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The first 10 years of his life Arash held in Tehran, the capital of Iran. Like many of his compatriots, and later emigrated to Europe, and in the late 80's with his parents moved to live in Sweden. The desire for creativity on fire in the heart of youth exactly after college. For a while, Arash composing and producing music, including saundreki does the writing to the Indian and Swedish films - in particular, he is the author and producer of the main themes in the film 'Bombey's Dreams'. The same name song performed by Anne Lee Rebeka and successfully broadcasted on domestic radio. But the real success has caught up with the beginning of Arash independent career.

. Razudaly tune "Boro-Boro" with exotic harmonies and bright filing literally a month captured the mindset of European and Russian citizens, having won all the possibility of international charts
. In our country, a list of trophies is as follows: 'Europe Plus' -? 1, 'Dynamite FM' -? 1, 'Energia FM' -? 1, 'Hit FM' -? 1; consolidated radiochart Moscow -? 4. After these results the singer unanimously recognized as a discovery in 2004, edakii new Punjabi MC. But this year he lowers tempy.Na spinoffs artist releases debut record 'Arash', full of strong rhythms, mesmerizing melodies and eastern temperament. Demanding ear does not get bored, are noticing the word hip-hop, R'n'B and specific Indian musical styles. Fans of "just dance" all the more will be satisfied, because he Arash in his spare time loves this business. She dances hip-hop or something east. In fact 'Boro Boro' means 'Go away, go away', and dedicated the song Arash ex-girlfriend, who had left him mercilessly. Artist still sad about this, still hoping to return to his beloved. Perhaps because of this hope the song has such a buoyant charge. Arash - not a cynic for life: his cherished dream - that any girl in the world does not suffer because of the young man. 'You must always be the best for his girl! "

One of the tracks of his album, Arash recorded together with the Swedish rap-celebrity, Timbuktu, and the other number sung in duet with the Iranian megastar EBI. Generally in the album lot of interesting things, no less exhilarating than the untwisted 'Boro-Boro'. The next attack on the tops Arash will rush to the clockwork track 'Tike Tike Kardi'. Winter in Los Angeles were shooting a video for this song. "This clip of a girl, which I won! '- He says. Name new hit, in the native language Arash difficult reproduced, in English sounds simple - 'You Broke My Hurt'. 'The song that broke my heart, I still sing: "You broke my heart," Come on, baby, give me another chance, so I need you' - that something like that. She is a bit of humor, this song! "

In his spare time enjoys a versatile Persian game of basketball and tennis, diving and even skydiving. And almost all of their fees spent on travel. 'I love to travel! I have visited many different countries - and as a tourist, and as an artist: and very glad of it '. Arash current visit to Moscow - is, incidentally, is not the first: on the eve of 2005, at the end of December, he quietly visited the capital of Russia. 'It has long wanted to get here, to see Red Square. However, I'm not too fond of snow and cold, but in this case is not an obstacle '. Arash knows after the Russian tennis players, happy to listen to Russian music classics and even familiar with the group 'Disco Crash'. They met in the Swedish studio Arash, who produced one of the 'emergency' remixes. 'I think they are crazy, but I like them. Very funny guys'. In clothes Arash does not adhere to any Asian or Indian style, and can not tolerate unnecessary trinkets - out of accessories is only hours. But hats - a real illness Arash: he has a collection of various hats and caps. Last (literally the day before yesterday) Replenishment - Rabbit black-white cap with ear-flaps, bought at the Old Arbat. The house Arash (Incidentally, recently-furnished) all caps, hats, probably, already five hundred. 'The house is not very big, but for me it is normal. Three rooms on the walls hang my 'gold discs' (which I really like), is a big telly and all sorts of caps on the corners - that's my whole house'.

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Arash (Arash), photo, biography
Arash (Arash), photo, biography Arash (Arash)  Activity, photo, biography
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