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Luzhnyy Oleg Romanovich

( Footballer)

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Biography Luzhnyy Oleg Romanovich
photo Luzhnyy Oleg Romanovich
Club career:

. 1985-1988 Torpedo (Lutsk) 88 (1)
. 1988 Karpaty (Lviv) 29 (0)
. 1989-1999 Dynamo (R) 253 (13)
. 1999-2003 Arsenal (L) 75 (0)
. 2003-2004 Wolverhampton 6 (0)
. 2005 Venta (Kuldiga)
. Oleg Romanovich Luzhnyy (August 5, 1968, Lviv, Ukraine) - a former player of Ukraine's football team, now the assistant head coach of FC "Dynamo" (Kiev)
. [edit] Biography Early in his career Luzhnyy played for Torpedo (Lutsk) (1985-88) and 'Carpathians "(Lvov) (1988). But in 1989 he became a player of Dynamo Kiev, where he played at right back, winning the championship and the cup of the USSR in 1990 and Ukraine championship seven times in a row beginning in 1993 and 1999.
He was captain of the ligochempionovskogo Dynamo, who beat Barcelona 7-0, on aggregate, in the 1997-98 season and won a total victory over the 3.1 Real (Madrid) on the way to Champions League semi-final of the season 1998-99. Already in the 20 years of age Luzhnyy debuted in the USSR national team, played in 8 matches in 1989-90, but, unfortunately, was forced to miss the 1990 FIFA World Cup due to injury.
After the collapse of the Soviet Union Luzhnyy played for the national team of Ukraine, has played 52 matches for her, but did not hit her in the final part of the world championships and the Europe - Ukraine three times, dropped out at the stage of the playoffs preliminaries. Luzhnyy was captain of the Ukrainian National Team 39 times, which is a national record, and thus gained recognition among his compatriots.
In December 2000, the weekly "Ukrainian Football" included it in the symbolic team of Ukraine XX century as a result of the consultation. By number of votes Luzhnyy yielded only Oleg Blokhin, Andrei Shevchenko and Anatoly Demyanenko. In summer 1999 Luzhnyy signed a contract with one of the leading clubs in England, London's Arsenal, hitting coach Arsene Wenger playing for Dynamo in a match against the Londoners in the Champions League, where the people of Kiev won with a total 4-2. It was assumed that Oleg will replace Lee Dixon, but he could not have been pushed out of the England players. Although Luzhnyy and regularly hit the starting line-up (a young Spanish-Cameroonian Lauren was acquired in the next year, . a long-term replacement Dickson), . He played 110 games over four years at the club, . mostly on the right flank protection, . but sometimes he had to play in the center, . and on the left flank, . and once he transformed his team on the field with the captain's armband in the game for the League Cup,
In season 2001-02 he won the 'double' (Premier League and FA Cup) in the Arsenal. The last match for Arsenal was Luzhnaya FA Cup final against Southampton in 2003 - and this was one of his best games for the club.
In the summer of 2003 Luzhnyy signed a contract with the 'Wolverhampton', which just won the right to play in the Premier League, and spent one season, playing only ten matches. He left the 'wolves' in the summer of 2004, and in 2005 for a brief period was playing coach of the Latvian club Venta (Kuldiga), but left after the club's financial problems began long.
In May 2006 Luzhnyy became assistant coach of Dynamo Kyiv. From November to December 2007, after Jozsef Szabo for health reasons resigned his office, acted as the head coach 'Dynamo'. Following the appointment of Yuri Semin, beginning with January 2008 Luzhnyy again became an assistant coach

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Luzhnyy Oleg Romanovich, photo, biography
Luzhnyy Oleg Romanovich, photo, biography Luzhnyy Oleg Romanovich  Footballer, photo, biography
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