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Ewa Shikulska Szykulska Ewa

( Polish actress)

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Biography Ewa Shikulska Szykulska Ewa
photo Ewa Shikulska Szykulska Ewa
Eva-Maria Shikulska was born November 27, 1949 in the Polish capital Warsaw. Her parents were far from the art. Father worked as an engineer and mother was completely devoted herself to family. Eva Shikulska says: 'O my childhood I can remember endlessly. I was absolutely secure child. I was guarded not only the parents, . but also grandmothers, aunts, . me every day made an egg-flip! Well, who among today's children know, . that egg-flip, . made from simple eggs and sugar, . - Is the most delicious thing in the world? My father was an engineer, . but charm, . ease and a startling discovery I can compare it with the brightest stars of cinema,
. My father was a real Hollywood smile. He was always friendly, cheerful and young '.

Nevertheless, in such an open, friendly family Eva Shikulska grew quite closed child. As recognized herself an actress, she was even afraid to talk to strangers. How to overcome the natural shyness? Ideal - a public profession. Here's Eva and decided after graduation to become an actress:

First role

To act in films Eva Shikulska began with seventeen years. Her debut was the role in the film Stanislaus Kokezha 'tandem'. A year later, invited her to his painting 'Father' famous Polish film director Jerzy Hoffman. Later, in 1974, their paths will cross again - Eva Shikulska will play a major role in his film 'The Deluge', staged on the famous novel by Henryk Sienkiewicz.

After high school, Eva Shikulska enrolled in the Higher Theater School in Warsaw. During her studies, she starred in many films of Polish filmmakers, and filmmakers from the former Soviet bloc (East Germany, Hungary, Bulgaria). Most of all she ever play a small role of modern women. Among the movies with her participation: the picture of the Hungarian director Istvan Gala 'Baptism', a comedy of Leon Jenny 'A man with a warrant for the apartment', a psychological drama by Jerzy Kawalerowicz 'game', a comedy by Andrzej Konjic 'The Wizard behind the wheel', etc.. In addition, the actress starred in many films of her husband, director Janusz Kondratyuka - 'How to get money, women and fame?', 'Pies', 'Glowy pelne gwiazd'.

In 1971, Eva Shikulska graduate drama school. It is less time was given to the cinema, fascinated by the scene. Theatrical debut was for her role in the play Malgorzata 'Gulgutiera', staged at the Theater Studio in Warsaw in March 1973.

. Soviet cinema

. In the mid-70's on a kind of 'historical' invoice young actress noticed the directors of the USSR
. It all started with the film Vladimir Motyl 'The star of captivating happiness'. Director, charmed actress invited her to the role of a Frenchwoman Pauline Gebl, beloved of Decembrist Ivan Annenkov. Equally important was the fact that Eva Shikulska well spoke in Russian. By the way, on the set of her getting a chance to improve their knowledge. As recognized actress, she learned not only to express themselves freely, but even to think in Russian, which greatly simplifies communication. A deal was with someone! After all, with her in the movie were filmed great actors: Igor Kostolevsky, Alexei Batalov, Irina Kupchenko, Innocent Smoktunovsky, Oleg Strizhenov, Vasily Livanov etc.

. The role of Pauline Gebl became a real triumph of the Polish actress in the Soviet Union
. Two years later, Eva Shikulska played the main female role (Zina, . writer's wife) in the film directed by Ilya Averbakh 'declaration of love', . again striking the Soviet viewers of his dazzling, . unusual for Russia's eyes, . 'stranger' beauty,
. And in 1980 she had a chance to create on-screen image Apollinaria Suslova, the first passion F.M. Dostoevsky in kinoromane director Alexander Zarkhi '26 days of the life of Dostoevsky. "

Over the years in the Soviet Union Eva Shikulska genuinely in love with our country. She admits: "At all times, under different rulers, I say loudly about his love for Russia. I really liked, and geography, its climate and human. In Russia, I met a wise, fantastically talented people. What's worth working together with Averbach, Batalov, Motyl, Zarkhi, Kostolevsky. I was absolutely fascinated by St. Petersburg. This was my city. I worked at Lenfilm with the best actors, and never felt in Russia and a foreign tourist. And anyway, I traveled a lot for your country, traveled to Moscow, Pskov, in Siberia, the Caucasus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan. I'm so grown into Russia, then what one Finnish film brilliantly played Russian woman '.

80 th - 90-ies

Roles in Soviet directors were the best in the creative biography of Eva Shikulska. But in the Polish film actress gains were more modest. The actress was shot often enough (especially since 1980), but these works, of course, were not comparable with Pauline Gebl, nor with Zina, nor with Apollinari Suslova:

Yet two roles of Eva Shikulska worth noting separately. In a dashing criminal comedy Juliusz Machulski 'Va-Bank' Eva Shikulska played the role of Martha. Picture will be refined, cheerful, with a plot, like a twisted serpentine mountain road. All this has ensured the film international recognition - audience success in many countries (including the Soviet Union) and four awards at international film festivals. Not surprisingly, in 1985, Juliusz Machulski returned to his characters, removing the sequel - 'Va-Bank - 2, or Riposte'.

. Another Polish painting with Eva Shikulska, which had in the Soviet hire a resounding success - it 'New Amazons' (it was under such a chaste title was agreed to submit to Soviet viewers comedy 'Seksmissiya')
. In this picture, the actress starred in the role of the instructor.

In the early 90's, in connection with the political crisis in the countries of the former socialist bloc, Eva Shikulska for some time moved away from the cinema, once again focusing on the work in the theater. Her return to the big screen took place in 1997. The actress co-starred in the film Polish director Leszek Vozievitsa 'Kroniki domowe'. And two years later, Eva Shikulska again pleased with his playing Russian audiences, starring in the role of Alice in Igor Maslennikov's TV series 'What did the corpse' (on the novel by Polish writer Joanna Chmielewska).

. In the new century

. Currently, Eva Shikulska is one of the most famous Polish actress
. She works a lot on stage, again in demand for Polish and Russia's cinema. In 2002, the actress played by Emma Gottlibovnu Pfuel in elegantly aristocratic detective series 'Azazel'. Russia's audience could also see the actress in a comedy Igor Ugolnikova 'Casus Belli', a joint Russo-Polish film 'Point Break' series 'Saboteur-2'.

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  • Ewa Shikulska Szykulska Ewa
  • Ewa Shikulska Szykulska Ewa
  • Ewa Shikulska Szykulska Ewa
  • Ewa Shikulska Szykulska Ewa
  • Ewa Shikulska Szykulska Ewa

Photos of Ewa Shikulska Szykulska Ewa
Ewa Shikulska Szykulska EwaEwa Shikulska Szykulska EwaEwa Shikulska Szykulska EwaEwa Shikulska Szykulska Ewa

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