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Vitaly ABDULOV Zinurovich

( Actor)

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Biography Vitaly ABDULOV Zinurovich
photo Vitaly ABDULOV Zinurovich
Vitaly Zinurovich Abdulov was born March 15, 1970 in Irkutsk. He went to school, then graduated from the Civil Engineering College, served in the army - as they say, the usual fate. Replacing many professions, (worked in a cafe administrator, nurse, builder), Vitaly, 25 years of age decided on a sharp turn in his life - entered in the Irkutsk Drama School.

Immediately after the end of the 2000 drama school Vitaly Abdulov went to Moscow. In the capital, he entered the Moscow Art Theater School at the rate Eugenia Kamenkovicha. In 2004 he graduated from school, playing in the final performance 'Marriage Bal'zaminova' (on the play by Ostrovsky) Pelageya, the girl in the house Belotelovyh.

First role

In cinema Vitaly Abdulov began with occasional roles of guards and cops. Turning point for him was in 2004, when the actor starred in the film 'Shukshin stories'. This pattern, consisting of six separate telenovelas, mosaic folding into one, telling us about the lives of ordinary people 60-70-ies. Also in 2004, the channel REN-TV was launched series 'Soldiers', in which Vitali Abdulov played the role of senior soldiers Yevseyeva. In the future, his hero, along with other senior soldiers demobilized, and the series has been going on with new characters. But, according to many viewers, it is those first seasons were the best in the protracted and then for many years a soldier's saga.

Meanwhile, Vitaly Abdulov not sit on its hands. Roles followed one after another: Grisha in the film 'proprietary history', motorman of the submarine Osyka in the military drama "First after God ', Zagibaylov in the movie' Hot November ', a journalist in the film' The ticket in a harem '. Thus, the role of the role, Vitaly gain experience ...

Mafioso Tony

Another important chapter in the biography of Vitaly Abdulova has ads. Actually, shooting in advertising is not considered a creative occupation. Usually, the actors agree on it for the money, especially not in the hope that it will bring popularity. But in the case of Vitaly Abdulova everything turned out differently. Largely thanks to advertising, he became a recognizable. For telephone operator decided to make a series of rollers in the style of 'The Godfather'. Actor played a young mafioso Tony. Tony always gets into some bindings, because of what he gets from older comrades. He then locked in the safe, then send in the box at the north pole. But each new series, Tony optimistic: he knows that eventually acquire the experience and will also be standing for the young mafioso. The project was fun, and after he became an actor in the articles calling it as 'gangster Tony'. Even after the transformation in other ways. A change in film Vital Role Abdulovu had often.

Youth series

Filming in the successful series - always guarantee the popularity of the actor. If during this episode, the youth - then these chances increase many times. Vitaly Abdulovu in this case was lucky - he starred in two consecutive high-rating series: 'Kadetstvo' and 'Ranetki'. In the first actor played the role of deputy mayor. His character has turned out to really alive, with its inherent virtues and shortcomings.

'Ranetki' created by the same producer center 'IPB-M' as 'Kadetstvo'. So many actors successfully 'migrated' from one series to another. Himself Abdulov after 'Kadetstvo' wanted to take a break, because according to him are tired of serials. But the creators 'rennet' yet convinced the actor. And how could not agree, . if the role fizruka Victor Mikhailovich was written specifically for him? High, . athletic build, . confident and just Victor M. seamlessly into an existing gallery of heroes Vitaly Abdulova.,

. On stage - no place like home - better

. Now the actor has lived in Moscow almost all the time
. In Irkutsk comes rarely. But recognize that it's hard without Baikal ', and he tries to break out there at the earliest opportunity. On the home-fire says thus: 'Comfort in the house - a family, good-natured, kind, loving wife. No matter where you live, even in the tent: 'interior design and furnishing the premises is not carried away, unlike many stars, showing a rare day for today's conservatism. Almost does not change the situation in the house, slowly getting used to the already existing things. 'Family life, I tried to build a few times, and no matter how absurd it sounds, it was worth to begin repairs in the apartment, even to whitewash the ceiling, be sure to have occurred the gap'.

. Filmography:

. 2001 Citizen of the head
. 2003 Antikiller-2
. 2003 Stiletto - series
. 2004 MOORE has MOORE - series
. 2004 Moscow Saga - Series
. 2004 Rig 2 - TV series
. 2004 The Bourne Supremacy
. 2004 Soldiers-1 - series
. 2005 Specialisms history
. 2005 First after God
. 2005 Kamenskaja-4 - serial
. 2006 Kadetstvo
. The first season - episodes
Hot November 2006
2007 Kadetstvo. Second season - TV series
2007 Kadetstvo. Third season - episodes
2007 Soldiers. New Year, your division
2007 Web
2008 Ranetki - series

Source: Website Actors of Soviet cinema

Photos of Vitaly ABDULOV Zinurovich
  • Vitaly ABDULOV Zinurovich
  • Vitaly ABDULOV Zinurovich
  • Vitaly ABDULOV Zinurovich
  • Vitaly ABDULOV Zinurovich

Photos of Vitaly ABDULOV Zinurovich
Vitaly ABDULOV ZinurovichVitaly ABDULOV ZinurovichVitaly ABDULOV ZinurovichVitaly ABDULOV Zinurovich

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Vitaly ABDULOV Zinurovich, photo, biography
Vitaly ABDULOV Zinurovich, photo, biography Vitaly ABDULOV Zinurovich  Actor, photo, biography
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