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Yaglych Vladimir Vladimirovich

( Actor)

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Biography Yaglych Vladimir Vladimirovich
photo Yaglych Vladimir Vladimirovich
Born 14/01/1983
Creative career of Vladimir Yaglych began in Theater School. Shchukin, where he studied on the course at the EV Knyazev. In 2003, he debuted in the cinema once more visible roles. First, it is, of course, Lieutenant Malyutin, played by Vladimir military ribbon 'On the Nameless Height'. This work actor immediately attracted the attention of filmmakers. In the same year Vladimir Yaglych starred in the film 'My Prechistenka', where he played Sergei - son of Prince and the maid.

Together with Vladimir in VTU them. Shchukin studied (course under) and his future wife - Svetlana Khodchenkova. The girl immediately drew attention to the charming student. But before the novel was far. And the young actors brought the total job.

In 2003, Svetlana Khodchenkova confirmed for the role in the series 'Silent Moscow courtyard'. Imagine her surprise when she learned that the role of her husband approved nor none other than Vladimir Yaglych, to which the girl was, to put it mildly, indifferent. Response feelings raged in the soul of Vladimir.

Turned out that love to play the two lovers into each other's young people are not so easy. Here is what tells Svetlana Khodchenkova: 'What happened on the set itself, still can not forget! At one stage we had to play the mad passion. You'll laugh, but this episode we filmed countless times - so we overflowing with real emotions. And I felt that Volodya is happening the same thing as me. But outwardly, we continued to pretend that it is absolutely indifferent to each other '.


Despite this, Vladimir and Svetlana continued to look closely to each other even during the year. During this time they had together to play in a film 'Carousel', Vladimir graduated from drama school and passed a troupe of. V. Mayakovsky. And, of course - meeting in cafes, talking on the phone with declarations of love.

In Theater. Vladimir Mayakovsky Yaglych spent a year. During this time, viewers could see the actor in productions of 'Coney choosy', 'Plague on both your houses' and 'The Adventures of Red hat'. At one of the prime somehow came and Svetlana. He recalls: 'Light come, watched the first act, and after - waved wing and dashed off to the shooting. I was simply confused and did not know how to react. Even thought - Well, all this is the end! ". But he was worried for nothing:

In December 2005, Vladimir and Svetlana finally decided to connect by marriage. Wedding, they played a modest, with no fanfare and star guests. 'They did not want to do some of the journalists came - recognized Svetlana. - Well, what kind of celebration: neither walk nor drink, all the time to think about how you look, such as to guard himself. We had a cozy family celebration to a small number of guests. Results were about forty people. It turned out just fine. "

Hero serials. And not only:

Appearance Vladimir Yaglych (memorable appearance, strong body structure), multiplied by his undoubted talent, fell at an opportune moment for many directors. In 2005 the actor starred in several films and serials. Viewers will remember him for the role of the student in the series 'two fate-2' investigator Reshetnikova in the movie 'Hunt for the pavement'. Most popular actor brought the role of ordinary Grachev in the series 'Soldiers' (2006), where Vladimir has created a strong image of a guy gifted with a keen sense of justice. Then there were the notable work in the series 'SMERSH' and in the movie 'The right to happiness' (main role: Michael).

In 2008 the country went on the screens picture 'We're from the future'. At this time Vladimir Yaglych appeared in the form of skinheads named Skull. Once in the recent past along with his friends, he is rethinking his views on life:

. Filmography:

. 2003 At the height of the nameless
. 2003 My Prechistenka
. 2003 Antikiller-2
. 2004 Pacific Moscow courtyard - series
. 2004 Carousel
. 2005 Hunting asphalt
. 2005 Love to you, as a disaster
. 2005 Two destinies-2 - serial
. Prima Donna 2005 - series
. 2005 not born beautiful - series
. 2006 Star epoch - Series
. 2006 Soldiers-9 - Series
. 2006 Soldiers-10 - Series
. 2007 SMERSH - series
. 2007 The right to happiness
. 2008 Cossacks-robbers
. 2008 We are from the future

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  • Yaglych Vladimir Vladimirovich
  • Yaglych Vladimir Vladimirovich
  • Yaglych Vladimir Vladimirovich
  • Yaglych Vladimir Vladimirovich

Photos of Yaglych Vladimir Vladimirovich
Yaglych Vladimir VladimirovichYaglych Vladimir VladimirovichYaglych Vladimir VladimirovichYaglych Vladimir Vladimirovich

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Yaglych Vladimir Vladimirovich, photo, biography
Yaglych Vladimir Vladimirovich, photo, biography Yaglych Vladimir Vladimirovich  Actor, photo, biography
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