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Kurylenko Olga K.

( actress, model)

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Biography Kurylenko Olga K.
photo Kurylenko Olga K.
Full name: Olga Kurylenko K.

. Date of Birth: November 18, 1979

. Place of Birth: Berdyansk, Ukraine

. Height: 178 cm

. Occupation: Model, actress

. Marital status: single

. The fate of the rising stars of world cinema Olga Kurylenko is much like another story about a modern Cinderella
. Olga was born in the Ukrainian city of Berdyansk, and issued it a difficult childhood. His father deserted the family, leaving his wife and newborn daughter in her arms and virtually penniless - Olga's mother taught at the college fine arts, than she could hardly make a living. Being in a hopeless situation, the mother gave the little Olga foster grandmother.

Time passed, Olga grew up and prettier. During a visit to Moscow, where 13-year-old girl went with my mother in the metro noticed her agent, who offered the young beauty of the model. Three years later, Olga, after finishing school and completing a course models, has signed a contract with the French Agency for Madison and moved to Paris. Certainly, at first it was very difficult. Not knowing the French language, Olga felt quite lonely. Consolation was only in the, . which began to bear fruit: in 18 years, Kurylenko has appeared on the cover of Glamour, . and later graced the covers of such magazines, . as Elle, . Madame Figaro, . Marie Claire and Vogue, . and also became the face of lingerie brand Lejaby lingerie,

Early successes were circling my head, but in the camp of fans all arriving beauty. In the 20 years she was married to photographer Cedric van Mol. As often happens with ill-considered marriages, two years later, he collapsed. The only thing that gave Olga marriage - a French citizen. Realizing that the fate of short-lived model, Kurylenko decides to become an actress. Her intelligence, talent, beauty and charisma make his case, and in 2005 published the picture on the screens' Annulaire, L'', where Olga made her debut in the role of the sensuous beauty Iris. This was followed by "Paris, je t'aime '(2006),' Serpent '(2006),' Hitman '(2007),' Max Payne '.

Now Olga is on the threshold of world-wide popularity: the world's screens out another set of 'Bond' 'Quantum of Solace' (2008), where she performed the role Kurylenko Bond girl. In promotional tour film Olga, along with partner shooting Daniel Craig visited in 11 world capitals. At each of the prime Kurylenko looked impeccable, and her dresses vigorously debated in the glossy press. It's funny that before the promotional tour, Olga had to defend its sense of style and taste in clothing: "When I picked up a wardrobe for a promo tour 'Quantum of Solace', a stylist, I remember, once gave her a summary fashion: 'Olga from Russia? Yeah, understandable. We have a leopard costume, transparent blouse and bra so that the Panther colors'. When my assistant told me that it is in life not wear, stylist wildly surprised: 'How can that be? She's Russian! Wait, wait, I still jumpsuit-grid somewhere there lay '.
. Filmography
. 2008 Quantum of Solace
. 2008 Max Payne
. 2007 Hitman
. 2006 Snake
. 2006 Paris, je t'aime
. 2005 ring finger

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  • Kurylenko Olga K.
  • Kurylenko Olga K.
  • Kurylenko Olga K.
  • Kurylenko Olga K.
  • Kurylenko Olga K.

Photos of Kurylenko Olga K.
Kurylenko Olga K.Kurylenko Olga K.Kurylenko Olga K.Kurylenko Olga K.

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Kurylenko Olga K., photo, biography
Kurylenko Olga K., photo, biography Kurylenko Olga K.  actress, model, photo, biography
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