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Biography EYRAMDZHAN Anatoly
photo EYRAMDZHAN Anatoly
Anatoly Eyramdzhan (real name - Ter Grigorian) - born January 3, 1937 in Azerbaijan in Baku. The boy was brought up in a family atmosphere which was saturated with music and art. Mother, whose name he took later Anatoly Arevik Nikitichna Eyramdzhan, was the granddaughter of a famous Armenian writer Ghazaros Aghayan. Most likely, therefore, that Anatol Eyramdzhan and became a talented writer. A love of music, which evolved into composing, it's probably already on the father's. His father, Nikolay Ter-Grigorian, was a pianist, taught music.

In addition to the art Anatoly Eyramdzhan still good student, fond of exact sciences, participated in sports. After school, he surprised with their choice and relatives, and friends. The young man entered the Azerbaijan Oil and Chemistry, brilliantly finished in 1961. The young specialist even started working on received specialty, . but soon felt, . it is not his element, and Anatoly Eyramdzhan started all over again: he entered the Screenwriting Department of Higher Courses of scriptwriters and directors, and was adopted by Igor Olshansky, . which successfully ended in 1972,


Since then, Anatoly Eyramdzhan and wrote scripts: headed by a talented list kinoalmanah "Ou - oo!" Comic book kinonovell: "I drove up to the hut matchmakers. Or the writer's adventures in search of words Ceni concealed ", . came "to taste" directed by Victor Kryuchkov, . Song, . or as a great Luarsab choir organized ", . vending director Gerald Bezhanovu, . "What is our life!" Or What is our life!? ", . which struck the director Yuri Gorkovenko.,

. By nature a cheerful person, . has a good sense of humor, . Anatoly Eyramdzhan its writers' choice stopped on the genre of comedy in all its forms: romantic - "Meet me at the fountain", . easy musical - "It's time to red apples", . comedy - melodrama - "a pleasant", . comedy-adventure - "Victor Glushakov - one the Apaches.,

. Glorified the same name Anatoly Eyramdzhana popular Soviet, this time the lyrical comedy "The most charming and attractive"
. Directed by Gerald Bejanov invited to the major role of famous actors: Irina Muraveva - Nadia Klyueva, . modest employee of Design Institute, . which did not spare his own time and personal money is always rescued colleagues, . Tatyana Vasilyeva - her high school friend, . acting strictly on science - methodically, . consistently, . confidently, . and gorgeous trio of attractive men: Alexander Abdulov, . Leonid Kuravlev, . Michael Kokshenov,
. Found a role for the author's own script, he made his debut as an actor in a cameo in a passenger bus.


Since 1989 Anatoly Eyramdzhan and he began to take off on his movie script. And the first in his director's list was at this time adventurous comedy "For the fine ladies" with a simple, at first glance, but rather an original story. Luckless robbers in the face of charismatic Alexander Pankratov-Black and captivating Alexander Abdulov have chosen as their victims affluent group of young ladies - the heroine of Helen Tsyplakova, . Irina Shmeleva, . Irina Rozanova, . Margaret Sergeechevoy, . gathered to discuss their "little women's Joy" for a wonderful dinner,
. At this time, and script writer, and director at the same time, as they say, hit the "ten-".

Anatoly Eyramdzhan dared to go further - he helped form in 1990, studio Odeon. Created Anatolia Eyramdzhanovym films were to follow the motto of the newly formed kinotseha "Odeon" - "From the hall should not leave any stupid or smart. With skill, talent and perseverance of the creator of what happened.

When the newly baked studio Sound ended the first comedy "Womanizer", everyone was sad, sorry to say goodbye. In order not to part with the artists Mikhail Derzhavins, . Tatyana Vasilyeva, . Lyubov Polishchuk, . Eyramdzhan immediately and spun, . this time with the musical comedy "My sailor", . exactly three weeks after the "Womanizer", . inviting incomparable Lyudmila Gurchenko play the main heroine - a woman massovika entertainer.,

. So "My sailor" was a benefit of the great actresses: with beautiful dresses from their own wardrobe, beautiful dances, and even beautiful songs, written with his own prima ballerina of the Soviet cinema
. Again, Anatoly Eyramdzhan correctly calculated win-win situation: the summer, the south coast of Crimea, resort, resting hard worker, the intrigue did not resort less than the entourage, and not more distant from life than love. And the script, and the situation on the set were so exciting that Anatoly was not kept to himself in the picture and not single out, however, a small part of the Moscow colleagues Gudkov.

. Since 1992, the studio gets a new status, it becomes a film studio New Odeon, and the Eyramdzhan Anatoly became its artistic director, thus concentrating in one hand, and script writing, and the creation of the film, and Producing

"Our Miami"

Ideas Anatolia Eyramdzhana afflicted, one after another. During the expedition in Miami for shooting pictures "diva Mary", . about frivolous travel librarian Tanya Smirnova, . brilliantly performed role of Irina Rozanova, . in the guise of Alla Pugacheva in Miami, . where it is most bored waiting for Russian words and deeds, Misha, . He is Michael Kokshenov, . and Boris, . He is Boris Shcherbakov, . Anatoly Eyramdzhan managed to create, . straight, . is said on the run, . and the following story on the theme "Our Miami",
. At this time the criminal comedy "When all its" with almost the same characters, about the racketeer Misha, nicknamed King Kong, cleaner on call Ira and pizza delivery Boria ... Who will play - easy to guess: the terms were familiar to all persons.

Comfortably ensconced in a long time and his favorite studio Anatoly Eyramdzhan tirelessly continued to create his comic masterpieces: "Son of a loser", "Arrow of Love", "inhibited reflex", "Marry in 24 hours", "Gift of Nature"

. What is the charm and appeal of this man - the creator of such good and necessary audience comedy films? The answer in his own reel of film - just live and enjoy every passing day:

. Filmography:

. 1975 Au-u! - Script
. 1976 Meet at the fountain - script
. 1980 If I was the head - writer
. 1981 It's time to red apples - a musical script
. 1981 Where's he going to go away! - Script
. 1982 Tour will be pleasant - script
. 1983 Victor Glushakov - each Apaches - script
. 1985 The most charming and attractive - an actor, writer
. 1987 Where is nofelet? - Script
. Over 1989 beautiful ladies! - Director, script
. 1990 Womanizer - director, script
. 1990 My sailor - actor, director, writer
. 1991 This man - director, script
. 1992 New Odeon - actor, director, writer, producer
. 1993 Old records - a musical, director, script
. 1994 Third not superfluous - director, script
. 1994 Groom from Miami - director, script writer, producer
. 1996 impotent - director, script writer, producer
. 1998 diva Mary - actor, director
. 1998 Night visit - director, script
. 1998 when all his - director, producer
. 1999 Homecoming - director, producer
. 2000 Agent in mini-skirt - director, script writer, producer
. 2000 Valentine's Day - director
. 2001 Mistress of Moscow - director, script
. 2001 Secret Rendezvous - director, script
. 2001 We did it! - Director
. 2002 Son of a loser - director, script writer, producer
. 2002 Arrow of love - director
. 2004 inhibited reflex - director, script writer, producer
. 2004 to marry in 24 hours - director, script writer, producer
. 2005 Gift of Nature - director, script writer, producer

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EYRAMDZHAN Anatoly, photo, biography
EYRAMDZHAN Anatoly, photo, biography EYRAMDZHAN Anatoly  Screenwriter, director, actor, photo, biography
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