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Biography SHCHEDRIN Svetlana
photo SHCHEDRIN Svetlana
Svetlana Shchedrin was born on Oct. 8, 1982 in St. Petersburg in close-knit extended family in which love and understanding prevail. The parents tried to give children a good education: in addition to an ordinary school girl with her brother also attended music school in piano, . after which, . She became involved in children's theater at the Victor Resnick, . - She always wanted to be an actress,
. Receiving a certificate of secondary education, Svetlana Shchedrin in 2000 entered the St. Petersburg Academy of Dramatic Art at the rate of one of the leading actors Alexandrinsky Theater People's Artist of Russia Parshin.

. After SPBGATI young actress was adopted for service in the theater Shelter Comedians: a dream come true because all her life, she became "engaged beloved profession, from who enjoy"
. Svetlana Shchedrin immediately introduced into the repertoire Performances: "Fan Lady Windermere", directed by Isakov on the role of Lady Windermere, 'forever nineteen', the role of Sasha.

. Graduation performance talented actress was "The Glass Menagerie", later adopted in the repertory theater in it she plays the role of Laura


By the standards of acting glory to Svetlana Shchedrin came early. Her first notable work in film has become very same role in a successful TV series "Secrets of the investigation, which withstood several seasons showing. In this kind of business card St. Petersburg film studio "Panorama" actress banal lucky, . casting director invited her to the first episode - Secretary in court, . and after some time, this role has increased to the prosecutor's office investigator, . Shchedrin and the heroine of the episodic become one of the three main heroines, . three beautiful actresses of "Secrets of the investigation" - Anna Kovalchuk, . Emilia Spivak and her,
. Unpredictable, Affectionate Olga Tsvetkova performed Svetlana Shchedrin, is constantly in search of a life partner, and in the profession at the same time sought to reach the heights on the example of Mary Sergeyevna.

. Directors immediately noticed the arrival of a talented young actress in film
. Parallel "Secret investigation" Shchedrin had successfully withdrawn and have an interesting director Dmitry Svetozarova - in the TV films "Three Colors of Love" and "Tabor". Professional actress victory and became the primary role of the librarian of the former nobility Anastasia Belyavskaya from the same producer in the mystical thriller "Wild Boar".

. Sally Shchedrin has not been a lull in work, directors captivated inner strength actress
. It seemed, . she was born for the proposed role of the director: strong-willed and Svetlana in action movie "White Arrow", . Light and charming in a joint Russian-Ukrainian project "under the supervision of Love" were performed by an actress is very convincing and damn good!,

. "Sad

. Kinosudba brought Svetlana Shchedrin and with a remarkable playwright Chekhov, right then and there was her first contact with Russian classics
. "I can not say, . that it was a dream of my life, . but when I read "The Cherry Orchard" or watched it in the theater, . I always somehow knew, . this role, . if not written for me, . then, . at least, . I need it someday to play, . some reason I found it so natural,
. Anya and I ".

The actress starred as Annie in the film by Sergei Ovcharova "Garden" on the grounds of Chekhov's play "The Cherry Orchard". It brilliantly embodies design director, created the image of the sort of girl, the daughter of his mother, with the character, the aristocratic blood, blue, and was very proud, and her uncle, and she. Anna Shchedrin captivated, she knew her own value, always trying to keep himself in hand and emotionally not to dissolve.

. This phenomenon Svetlana Shcherbakova is likely that for her little cinematic life she received proposals mainly on the main roles
. Her moral Tatiana in the film "The fire and water", a young schoolteacher Anna from the last century, from the time the post-war Leningrad in a lyrical love story "back door" directed by Stanislav Mitin. Popularity Petersburg actress, fragile, gentle, pensive, as if woven from the mists of Petersburg, would be the envy of any big-name actor!

. Life

. Svetlana Shchedrin sure that all the time a woman should be gentle, soft, even a little bit helpless
. "A man must be brave, true defender. In our time, unfortunately, the concept has shifted: Among men, a lot of pampered, refined. And women, by contrast, have become more strong-willed and strong "- philosophizes actress.

. At first glance, such a fragile, defenseless, Svetlana Shchedrin can be very firm and strong when she suddenly feels the injustice not only to herself, but also in relation to surrounding
. Life is sometimes tough enough, often it simply does not allow anyone to relax.

With her husband, actor Alexei Vasilyev, the actress had met in the home theater, where they were rehearsing together in a play about war "forever nineteen '. During the rehearsal, the actors drew attention to each other, and when a week Vasilyev did Shchedrin offer "hands and hearts", she agreed!

The actress adores shopping. Very fond of dresses, shoes heels. Coming to the store, she chooses something so austere, stylish, or feminine, romantic. While the mood may buy clothing and sports style. And Svetlana was eager to play in a fairy tale princess, which will wait for your prince, and in which all will be well.


2003 Three Colors of Love
2004 Opera. The Chronicles of slaughter department - series
. 2004 Secrets of the investigation-4 - serial
. 2005 Secrets of the investigation-5 - Series
. 2005 Tabor
. 2006 Boar
. 2006 Secrets of the investigation-6 - Series
. 2007 White Arrow
. 2007 Brothers
. 2007 Desire Under the supervision of
. 2007 Secrets of the investigation-7 - Series
. 2008 Garden
. In 2009 fire and water
. 2009 Since the back door
. 2009 Secrets of the investigation-8 - serial

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  • SHCHEDRIN Svetlana

Photos of SHCHEDRIN Svetlana

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SHCHEDRIN Svetlana, photo, biography
SHCHEDRIN Svetlana, photo, biography SHCHEDRIN Svetlana  Actress, photo, biography
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