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Grinyova Irina

( Actress)

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Biography Grinyova Irina
photo Grinyova Irina
Born 06.02.1973, Kazan
Grinyova Irina was born on February 6 in g. Kazan. Until 18 years she lived in Kazan, dreamed to go to Moscow and become an actress. In the second year of theatrical institute went to the monastery. It has already appointed to the veil, but the decision to leave the walls of the shelter of God, it took a little earlier. 'I realized that I need to realize the gifts that God gives. But if I had two lives, the one I would have spent in the convent '. She graduated from Yaroslavl State Theater Institute, then - Class of expressive plasticity Gennady Abramov in the School of Dramatic Art Anatoly Vasiliev. The first role in the theater (1993) was the role of magicians in the performance of Vladimir Ageev 'Game of the classics' on the X. Cortazar. In the same year for this role, the actress was awarded with the prize for 'Best Debut' at the festival in. Vysotsky. Since 1998, part of the troupe of the Moscow Theater KS. Stanislavsky. Professional skills: dance, vocal, fencing, ballet, modern, swimming.

Irina certainly not averse to weigh in Hollywood, or work in London's podium, but she said that he could not live without our theater, without the Russian language, and believes that the actor must grow where planted. There he bears fruit. A little old fashioned, it applies not only to work. 'Man craves love, and waiting is very difficult, and he is ready to accept substitute. Now very few of these pairs, mostly single people who live alone. In love is true. This simple sentiment must teach the soul. I want to prove that we came here for love '.

Another Irina wrote fairy tales and draws pictures Japanese. 'Many actors are depressed when they do not work. It is in these difficult days, I began to write stories, draw. And this time it became a wonderful, necessary. Life is always possible to facilitate their attitude to it '.


After graduation, Irina refused distribution and with a hundred rubles in his pocket had come to Moscow to enroll in a theater to Anatoly Vasilyev, who was then a living legend. She took a plastic dance studio to the theater Gennady Abramov Vasilyeva, according to her, he taught her tongue movements. Today Irina is in the Theater. Stanislavsky, for her shoulders a lot of serious roles: Vera from 'Month in the Country' Antigone, Marina Mnishek of 'Boris Godunov', Olivia from 'Twelfth Night', Masha in the play by Declan Donnellan 'Three Sisters', which premiered in Paris.

See Irina Grineva on stage - indescribable pleasure. With delight to see how a fragile body, filled with amazing life, as if an electric current passes emotions - passion, pain, joy, despair. You sit in a room to screw in a chair and shiver ran on the skin. The incredible plastic and live speech with a slight softening of the Baltic - a magical combination. Irina works in performances of 'Boris Godunov', 'Hamlet', 'Antigone', 'Happiness is', 'Masquerade', 'Month in the Country' and many others are absolutely deservedly considered the best of the great multitude of those that watched and discussed the capital over the past years.


At Irina Grineva have the ability to attract visitors. Even if the script she is given a small role, the audience still remembers Grinev and heroines. She made her debut in the film Irina in 1998 in the series 'impostors', and then in 2000, starred as Anna Kazimirovna in the film 'Home for the rich' with such actors as Valentin Gaft, Tatyana and Eugene Okunevskaya Sidikhin.

In 2003-2005, the actress starred in films and serials: 'station' (Jeanne), 'Passengers without luggage' (Nina), 'Always say always' (Daria),' Winter. Spring '(a candidate? 8),' Goodbye, Dr. Freud "(Mariana), 'I love you' (Diana), 'My personal enemy' (Vic), 'Podkidnoy' (Maria Dolgov).

Irene brought a hugely popular TV series Nana Djordjadze 'Only You', where Irina has played a heroine Lisa Subbotin aged 16 to 40 years and 'sunk into the soul' to many a lover of serials.

In the spring of 2007 on the screens out several movies starring Irene - 'The Straight Story' V. Ostrovsky, 'sad queen of hearts' V. Harybina and' Oranienbaum. Silver Samurai 'V. Cotta.

Grinyova very seriously the choice of films, she is afraid of television fame and does not agree on many of the movies. 'Want to make a good movie. This. And this movie, which I dream, no: I like this movie, like Antonioni, Billy Wilder, Bertolucci: '

. Filmography:

. 1998-2003 impostors-2 - serial
. 2000 Home for the rich
. 2002 Shield of Minerva
. Station 2003 - series
. 2003 Passengers without luggage
. 2004 Always say "always"
. 2004 Winter
. Spring
. 2004 Goodbye, Dr. Freud
. 2004 Blind - TV series
. Only You 2004 - Series
. 2004 I Love You
. 2005 My personal enemy
. 2005 Podkidnoy
. 2006 CU
. 2007 I'm staying
. 2007 The Straight Story
. 2007 Sergeant Putilin
. 2007 Oranienbaum
. Silver Samurai
2007 sad queen of hearts
2007 Year Gold fish
2008 Open, Santa Claus

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Grinyova Irina, photo, biography
Grinyova Irina, photo, biography Grinyova Irina  Actress, photo, biography
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