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Francois Ozon (Franois Ozon)

( director, screenwriter)

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Biography Francois Ozon (Franois Ozon)
photo Francois Ozon (Franois Ozon)
Full name: Franois Ozon
Date of Birth: November 15, 1967
Place of Birth: Paris, France
Profession: director, screenwriter
Franois Ozon is considered one of the most prominent directors 'new wave' in France. His films are distinguished rather pungent satire and free views on sexual relations between people. World famous Ozone brought sensational film '8 Women '.

Franois Ozon was born in 1967 in Paris. Cute baby liked the model agents - so small Francois was first introduced to the cinema, started acting in advertisement. However, the boy quickly realized that he was much more interesting to be on the other side of the camera. 'I am not able to become an actor - so said in an interview with Ozone. - I tried, but I have never turned out to speak in the presence of large numbers of people. I am more voyeur than exhibitionist. I like to spy for people through the chamber '.

After school, Franois goes to a cinematic Faculty La Femis, and he quickly begins to develop his own style. After graduation, the young Ozon takes a series of interesting short films: 'Little Death' (La Petite Mort, . 1995), . 'Summer Dress' (Une robe d'LtL, . 1996) and 'Look at the sea' (Regarde La Mer, . 1997) (in Russia they have released a compilation under the title 'Narcissus at the edge of summer'),
. In these films already clearly visible signs of a very original director. In 1998, out of his first feature film 'Krysyatnik', which pleased both critics and viewers.

This was followed by tape 'Water Drops on Burning Rocks' (Gouttes d'eau sur pierres brlantes, 2000), set for early play, the famous German producer-director Rainer Werner Fassbinder. The film received a special prize of the Berlin Film Festival and was warmly received by European film critics. Well, in 2002, after the retro-detective '8 Women '(8 femmes), Franois Ozon woke up famous. The commercial success of the film brought a successful combination of musical numbers, detective stories of murder and scenery in the style of Hollywood movies 1950. And, of course, a whole galaxy of stars of French cinema: Catherine Deneuve, Isabelle Huppert, Fanny Ardant and Emmanuelle Beart.

In 2003 the first English-language film Ozon called 'Swimming Pool' (Swimming Pool, 2003). In the opinion of the ozone is a very personal film, revealing the secrets of hard work on writing a novel or a script. In 2005, Ozone has completed work on the film 'Time farewell' (Le Temps Qui Reste). The picture tells the story of a young gay photographer, terminally ill with cancer, slowly dying from the disease. He trusts only the terrible news of his grandmother (played by Jeanne Moreau), with whom he formed the closest.

By the way, the sexual preferences of the director himself nobody knows for certain, but many consider him gay. One way or another, almost all his works there are gay characters and related subjects
. Filmography (full-length movies):
. 2009 Ricky
. 2007 Angel
. 2005 Length farewell
. 2004 5x2
. 2003 Swimming
. 2002 8 Women
. 2000 Under the Sand
. 2000 Water Drops on Burning Rocks
. 1999 Criminal Lovers
. 1998 Krysyatnik

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Francois Ozon (Franois Ozon), photo, biography
Francois Ozon (Franois Ozon), photo, biography Francois Ozon (Franois Ozon)  director, screenwriter, photo, biography
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