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Nicole Evangeline Lilly

( Actress)

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Biography Nicole Evangeline Lilly
photo Nicole Evangeline Lilly
Nicole Evangeline Lilly Born August 3, 1979 in Canada, a teacher in the family economy, which was her father and a beautician, who was her mother. In Evangeline, the family had two daughters.

. At an early age Evangeline showed active approach to life - at 14 years was a volunteer in organizations that help children, 18 went to the Philippine jungles in the missionary group, where she lived there in the grass hut
. However, all these studies did not interfere with Lilly study well.

. U student Evie were truly grandiose plans for the future - she studied at the University at the Faculty of International Relations, was preparing to get a degree and become a missionary
. But the path to the goal required a significant financial investment, so when the representative of the Ford modeling agency offered the girl a contract, she reluctantly (at the time show business it does not attract), but agreed. 'What I was thinking about all this? I hated it! " - Lillie recalls today.
But gradually starlet drawn into the world around her and was sometimes even go to the casting - auditioned for roles in various TV projects. Including she went on trial for the TV series 'Lost'. She did not count on much, hoping to get at least a small role. However, producer JJ Abrams, whose TV series 'Alias' had once made a star Jennifer Garner, Evie proposed a major role.
His invitation literally knocked me off my feet! " - Says Lilly

. Evangeline so worried that Abrams once even came to her in a conversation in which he said that even if the producers do not like how she played in the pilot episode, she can always go back to university and continue her studies.

. Thus, the shooting started, and every day more and more like Evangeline: she made friends with Matthew Fox.

. 'He's such a warm person! " - Spoke of him Lilly.

. Sam Mathew recalled because of his colleague: 'Nevertheless, it struck me! With no acting experience to do such work
. Her poise and ability to trust is really amazing! '.

. Lilly, . the only newcomer in the acting team of the series, . but can not say, . that she had never stood in front of the camera operator: as Miss Lilly managed to play a small role in the series 'Judgment Day' (2002), . as well as the mini-series 'Kingdom Hospital' (2004) and the film 'The Long Weekend' (2005).,
. After the filming series Evangeline met her love - actor Dominic Monaghan (he performs the role of Charlie)
. A couple even planned to get married, but in the end of 2007 the media reported that in Dominica and Evi problems in the relationship. Actors do not confirm nor deny these rumors.

In the life of Lilly same lover of adventure, like her Kate. She believes that her courage had been raised in her childhood by her father, who had three daughters and no sons - so that Evangeline and her sisters were to him something like replacing the boys. Evi lot of runs, swims and deals on trainers, she enjoys ice skating, canoeing, snowboarding and rock climbing.

. In addition, it is still a lot of attention to charity, she is very glad that she is known to man, able to attract more attention to the problems of other people
. Evangeline very encouraged by the activities of Angelina Jolie as a goodwill ambassador: "I just admire her!". As a member of the Peace Corps, Evangeline visited fourteen countries and lived in a grass hut on a trip to the Philippines.
In 2007 Evanzhelina Lilly took 30th place in the list of most desirable women in opinion of the site askmen.com. The survey involved more than 8.5 million men.

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  • Nicole Evangeline Lilly
  • Nicole Evangeline Lilly
  • Nicole Evangeline Lilly
  • Nicole Evangeline Lilly
  • Nicole Evangeline Lilly
  • Nicole Evangeline Lilly
  • Nicole Evangeline Lilly

Photos of Nicole Evangeline Lilly
Nicole Evangeline LillyNicole Evangeline LillyNicole Evangeline LillyNicole Evangeline Lilly

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Nicole Evangeline Lilly, photo, biography
Nicole Evangeline Lilly, photo, biography Nicole Evangeline Lilly  Actress, photo, biography
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