that brought him quickly, and therefore does not meet the glory of 'nice boy': 'Tram-blank or rhyme or reason' (dir. E. Urazbayev, 1993), 'Hagi-Tragger' (dir. E. Urazbayev, 1994), 'Silent angel flying' (1995).

In the same Role Stychkin 'lit up' on TV: Grand transfer 'Do not misunderstand me' (NTV) and "Multazbuka" (ORT). However, he never felt sorry about this period of his life, but was glad that he left him behind: 'I love my profession. I was lucky. I almost always do what I like. And well, that while there is a choice. At some point, I did do all. Believe that the more the better. A later encounter with what must somehow build his acting destiny. And what you'll get will largely depend not on ability and luck, but on what strategy you choose. Available - my work. But you can not glut a screen. Taking off in serials and advertisements, you are "big coffee grind" and meaning to some and not very high category. You are perceived as monotonous actor. And I want to play different roles, serious, profound, funny, and not to repeat '. The desire to play a serious role and not to repeat always lead a good actor in the theater.

Chapter??, Fantastic, in which the hero is transformed into Chaplin and ... Hitler

Eugene Stychkin not going to become an actor. And starred in 30 films. And certainly not going to stanositsya actor theater. I got 'The Seagull' for the role of Charlie Chaplin in the play 'Charlie Cha ...' (Theater of the Moon). But in order: the theater has arisen in the life of Eugene by chance: together with his friends he went to test for the theater "School of modern play", . where he played Albert L. Filozov, . teacher on WGIK: 'I have taken for arrogance, . because the rest of the data I, . to put it mildly, . were medium,
. We had to play a musical performance, but I do not know how to sing. Now, after studying with a teacher and long training on the scene, learned, and then ... The play "A cho-thou in evening dress" is a success for ten years. Six years, I am a member of the State Theater of the Moon, under the leadership of Sergei Borisovich Prokhanov and played on its stage in the four remarkable performances. Each time it is for me a holiday. Now I can not imagine life without theater '(2001). Since 1994 Stychkin worked in the theater clown Teresa Durova, and since 1995 - in the theater of the Moon, where he was engaged in the productions of 'Fanta-Infanta' (Blekster), 'Tais Shining' (Melilla), 'Charlie Cha:' (Chaplin) and ' Nabokov. Masha '(Ganin),' Faust '(a performance dedicated to the memory of a. Romashina)

. Sure, . Zhenya Stychkin never, for that would not play the wanton and cruel tyrant, . so even Hitler in his performance: dancing: 'It was invented character, . it was a "fear and despair of the Third Reich" (drama 'Cherry Orchard'), . where in a few short stories was inserted a portrait of Hitler, . which at some point begin to exist, . act, . and somehow affect the characters,
. And it was resolved rather plastically. This is not something that was sort of a normal history of Hitler '

. Even in the simple stories can always find interesting the abyss, . but this depends on the director, . in the classics is the soil in order, . to invent any number of, . so Stychkin when choosing the material is thinking not only 'what? " and 'where? ", . but 'with whom? " and 'why?': 'Now the theater is a very complex situation,
. It has become fashionable to surprise with new forms - and do it extremely difficult to communicate with the audience the story, not "washing" the main. And so, . take some well-known play, and all painted in green, . make jump, . run, . Shakespeare's sonnets read between the lines, . pour oil - is in this sense? I think, . problem is not in the modern theater, . in modern criticism and modern public,
. Theater - it's like a kind of business: we are doing what the audience wants to see what it pays for money in the first place, that criticism would "raise". The more she is praised, the more people will come to the show. I think that is totally undeserved praise such newfangled things, which is nothing special. And just as unfairly criticized classics. I do not understand why - in my opinion, this is nonsense. I, for example, is much more interesting to work with the classical approach to drama '.

More recently, a dream come true to work in Eugene classical repertory: he played the Fool in partnership with M. Kozakov in the theater's Mossovet 'King Lear' (Directed. P. Chomsky), Sganarelle in partnership with M. Sukhanov and H. Sweden play Theater. E. Vakhtangov 'Don Juan and Sganarelle' (dir. V. Mirzoev). Sganarelle Stychkin - it is generally Moliere himself, by and large it is this character as the Jester in 'King Lear', easy to juggle all the philosophical and moralistic meaning of the play. And Stychkin can be seen in the bantamweight play 'expressions of love' at the Theater of the Quartet and - there he rests from the classics. He is happy that he chose this profession, which helps him understand life and nurtures the soul: 'This is such a difficult school, because we have to daily take on other people's experiences, sins, and so on. Yes, it is difficult. But it is because people learn from mistakes usually. And so, learning from experiences of others, you yourself change, respectively, can become better, not worse '. And even if they occupy their own, designed for your business - or to whom you intended - with you all kinds of miracles happen, and sometimes even dreams come true.

Chapter? V, sentimental, in which the hero meets his heroine

His marriage Zhenya Stychkin must: own mother -. It is known film critic Nina Zarkhi, advised his daughter, who had come to Russia for a vacation in the world famous pianist Katia Skanavi, go to the theater 'on Stychkin'. Kate listened to her mother and her daughter obedience had incalculable consequences for all participants in this story. The novel has developed rapidly and unexpectedly for themselves loving marriage has ended in a restaurant 'Oblomov' and 'registration' in the House-Museum Yermolova: 'Initially, we place all the decorum and accurately in Apartment Museum Yermolova at Tver Boulevard. There fabulous. Katia sometimes they played concerts. And in the concert hall we have arranged the ceremony of marriage, and that everything will be done in a theatrical skit, none of the 200 invitees, but one of my friend did not know. We called there (as if) the lady of the registrar's office, when in fact it was disguised as a singer, who first began to read all the text, which is usually referred to the registry office and then proceeded to sing. Following sang witnesses and groom and the bride played the piano, singing a children's chorus ... And then all the move in full circus ... In general, all the guests had fun '. And then suddenly, it turned out that Stychkin - not only a great actor, but a good husband and father: 'I always wanted a big family, so that everything somewhere something dragged in order to have a meal together every day. Another thing is that it is impossible. I myself can not afford at least once with all lunch together. But dreams for this and there '.

Katya and Zhenya long may live together - very soon they began first Leshka, then Leva and most recently - daughter Sasha. Stychkin-Skanavi actively working on raising children: the boys involved in the French language, drawing, swimming. Who sang in choir of the Bolshoi Theater, where they are taught to sing, and yet they are imbued with the very atmosphere of the Bolshoi Theater. But mostly it is a merit Katie: 'I was lucky with my wife. I'm just very lucky with my wife. And this answers a lot in my life. So I am not afraid to have three children, so I'm happy to lead hefty home: I am just very lucky with his wife, with her vitality. I advance was issued the winning ticket, not for something, but just for the future. So now we have to at least properly dispose of winning '. Show almost 6 years of marriage, Eugene Stychkin not just win, he tore the jackpot: 'Kate has shocked me once. We have been together for quite some time, and even Kate was pregnant. I flew to America and first heard her play the piano. For here I opened a big new world, and wanted to switch to the 'You': Then, I continued to shake Katia its amazing vitality. From it comes the incredible lightness. It was a five-month old son, Aleksei on tour in America, Honolulu - well, a complete nightmare. Lesch did 38 takeoffs and landings per month and a half. And nothing - normally '.

My wife fully shares the views of Zhenya - they are happy when friends gather in the house - basically, a company his father Zhenya, who passed away shortly before the birth of the first grandchild. Sam Stychkin considers, . that generation of 30-years of his associates did not, . except age - because he has quite different values: 'I do not like music, . who listens to my generation, . I do not like, . how my generation communicates with each other, . I do not like, . as we sit at home, . as we speak, . I do not like, . what we are talking, . often,
. Well, we, I generalize, not just to distance himself from his own self-generation. I was very upset, I try in my company is in any way change. We do not know how to communicate '. Nevertheless, Stychkin managed to find common language with the writer to. Murzenko, which in 2001 was run with his first directorial project 'April'.

Chapter V, rotary, in which the hero fights the villains

Until 2001, the asset actor Stychkin, but appears in 'Tango three' (dir. P. Todorovski, 1997) and Pushkin's 'Day of the Full Moon' (dir. K. Shakhnazarov, . 1998), . Among the main roles in the series and the so-called 'supporting actor' in the movies, . whose names are hardly something told the audience: 'Guardian Angel' (2001), . 'Beard wearing glasses and warthog' (2001), . 'The Phantom of Happiness' (2001), . 'Emigrant' (2001),

In 2002, Eugene starred in the film 'April'. The film begins with the fact that Peter, a former detdomovets nicknamed April, changes his job - he decides to become a killer. The hero even makes the first steps in his new role: to buy yet another waste fee clothing, glasses, met with the girl on the street, which is not a prostitute, and a nurse. Love for the nurse and prevents April execute the order. In the 'April'. Yevgeny Stychkin - the main role. Among its partners - Gosha Kutsenko, Christina Orbakajte, Alexander Lazarev, Jr., singer, Mikhail Krug, Renata Litvinova. The meaning of the movie is that hero Stychkin enters the wildest situation and can not get out of it: 'And to me all the time before the movies were invited to play such happy, silly and superficial guys. And this April - it is very battered life, he loves life and is not going to see her go. And Kostya me about him said that he was an epic hero. Behind him the house explodes, and he lights a cigarette. And more bones did not explain how much I had asked. Everyone says he will do '.

Even now, having played in a dozen major films, Stychkin like to call it 'April'. The fact that it just always tried to close in a Role. And in 'April' he exists completely outside of the Role: 'I hope, . that directors, . who look, . see, . I can do, . understand, . I can here as something out of their Role, . means, . I, . maybe, . and the other side, . and offer me something ',
. Again Stychkin not mistaken - offers poured in, as from a horn of plenty: 'Antikiller-2. Anti-terror '(dir. E. Konchalovsky, 2003), 'And in the morning they woke up' (dir. S. Nikonenko, 2003, the film won the main prize "For the best audience film" Open Russia's comedy festival "Smile, Russia!"), 'Seeking a bride without a dowry' (dir. A. Salbiev, 2003), 'Words and Music' (dir. I. Solovov, 2004), 'Bachelors' (dir. E. Dvigubsky, 2004), 'young and happy' (dir. V. Zelenski, 2004), 'Do not even think. Shadow of Independence '(dir. R. Bal'tser, 2004)

Chapter VI, frivolous, in which the hero sings to the music and. Solovova, remembers bachelor life and turns his head high girls

Russia's new melodrama 'Words and Music' from the director Ivan Solovova actually has a distinctive French flavor - a remake of the similar film with K. Lambert and K. Deneuve, filmed in 1984 by director Eli Shurakov.

'Words and Music' - a touching love story between the young and coming some hope musician and successful business woman, which helps to rise to the top of show business to various young talents. In the role of the hero appeared M. Basharov and Stychkin played his friend, the same young and cheerful guy. Stychkin obviously like his character, he gets pleasure from the game. Here's the situation he found correspondent 'Change' on the set of the film: 'We came to the set where the actors had a short break. From Zhenya Stychkin like sparks flying. Actor a minute he could not resist on the spot. It rushed meal in Basharova, taken to sing songs, and then just walked from corner to corner, mumbling something under his breath. In general, his energy, he wearied of all the others'. However, from the 'tedious' to the energy surrounding the film just won.

Almost forced charm Stychkin worked flawlessly in the next film about the difficult life of metrosexuals in the Metropolis - series E. Dvigubsky 'Bachelors', where he played Toll - the home of 'bachelors', which came closest to the altar. Tolia - agent for selling used cars, it changes the car as toothpicks, and women as machines. Toll has never been married, and therefore maintains a cheerful disposition and an incredibly powerful optimism. We Toli is adoring his mother, who tries to marry chronically. She is regularly invited to the house of his elderly friends and their intelligent, educated, but terrible daughters. Tolia - dutiful son and the duty to make love with each unhappy girl. For him, this act is equivalent to washing dishes at the request of my mother. He does it diligently, and doomed. He considers this action to humanitarian assistance to needy. Toll like women, bright and beautiful. And that's amazing, these beauties have never denied he was. The authors managed to avoid the vulgarity, and a light comedy, which the men watch - interesting, and women - curious. That role brought Toli Stychkin people's love and the status of the new star of Russia movies.

Success, as you know, you need to fix - in the summer of 2005 rolled out a comedy. Strizhenova 'From 180 and above', where my wife Stychkin inherited the role of the administrator of the fitness center Kostik, who sincerely believes that the girl was taller than 180 centimeters - a symbol of his success and viability of. Once Kostya decides to prove to all and - most importantly - themselves, that may come his hour - finest hour man of small stature. And invite a girl for a date not less than 180 centimeters. Using his official position, Kostya call up clients of the fitness club. But is rejected for failure. Each heroine has its own history and its man. As a result, the chain of funny situations and funny coincidences leads him on a date once all the beauties. "I want to play different roles, serious, profound, funny, and not to repeat. This film gave me an excellent opportunity to open up as a comedian, "- with gratitude said Zhenya. In fact, it is - a real workaholic and works around the clock to always be ready to explore new cinematic: 'In order not to lose your case, you need to, first, to be able to use it and, secondly, to be ready. If now I am offered to play the rider, would be obliged to refuse, because not enough good at horse. But if you warned me about this at least for a week, sodium a corn wherever possible, but at the appointed time shall inherit it fairly decently. I'm really very much ready for the sake of his profession '. In addition, 2005 marked for the actor Stychkin work with such major directors as P. Greenaway ( "The Tulse Luper Suitcases-2 ') and D. Panfilov ( 'The First Circle').

Chapter VII, not the last

- In life and after her good man, of course, carries much more than a villain or a scoundrel. Simply we are not given objectively understand it luck, which comes in the form of difficulties, trials, problems, and usually looks like a complete failure. In the world there is a higher justice, and we must simply believing in it. Otherwise, what then would be the meaning of life?

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Stychkin Eugene A., photo, biography
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