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GRYU Lyanka G.

( Actress)

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Biography GRYU Lyanka G.
photo GRYU Lyanka G.
Lyanka Gryu was born in Moscow in 1987. The unusual name derives from its Romanian origin, her father - a popular Romanian actor George Gryu.

From early childhood Lyanka step by step purposefully moved to the career of a professional actress and model. Little Lyanka captivated by its beauty and charm of all, from company directors, the directors of TV channels and ending log. Lyanka starred in numerous commercials, promotional catalogs, magazines, including the renowned magazine for needlework 'Natalya'. From 1992 to 1995 she was a leading child transmission 'Tik-Tak'. Then, from 1995 to 1997, was the face of the company of children's clothing 'Vertex'.

In parallel, developing and acting career of the young stars. In the theater, 'Moon' is stunningly played a major role in the play 'Fanta-Infanta', and in antrepriznom performance on the stage branch Theater. Mayakovsky appeared in the role of Squirrels in the play 'flies'.

In 1992 Lyanka debuted on the silver screen the title role in short film 'One'. Five years later, she happened to be removed already in the feature film. In a remarkable picture of Vladimir Grammatikov 'Little Princess' set on the story by Frances Burnett, she appeared in the form of Becky. The work of the young actress was highly appreciated by specialists. Lyanku prizes for Best Supporting Actress for 'Moscow International Children's Film Festival' to them. Rolan Bykov and the prize for Best Actress at the Film Festival 'Eaglet'

. The logical choice

. Before graduation Lyanka Gryu co-starred in several films: the drama Valeria Priemyhova 'Who, . if not we '(Ira), . the film of Vladimir and Oleg Alenikova Pogodina 'Triumph' (Katya), . the film Huat Akhmetov's 'Nude' (SSCC), . in the series 'major role' (Nastya),
. By the time Lyanka already decided to enroll in a theater. His choice she stopped at the acting faculty VGIK. Successfully passing the entrance examinations, she was enrolled in the course of Vladimir Grammatikov.

Being a student, Lyanka Gryu continued to actively act in films. These were basically supporting actor: Lena in the series 'detectives-4', a pregnant girl band singer in the film Alice Helena Nikolaeva 'Popsa', Violetta in the series 'Doomed to be a star' and other. However, there were major roles. Since in extremely-criminal comedy Roman Barabash 'Come on - do not be afraid, come out - do not cry,' she played a kind Svetlana. The heroine is taken in the apartment who had gone to the sea of business-lady, in hopes of a good production, but are waiting for her unexpected surprises:

. Daughter of D'Artagnan

. In his time painting 'D'Artagnan and Three Musketeers' enjoyed incredible popularity among viewers
. Subsequent continuation turned out less successful. And George Yungvald-Khil'kevich decided on a new painting - 'Return of the Musketeers'. Quaternary Musketeers played all the same perennial Mikhail Boyarsky, Veniamin Smekhov, Valentin Smirnitskii and Igor Starygin. But the main heroes of the picture is not they but their children. Many expected to see in the role of the daughter of D'Artagnan Jacqueline Elizabeth Boyars. Auditioned for this role and Anastasia Zavorotniuk. But the two actresses at the casting bypassed Lyanka Gryu, hitting all his grace and charm. Cast children weighed other musketeers: Anton Makarskij (son of Aramis), Danila Dunaev (son of Athos) and Irina Pegova (daughter Porthos).

The company selected a young, reckless, which is called 'wild-eyed'. Because all the shooting and brought great pleasure. During the shooting had a lot of fencing, riding, and with all this frail-looking Lyanka perfectly cope. However, no favors to anyone no. Lyanka says: 'We were like boys. Since I spent most of the film I play a girl who changed into a man, to me, and treated as a kid. <:> To me, a girl, did not give any concessions. At times it was hard or very scary. For example, a dangerous scene with horses. It has been rain, and the horses at the turns slips on pavement. You feel that huge animal fears. She glides, like a puppy in a puddle. And here I sit on a horse, crying, before this shot a few takes: I have rotated Anton Makarsky, looks so serious gaze and said: 'Gather yourselves together, kid! Fear not! Pain no! " I met. Other options simply did not exist '.

. Filming lasted for more than two years, and screens the long-awaited 'Return of the Musketeers' came only in February 2009.

. In the same in 2009 are expected to leave, and other movies involving Lyanki Gryu: 'Barvikha', 'love and hate', 'winning wind, clear day':

. Filmography:

. 1992 A - Short
. 1997 A Little Princess
. 1998 Who, if not we
. 2000 Triumph
. 2001 Nude
. 2002 Main roles - Series
. 2004 Narrow Bridge - Series
. 2004 Jackpot for Cinderella
. 2005 Detectives-4 - serial
. 2005 Popsa
. 2005-2007 Doomed to become a star - series
. 2006 Blood circle
. 2006 from the flame and light
. 2006 Rogues
. 2007 Experts
. 2007 Service trust
. 2008 Nine signs of infidelity
. 2008 Come on - do not be afraid, come out - do not cry (Russia-Ukraine)
. 2008 night closed doors
. 2009 Return of the Musketeers
. 2009 Barvikha
. 2009 Oh, mummy ..
. (Ukraine)
2009 love and hate
2009 Victory wind, clear day

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  • GRYU Lyanka G.

Photos of GRYU Lyanka G.
GRYU Lyanka G.GRYU Lyanka G.GRYU Lyanka G.GRYU Lyanka G.

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GRYU Lyanka G., photo, biography
GRYU Lyanka G., photo, biography GRYU Lyanka G.  Actress, photo, biography
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