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DISTERVEG Friedrich Adolph Wilhelm

( German teacher Democrat)

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Biography DISTERVEG Friedrich Adolph Wilhelm
Disterveg Friedrich Adolph Wilhelm (29.10.1790 - 07.07.1866), german teacher Democrat. In 1812-20 he taught physics and mathematics in secondary schools in Worms, Frankfurt and Elberfeld, then - the director of the teachers' seminary in Mercier (1820-32) and Berlin (1832-47). Disterveg sought to unite the German teaching profession: in 1831-41 created in Berlin, 4 teachers 'society in 1848 was elected Chairman of the "Universal German Teachers' Union". Disterveg published a pedagogical magazine "Rheinische Blatter fur Erziehung und Unterricht" (1827-66) and Yearbook "Padagogisches Jahrbuch" (1851-66). He played there against the class, and national restrictions on their education, against denominational education and care of the church over the school, against the education of youth in a spirit of religious intolerance. After the suppression of the revolution of 1848 was dismissed by the Prussian government to resign for "dangerous free-thinking", but continued the literary and socio-political activities. In the press and from the rostrum of the Chamber of Deputies, where he was elected to the Berlin teachers, Disterveg fought with the Prussian government issued in 1854, the reactionary school laws. Disterveg - author of textbooks and manuals on mathematics, German language, science, geography, astronomy. The most famous work Distervega - "Guide to the German education teachers" (2 vols., 1835). A follower of Pestalozzi, Disterveg creatively developed his pedagogical theory and popularized it among the German teaching. Basic principles of education Disterveg thought prirodosoobraznost, kulturosoobraznost, amateur. Under prirodosoobraznostyu he understood the excitement innate instincts of the child in accordance with laid down in their desire to develop. Disterveg not understand the social nature of education, its dependence on the policies of the ruling class. But they put forward the principle kulturosoobraznosti meant that education should be considered not only with the nature of the child, but also with the level of culture of the time and country, t. e. the changing socio-historical conditions. The independent activity Disterveg considered a decisive factor in determining the identity of the person, his behavior. In the development of children's initiative, he saw the sine qua non of any education. Disterveg developed didactics of developmental education, formulating its basic requirements in the form of 33 laws and regulations. Made a number of requirements related to visual learning, communication between the related academic subjects, systematic teaching, the strength of learning, educating the nature of learning. Pedagogical ideas Distervega, his books have had a positive impact on the development of education in Germany and have spread far beyond its borders. Leading Russian teachers 60-ies. 19. P. G. Rare, NF Bunakov, N.A. Korf, AND. I. Paulson highly praised teaching Distervega. In the GDR established Distervega Medal, which recognizes teachers honored. Op.: Samtliche Werke, Bd 1-1 0 (publication in progress), VA, 1956-69; Schriften und Reden, Bd 1 - 2, VA-Lpz., 1950, in Russian translation, A Guide for German teachers, M ., 1913; Selected pedagogical works, Moscow, 1956. Lit.: Piskunov A. I., didactic views of Adolf Distervega, "Soviet Pedagogy, 1956, # 1; Sokolova M. A., A Struggle. Distervega for a single school, and for the liberation of the school from the oversight of the church, ibid, 1960,? 10; Siebert Hf Adolf Diesterweg. Seine Bedeutung fur die Entwicklung der Erziehung und Bildung in Deutschland. B., 1953.

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DISTERVEG Friedrich Adolph Wilhelm, photo, biography
DISTERVEG Friedrich Adolph Wilhelm, photo, biography DISTERVEG Friedrich Adolph Wilhelm  German teacher Democrat, photo, biography
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