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Biography KOZLOVSKIY Daniel
photo KOZLOVSKIY Daniel
Danila Kozlovsky was born May 3, 1985 in Moscow. Already in early childhood, my mother gave it to the dance. Then there were the music lessons - vocals and trombone. True, the boy liked to chase the ball, because some of the seven years he began seriously playing football.

Danilo was ten years old when my mother decided to send two of his brothers, Yegor and Ivan did not differ by about behavior, Peter, at the Kronstadt Cadet Corps. Like, let there for them will set. Daniel persuaded to let his brothers. There were all three of them, but drop out one by Daniel - Egor and Ivan was expelled after a few months.

The years spent in the Cadet Corps, Danila Kozlovsky in any case does not consider lost: 'On the contrary, they found. I realized that this work is that this will, energy and passion '. In the future it could expect a brilliant career - studying at the Military Academy, and then the post of military attache. But: Repeatedly expressing their gratitude to the interview Corps, Danilo, however, said that by the end of the study he determined the choice of future career. By the time he had dreamed about the scene:


Of course, in the Cadet Corps decision to become an actor Daniel reacted, to put it mildly, without enthusiasm. Summary of teachers was: 'Miserable akterishka'. But the young man was adamant. Finished his studies in the case in 2002, he enrolled in SPbGATI on acting and directing the course of Lev Dodin. So what still attracted Danila this profession? In an interview with the newspaper "Arguments and Facts ', he admitted:' the opportunity to speak. About life, about myself. <:> Than the school Lev Abramovich remarkable? He has an actor not a doer of the will of others, but necessarily identity. He must know the language, must read a lot, he must have the habit of thinking '.

As a student, Daniel began to be introduced in the performances MDT Europe. One of the first of his works: Edgar staged by Lev Dodin's 'King Lear'. This was followed by: Victor in 'Warsaw melody' Sergei Novikov Schipitsina and in the play "Life and Fate 'by Lev Dodin. Daniel admits that he likes to work in MDT Europe: 'This is not theater for theater, but for the sake of thought'.

. Movies

. Path to the movies for Danila Kozlovsky began, as for many other students of theater schools, with the arrival of assistant director
. Everything was as usual - and videoproby photos, interviews, expectation. Danila not particularly hoped. And director Alexey Herman, when he first saw his photo, just shrugged: 'What a fool are you? ". However, after viewing videoprob director changed his mind. So Daniel got the lead role in the movie Nicholas 'Garpastum'.

At the filming of Danilo useful skills playing football, because a picture tells about the creation of this game in Russia. On the other hand, the film is not only and not so much about football, it is much deeper. Sam Daniel Kozlovka so estimates now: 'Garpastum' is not about football - it would be boring sports film shoot. Soccer here - a metaphor for passion, the revolutionary energy that has engulfed the country in the early twentieth century. That's what energy was! Take the state with its foundations and all the hell out of slaughter for the sake of the great ideas of communism and absolute happiness. How can there be absolute happiness in the state? He can not be. But there was passion. That's about it, I think, 'Garpastum'.

. This was followed by roles in the film 'The crime and the weather' and in the series 'Testament of Lenin', and in 2008, after graduating from the Theater Academy Danila Kozlovsky starred in 'black diggers' alias Bormann in a fantastic tape 'We're from the future'
. The film was a great success, especially among the younger generation, and it can not but rejoice, because in the film raises serious moral questions.

. In preparation for filming the movie 'We of the future' Danila Kozlovsky acknowledged that revised movies Alexis Herman 'Checking on the road' and 'Twenty Days Without War, read the story of Viktor Nekrasov's' In the Trenches of Stalingrad', the other honest book
. Also, while still a student, he visited Auschwitz with a course. All this helped the young actor to create a deeper and more truthful image. In general, the creators of the film managed to find that fine line between true patriotism and pathos, moralizing. 'Our film is not didactic fable, he never instructs - simply tells the story from which someone will make some conclusions, some others, but some do not make no', - says Danila Kozlovsky.

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KOZLOVSKIY Daniel, photo, biography
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