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Churina Anna V.

( Actress)

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Biography Churina Anna V.
photo Churina Anna V.

Anna Churina was born July 23, 1978 in a small town with a romantic name Forest, which in the Urals, Sverdlovsk region. Actress wanted to be with his childhood: playing in the children's city theater. But, as the saying goes, 'docile people themselves are a lot, but she is disobedient'. After school, gathered to receive a theatrical college, but her parents insisted that her daughter enrolled in foreign languages. Actors in the family has never been, and the profession seemed to them too strange. And the girl, like a dutiful daughter, came into the Foreign Language Institute in Nizhny Novgorod. Nevertheless, children's dream still not left the girl. Long road led Churina to the starting point, the acting profession.

Model history

By modeling business, she never took seriously. He 'dropped' her chance: a joke, went with a girlfriend on the casting and received an invitation from the famous French agency Viva. However, to see the world like always, but there was, as always, money. And this gave the profession a chance to visit many countries, it was possible to travel and practice language after foreign languages.

'While you're young, you want to see the world and the money some make - okay, good comfort, excellent work! Although, in the model case, as in sports, the main thing - knowing when to stop and really find himself. Otherwise, when the banging of thirty - you deem the old, and you lose your profession. And this is where to start stressful, frustrating, antidepressants - the history we know quite a few cases - argues an actress - and yet many are bursting in the model - it seems that behind this fame, money and complete 'dolce vita'. And this is after all just a myth - the easy money business model. If properly calculate the fees and expenses of the model is more profitable to sit in any - any office, not nerves, time and money to travel in search of decent work '.

And despite all this, Anna Churina yet passed through the model past in Italy and France to come to an acting career, to his longtime dream.

The first movie roles

It so happened that she began film career abroad. There was a study in Paris, in acting school Jack Uoltsera. And then the debut of the screen. In two Italian paintings - series 'La Banda' and the film 'Anima' by Roberto Faenza - she got very simple: come to the casting department modeling agency, which at the time worked. She said she goes to stage school Jack Uoltsera in Paris, and is eager to try his hand at cinema. Churina came to casting along with the other models, but still chose her. What was needed was an actress for the role of girls from Eastern Europe and to talk in Italian with an emphasis.

Later, the young actress was invited to the two American project, which, though not widely known, but people will experience on the set. Of course, the actress did not illusions at his own expense: well knew that the alien in the Western movies may play limited roles.

And again, another case. Once at the Cannes Film Festival Anna Churina met Pavel Loungin. He was just going to shoot 'oligarch'. Again, good luck - she was casting, and starred as a journalist with the very Mashkov.

TATKO, step by step Anna Churina continued to successfully move in the direction of the acting. Soon arose series 'March of the Turkish-2', in which the actress had a central role in one of the series. She spins intrigue that leads to fatal events. Meanwhile Anna Churina continued to appear in small roles in some western serials.

After the 'oligarchs' and 'March' Anna Churina decided that now, then it will be noticed and always invite. But nothing like this has happened. Well, the budding actress did not upset, do not put the point and did not expect that things will change by itself. Anna continued to seek recognition: photography, endless trips to the sample. It did not take, but she still carried the photos of all the actors' agency and production company, even in hick - just to break. Yet it was viewed as an amateur, because Churina was not Russia's acting Education.


To prove that her attitude to this profession seriously: Anna Churina went to study at VGIK to Sergei Solovyov. Then she was already 26 years old - such as learning and late in the day. But, nevertheless, Anna decided, thus became a professional confidence. On the other hand they go to VGIK immediately after school - might not have fared so well in the recovery process of cinema.

When Churina came to VGIK, I realized, despite the first, just a good system, acting experience, in fact, almost nothing can and needs to learn, learn and learn. Education Anna Churina VGIK - is total dedication to the cause of. She rehearsed, like a fan from nine in the morning until midnight, even on Sundays. All the time, dragged out of the house requisites: fans, typewriters, buckets of potatoes, gauze sewed costumes. Fantasia worked at full steam.

Beautiful girl and suddenly wore a bucket of potatoes? It seems unlikely! And yet, so. It was just part of the. First had to prove that it is not just a beautiful girl, but also a good actress. And by the end of the first year it succeeded. Perhaps largely due to the choice of roles - because the actor begin to perceive differently when they see that he not be obsessed with their appearance. And good luck - in a course taught by three brilliant producer - Soloviev, Rubinchik and ... Theater Maitre - Mirzoyev.

Returning to the screen

Persistence always pays, and after two years the actress has reappeared on the silver screen, and then began to withdraw non-stop - a film for the film. In 2005 came the blockbuster four-part version of 'Man Season': from the episodes, previously cut, the film "stouter" to the series. Anna Churina, without remorse cut off his long hair for the filming in this large-scale project. The premiere took place first in Hollywood, then in Moscow. Role in Churina small girl with the phone, but it turned out that the main intrigue is linked with its heroine. Painting with unusual special effects and brilliant acting game by Alexei Kravchenko, Alexei Petrukhin, Victoria Tolstoganova, Anna Chipovskoy, Basil Livanova: All not enumerated.

. In the same year, Anna Churina starred as Vicki in the series 'Full speed ahead'
. In fact, the actress avoided serials. Not that that would be completely forswear them removed, but tried to evade them by. But resist the work with the very Andrei Panin she was unable. Moreover, the actress needed an experience and many-established images, to allow yourself to enter the work on the move and not look at this fake. Still relevant to the serials Anna has not changed. 'Start with serials - bad, there is a chance' zamylitsya '. In the film, jewelry work, enough time to get used to the image ', - says the actress.

That's one thing for another clung. Refuse was difficult, moreover, the actress wanted to try his hand at different genres. Soon the band Oleg Stepchenko filmed the second part ekshena 'Men season 2. Time of Wrath ', where a new variation of Mato Hari and played Anna Churina. Year needed an actress to a tiny script on the primary role of the drug baron's niece became the main female.

Another main female role - journalist Alina, who helped a scientist, save the world - Anna Churina played in topical film 'shift'. Note that the executive producer of 'Shift' was the middle sister, Anna, who at that time was finishing ekonomfak VGIK.

'Signs of Love'

And then were fabulous location in the 'Signs of Love' Vladimir Mirzoyev. Initially the picture was called 'correction of fate', though - this is justified metamorphosis, but rather refers to the role of Maxim Sukhanov. And the name of 'Signs of Love', probably more appealing to women's hearts, plus - it is more euphemistically. But while men definitely not boring to watch this movie.

Anna Churina played a married man's mistress, his role played Alexey Makarov. Heroine Churina perceived their situation as a real tragedy. For her it was a trap from which it is impossible to escape. Came to the aid of magic, and the whole story was a very unexpected development - the audience really expecting a big surprise.

Vladimir Mirzoev and on the silver screen has kept his trademark style of presenting the material, which has always distinguished his performances. This is not only a trade mirzoevskoe visual design: the scenery, pavilion, call the spirit of the scene and so forth, but also a deep understanding of each image. Example, . Actress represented reaction heroine in his own, . but after a rehearsal with Vladimir suddenly find something unexpected, . where, . let, . confusion expressed by laughter, . not peculiar, . absolutely hysterical, . but it is so organically, . that you understand - it is necessary to react that way in this situation!,

. Increasing tendency

. 2006 turned out not only very rich in terms of
. There has been a very nice trend: the role Churina began to appear, in which lurks the soul, heart, man's life. Since the fall of Kinotavr was prime minister of a low-budget art-house project - 'MAN OF NO RETURN' Grokhovskaya Catherine and Peter Stepin.

In 'MAN OF NO RETURN' Anna Churina played Hope - a star on the local TV channel, which has seemingly all right, but really in my heart and life - full amenities, and total isolation. Sad, truthful, tragic story of the collapse of the family. Mother, her brilliantly played by Galina Loginova, dies - his daughter remained, her son conflict with his father. But the image of her heroine actress has managed to find a new face, walked away from the usual stereotypes.

Interesting to work in the film 'Last seeker', where Anna Churina played a major role - Natiyu. She said: 'For me it was a new page. Because I still Nordic character, and I'm not accustomed to such an expression, to such an expression of feelings. It was very useful and interesting to look at a different mentality, a different culture as something to take it: No scenery was. All filmed on real streets, and in the historical center of Tbilisi, where many unrestored houses destroyed churches: Impressions from the shoot were really unrealistic. The feeling of chaos, emptiness, inability to build something. Therefore, such a film '.

And a completely different image created by an actress in the film 'Vij' on the famous works of Gogol. Many remember the events associated with the exit of the old movie. Leading lady in the picture Natalya Varley still thinks its a mistake to agree to take. Anna Churina not superstitious, but too afraid to touch such mothers. And agreed, as in the picture she allotted only bright image. This new version of Catherine Matveyevna from the famous 'white sun of the desert', which they write letters.


Anna Churina - slim blonde with blue eyes, VGIK behind and experience in the U.S., Europe and Russia. Appearance - a clever and bright in all respects, personality, loves the white color and everything bright. Position - the heroine, hobbies - shooting for glossy magazines: NRG, Cosmo, Elle, Playboy:, as well as drawing, swimming, skiing, skating, diving, equestrian, basketball and yoga. But the high life - on the need.

Passion - theater and art in general. Including dress, but does not like to 'meet on clothes'. The actress is always changing spirits, she had no taste for something one. And since she has a good memory for smells, she likes when in different periods of her life she is accompanied by different flavors.

And as if Anna Churina or was indifferent to color cosmetics, still need more and more to ponder how to protect themselves from the negative effects of stress, hard work and makeup. Here she is not original, sleep - a universal remedy, but the actress can not have long to feel the effects of his healing, though eight hours it is quite enough to not look tired. And, of course, once a week must visit showrooms. Profession requires, but she does it with pleasure. She likes the different body wraps. And another important point for the actress - the air. At every opportunity she tries to go somewhere to go and breathe, breathe air.


And behind the scenes Anna Churina - favorite. After the filming of the first 'Velvet', she met with Alexey Petrukhin. And they have registered marriage. They wanted to just pick up a passport with the stamps, for some reason the actress is not very serious about this ceremony otneslas, and his wife, she herself felt only after the wedding. For her it was very important, trembling moment - the adoption of man as his second half. Maybe it sounds a bit snobbish, but Anna really believe in it!

For a long time, the actress did not want children because she had two younger sisters, and she was a nanny for them - and passed all her childhood. They even called it not Anya, a nurse. Therefore nanyanchivshis with them for a long time she did not want to repeat. But nature takes its. She met a wonderful man, and they came to the conclusion that he wanted the family was large and friendly. Especially at the very front of Churina perfect example of her family - very friendly, which is always on holidays in the nature, suit any representations frying kebabs. That is it, this model has already been laid. And her husband is also not opposed to living in such a family. Now they have one daughter, but the couple dream of at least four children!

Anna Churina - a dream come true that every blacksmith himself of his happiness. Perseverance, determination and belief in his mission paved the way for provincial beauty - through the Paris and London - to conquer Moscow. And then - only to new horizons!

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Churina Anna V., photo, biography
Churina Anna V., photo, biography Churina Anna V.  Actress, photo, biography
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