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Banschikova Anna B.

( Actress)

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Biography Banschikova Anna B.
Born 24.01.1975, Leningrad
Anna Banschikova was born into a theatrical family. Her grandmother Pauline Banschikova was once a prima Theater Musical Comedy. She performed Silva and other leading party.

She graduated from LGITMiK (the rate at Comedy Theater). Already during his studies Banschikova Anna was busy in the performances of this theater. She played Ellie in 'The Wizard of Oz', participated in the play and benefisnom. B. Dmitrieva 'Night in Venice', in the play 'The Alchemists'.

After LGITMiK Banschikova came to the theater im.Kommisarzhevskoy. Here she is busy in the performances of 'The Tempest', 'Thief in Paradise' and other. Parallel at the Theater at the foundry is in the play 'Duel' by Chekhov.

Movies 2000-2003

Anna Banschikova managed to play many roles in film. Popular series 'Agent of National Security' and 'Lethal force' (series 'Breaking point') showed the talent of Anna all over the country, made her a recognizable face.

In 'lethal force' she was offered the role of Chechen girl. Anna came into the image so that it suit the Chechens took over its. Banschikova says: 'approach and in their own language to ask - What is that? Film shoot? Do you like to hit him? You're from a village? Even they did not believe that I am an actress'.

In 2002, Anna starred in another equally popular TV series 'Kamenskaja-3'. In the series 'When the gods laugh' she played Marry, according to the actress - 'strange score daddy girl'.

This was followed by roles: Miss James in the TV series "Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin '(series' The Flying gun') and Nelly's girl, a worker at the conservatory, which falls in love with an alien in the series' best city of the 'A directed. Aravina.

Poor marriage

In 1999, Anna Banschikova married the famous singer Maxim Leonidova, former lead singer of 'The Secret'. It seemed that this beautiful couple to be together for a long time. Leonids even dedicated a few songs of his beloved wife.

However, the marriage could not stand the test of time. And in 2003 the couple divorced. Children Anna Banschikova no.


The first major project in which the actress entrusted with the primary role, became detective series 'The Mongoose'. Anna performed the role of FOIA Tsitselinoy - employee of private detective agency. Its heroine - a desperate racer and athlete, winner of championship fights without the rules of weight 'fly' (because it and are calling 'Mukha').

In 2004, director Alexander Mitta, invited Anna Banschikova in its novuyu16-episode now 'Swans' paradise'. 'I've got a one of the main roles, interesting, unexpected, - says the actress. - Game fighting girl from a provincial town Ozersk nicknamed Masha Plague! I have a wonderful partner. My aunt would play Nina Ruslanova. And with Amalia Mordvinova scenario we are in love with the same man. Mitta originally wanted me to repaint the blonde to knock raid St. Petersburg intelligence. But then found another option. I have every night for the night braided pigtails, and before shooting untwist, you'll have to 'burned chemistry'. The result was some sort Masha Raskrutina (laughs) - so in the picture name my character '.

One of the recent work of Anna Banschikova - the role of nurses in the film 'Yelagin Island'.

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Banschikova Anna B., photo, biography
Banschikova Anna B., photo, biography Banschikova Anna B.  Actress, photo, biography
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