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Liljeberg Rebecca Liljeberg Rebecka

( Actress)

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Biography Liljeberg Rebecca Liljeberg Rebecka
photo Liljeberg Rebecca Liljeberg Rebecka
Rebecca Liljeberg was born May 13, 1981 in Sweden. Her mother Christine was then 18 years old, and her father Yuri - 24 years. Rebecca half Finn, half Swede. She has a brother, Samuel, born in 1992, and two sisters - Aase (born 1993) and Claudia (born in 1988).

. Rebecca's childhood passed in small towns located close to Stockholm: Elvshe, Bagarmossene, Nyuneshamne, Mariefrede
. She was 9 years old when the school came to casting group seeking children for filming the TV series 'Christmas Song' ( 'Sunes jul'). Rebecca liked them immediately, and after obtaining parental consent, she was approved for the role of Sophie Blixt. So she made her debut in films.

We can not say that the first experience gained in the cinema, radically changed the lives of Rebecca, but to influence it - this is exactly. With 12 years she began working in amateur theater group 'Nynashamns Ungdoms Teater' (Youth Theater Nyuneshamna), and at age 15 she left home to live independently in Stockholm. Rebecca worked in the theater until 1997. Then she starred in the title role in Nina's short film 'Narkontakt'.

'Show me love'

Rebecca Liljeberg's finest hour came in 1998 when she starred in the melodrama of the Swedish director Lukas Moodysson 'Show me love'. Under this, the English name of the film was shown in most countries. But more accurately reflects the essence of his original paintings, the Swedish name - 'Fucking Amal' ( 'Fucking Omolo').

Omolo - is a small Swedish town, home to the main movie characters - teenagers from 14 to 17 years. Their main entertainment hangouts are on the street, or drinking from someone at home. Rebecca Liljeberg played the role of the quiet, modest and very lonely eighth-Agnes. Peers ignore her, but she secretly in love with the beautiful and popular classmate Elin (Alexandra DahlstrцTm). In love with Elin and shy, not very bright guy Johan (Mathias Rust). And what she Eline? She rushes from dissatisfaction in life and dreams of ever leaving this 'fucking Omolo', left for Stockholm. For there, of course, is not so! Learning about love Agnes, she is afraid of these feelings at first, but then realizes that she is not indifferent to this sweet girl.

The film is very thin and delicate, without a drop of vulgarity. And as natural Rebecca! She does not play, it lives in its image. Here is the heroine in the hearts throws her neighbor-invalidke that no longer wants to be friends with her, but she is already struggling in hysterics, calling himself trash. Here she is suffering from uncertainty, waiting for a call from Eline, but, exasperated, she weighed a slap. And how strong is the final scene of the movie, where Elin recognized her reciprocal love. Agnes person becomes enlightened, happy. Now she just does not care about laughter and ridicule classmates. And they go hand in hand, under the surprised looks of others.

Picture by Lukas Moodysson 'Show me love' has become one of the most successful Swedish film projects. Successful hire, . enthusiastic critics, . Prizes various film festivals, . including: four awards 'Golden Beetle' Swedish National Academy, . Prize 'Teddy' at the Berlin International Film Festival, . Grand Prix Geteberga, . Prize 'Swedish film of the year' from the Swedish Film Critics Association,
. 'Golden Beetle' as best actress was awarded to Rebecca Liljeberg and Alexandra DahlstrцTm. The main award is for the filmmakers was the recognition of millions of viewers in different countries (including Russia).

. Bear's Kiss'

. After the incredible success of the movie 'Show me love' Rebecca co-starred in several films, . performing as the main, . and supporting roles: 'Langtans blaa blomma' (O'Malley Marelius), . 'Sherdil' (Sanna), . 'Dar regnbagen slutar' (Sandra), . 'Fodelsedagen' (Sandra), . 'Skargardsdoktorn' (Robin), . 'Eva & Adam' (Frida).,

. In 2002, Rebecca starred in the first English language film, and this film was the 'Bear's Kiss' by Sergei Bodrov Sr.
. Director says that in the search for an actress for the main role overlooked in Europe, hundreds of girls, until finally he saw a painting of 'Show Me Love'. Meanwhile, Rebecca, had already decided not to tie their future life with film, intending to become a doctor. However, the proposal Sergei Bodrov girl answered agreement. First, Rebecca has very much liked the script, and secondly, the circus has always been a dream of her childhood, and it was very interesting to look at this world from the inside.

In the film, her character, the actress wandering circus Lola - a very lonely man (in the character of Lola a few echoes Agnes). Only her closest being a bear cub Misha. Misha is growing and becoming stronger Lola's love for him. Her love is so strong that it turns the beast into a man (played by Misha, Sergei Bodrov, Jr.). But at one point Mischa again become a bear and now forever:

Beautiful, lyrical film, which starred an international cast. Beautiful, talented actors: German Joachim Krul, Spaniards and Ariadna Gil, Silvio Orlando, Englishman Keith Allen, a Frenchwoman Anne-Marie Pisani, an Italian, Maurizio Donadoni, Rossiyanin Alexander Bashirov, Argentine Marcela Musso. A pair of Lola and Misha in the performance of Rebecca Liljeberg and Sergei Bodrov - simply gorgeous. Dialogues in the film is not very much, but they are often not required. They replace the beautiful, expressive facial expressions of actors.


After shooting in the 'Bear's kiss' Rebecca Liljeberg yet realized her dream. She graduated from the Stockholm Karolinska Institute (the largest medical university in the world) specialization 'pediator'.

Rebecca lives in a civil marriage that are common in Sweden, with Alexander Schopp. In June 2002 they had a son, Harry Theodore, and January 1, 2005 - daughter Vera.


1991 Sunes jul (Sweden)
1997 Narkontakt (Sweden)
1998 Langtans blaa blomma (Sweden)
1998 Fucking Amal (engl. - Show me love) / Fucking Omolo (english. - Show Me Love) (Sweden)
. 1998 Lithivm (Sweden)
. 1999 Sherdil (Sweden)
. 1999 Dar regnbagen slutar (Sweden)
. 2000 Fodelsedagen (Sweden)
. 2000 Skargardsdoktorn (Sweden)
. 2000 Eva & Adam / Eve and Adam (Sweden)
. 2002 Bear's Kiss / Bear's Kiss (Russia-Sweden-Germany-Spain-Italy)

Photos of Liljeberg Rebecca Liljeberg Rebecka
  • Liljeberg Rebecca Liljeberg Rebecka
  • Liljeberg Rebecca Liljeberg Rebecka
  • Liljeberg Rebecca Liljeberg Rebecka
  • Liljeberg Rebecca Liljeberg Rebecka
  • Liljeberg Rebecca Liljeberg Rebecka

Photos of Liljeberg Rebecca Liljeberg Rebecka
Liljeberg Rebecca Liljeberg RebeckaLiljeberg Rebecca Liljeberg RebeckaLiljeberg Rebecca Liljeberg RebeckaLiljeberg Rebecca Liljeberg Rebecka

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Liljeberg Rebecca Liljeberg Rebecka, photo, biography
Liljeberg Rebecca Liljeberg Rebecka, photo, biography Liljeberg Rebecca Liljeberg Rebecka  Actress, photo, biography
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