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History of the Norwegian group A-ha is rooted in the distant 70-ies. At a time when, while still a child, met and became friends Magne Magne and Paul Waaktaar. The guys quickly found a common language, and gave each other an oath to establish a group that will become as popular as the Beatles. Inspiration Paul and Magne have drawn from their creativity, as well as songs from The Doors, who were their idols. In 1977, together with two other Norwegians Viggo Bondi (bass) and Oystenom Yevanurom (drums), they organized the first more or less serious group, called The bridges. Interestingly, Magne on top wanted to play guitar, but Waaktaar already, then, is the leader of the group, noted the impact on Magne creativity Rick Manzarek and led to his friend, a role - the role of keyboard player. Time has shown how Waaktaar was right. Soon came the first and only album 'Fakkeltog'. The style of the album extremely reminiscent of the style Doors. Place vocalist Paul won and he did his best to sound like, like Jim Morrison, and Magne unique imitated Manzarek. Album created quite gloomy and pessimistic picture of reality, which later became characteristic of mature and works A-ha. 'Fakkeltog' was printed in quantities of 1000 copies, 600 of which were sold. Paul and Magne dreamed of great success, while Viggo and ц?ystein were satisfied with the level of popularity that the group had in Norway. One day after the concert to the boys a young man approached and said: 'You are - the best team in Norway, but you need a great singer'. Paul and Magne ignored it, they did not know what this man is and will be the vocalist in their next group, because it was none other than young Morten Harket, sung in the blues while the team 'Soldier blue'.

. At the same time (early 80's) in London, was born the so-called romantic movement postpankovskoe also increase the weight in the music world
. Since Magne worked Hoevikodden's Art Center in Oslo, a security guard, he learned all the possible ways to finance your trip beginning musicians in London. Paul and Magne finally decided to withdraw from Bridges and achieve success on the shores of Albion. Then they wanted to invite and Morten, who has already become quite well known in Norway as the owner of a unique voice, but they refused the invitation Morten. In November 1982, with 10 000 kroons in the pocket and great expectations, the two young Norwegians first attempted to conquer modern rock Mecca - London. I will say at once that the first pancake is always lumpy left, and soon Paul and Magne returned, this time without the money, but still full of aspirations to succeed. They reiterated their call for Harket with a request to become a vocalist in their group. At this time, he agreed, and then they have three of them returned to England. In London, the guys filmed a small room in the attic, writing songs and recording studios knocked at doors until then, until they drew the attention of producer Terry Slater.
. Success came almost immediately, although the first two releases 'Take On Me' remains virtually unnoticed
. Then the track was added on now well-known instrumental introduction to the keyboard (which Magne wrote back in the age of fourteen), and was filmed innovative at the time video. As they say, on the morning of A-ha woke up famous. The single 'Take On Me' was number one in several dozen countries, including in the U.S.. The success of the expected and the following singles and their first album 'Hunting High And Low', which sold almost 8 million copies. However, it is worth to say that the musicians later confessed that when he first heard the final version of the album, they simply do not know their songs, how they were converted producers. A-ha got a lot of different music awards and were nominated for Grammy. Morten, Magne and Paul have felt themselves the victors and felt that now they can record exactly the music they want. Second album A-ha 'Scoundrel Days' dramatically different from the debut as a musical style and content of texts than clearly demonstrated that A-ha - is not just a pop group. For the first time became clearly noticeable departure from the fashion in those days of romance. The album itself is a bold attempt to mix styles, a prominent place in it in a completely non-profit tracks. Against this background, highlights the title track, not a stone was leaving from the iris of the atmosphere of the first album. The average age of students A-ha increased. The popularity of A-ha continues to grow. They propose to write the main theme for the next James Bond film-'The Living Daylights'. To this day the same name the song A-ha cchitaetsya one of the best to those written for the James Bond films. By this time there is another conflict A-ha with the show-business. Morten, Paul and Magne flatly refused to cancel a concert in Japan, to attend the world premiere of the film.

In the spring of 1988 comes next, third, album 'Stay On These Roads'. It is in this album A-ha in the first and almost the only time quotes themselves (the song 'You Are The One'). But it should be noted, . that despite some setbacks, . toward more electronic music, . in the album also contains such strong and powerful songs, . as 'Out Of Blue Comes Green', . 'This Alone Is Love' and, . sure, . 'The Blood That Moves The Body', . dedicated to the mass suicide of adolescents in Japan,
. At this time, only a severe blow to the nascent concept of the A-ha as a serious musician cause two videos - 'You Are The One' and 'Touchy' - re-create their image of carefree cute boys. The Group is on the verge of collapse. But output is. After another successful world tour, A-ha change producer and start recording a new album in all respects.
Published in the autumn 1990 CD 'East Of The Sun, West Of The Moon' was the second birth of. A-ha dramatically alter style. Now you do not hear from them even a hint of romantic electropop, which was the basis of their first album. Panel turns to rock, where the foreground are Waaktaar electric guitar and piano Magne. At different sounds and voice Harket. The album 'East Of The Sun, West Of The Moon' was influenced Doors and Jimi Hendrix. The album featured a rather gloomy atmosphere and the hard rock sound. Such vivid compositions as 'Slender Frame', 'East Of The Sun', 'Sycamore Leaves' stand out on an even keel the whole album. The consequence of this dramatic turn was the fact that the part of fans of A-ha, he prefers simple lyrics of 'Hunting High And Low', was not ready for his perception. However, most critics gave the album a very high marks. In addition, 'East Of The Sun, West Of The Moon' had failed, and in commercial terms. A world tour in support of the album was more than successful, especially the concerts in South America. In Brazil, Chile and Argentina A-ha bombshell. At 20 concerts over a million people visited. And one of them, they set an absolute record of attendance of a concert performer - 194 thousand. It was at this period is the flowering of. Musicians still believed that the power to change anything in the shark laws of show business. They were proud of their music, performed acoustic versions of their songs during every appearance on television.

This touring could not affect the group member. Tired and spent, they needed a rest. Morten hurried to his family in London, but Paul and Magne finally legalized relationships with their old friend. Exit the next album, which was intended to be more serious and deeper than the previous one, postponed. Spring of 1993 fifth studio album, entitled 'Memorial Beach' still comes out and is affecting many of its bleak, almost hopeless atmosphere and suddenly a new musical sound. Song titles speak for themselves: 'Cold As Stone', 'Locust', 'Lamb To The Slaughter' (Magne shocked many by saying that this song - the story of his life), 'Dark Is The Night'. Music on the album brilliant. Unfortunately, short-sighted leadership of Warner Brothers does not accept such an initiative. Wanting to make a group dance to its tune, the company is sabotaging the sale 'Memorial Beach'. By the company's associates and music channel MTV, refuses to show the movie "Dark Is The Night", hiding behind excuses that the song is very reminiscent of U2. (It should be noted, . that in the early 90-ies, some music critics have written about, . that one song A-ha 'Dark Is The Night "style and handwriting recalls some of U2 (what was not surprising, . because the song was producer David Z, . Irish produced the album "Achtung Baby"),
. Now there is a reverse pattern. Even in the song "Ground Beneath Her Feet" was viewed by a noticeable effect on A-ha U2, . and after the release of new single, U2 "Beautiful Day" critics have already talked about the significant impact of music A-ha, . some even talk about plagiarism with the song A-ha in 1985 "The Sun Always Shines On TV",
. There is a view of a fragment of song "Beautiful day", . beginning with 'Touch Me ...." - the similarity with the same part of the song A-ha is so obvious, . that it does not deny even the most ardent fans of U2.) Such a situation around the "Memorial beach" has led to a deep crisis within the A-ha,
. In spring 1994 a new single of 'Shapes That Go Together' - Official Theme par-Olympic Games in Lillehammer. And despite the fact that Waaktaar and Magne have already worked on a sixth studio album, after a concert in 1994 in St. Petersburg and South Africa A-ha decided to adjourn.

. During the forced leave, which is devoted to each of his solo career, the musicians often talked about the possibility of recording a new album, but before specific plans it never came
. However, after the speech team in December 1998, such plans appeared, resulting in the album and became the "Minor Earth, Major Sky", who saw the light April 17, 2000. Morten, Magne and Paul have been genuinely surprised by the rapid success of the album and the fact that recently began to pursue the group's success and performers, the formation of music which they have influenced. It became clear that A-ha have already become classics of live pop and rock music. Interesting fact. Albums of "East Of The Sun, . West Of The Moon "and" Memorial Beach "okazali great influence on the modern representatives of Russian and Ukrainian pop and rock culture, . but for unknown reasons, most of them believed not to mention the prestigious A-ha among groups, . that influence them,

During the promotion "Minor Earth, Major sky" endless interviews and presentation of the same type of hits on the television to the sound recording slightly undermined confidence and desire to continue with group members. Since all this they have always believed and continues to take an incredibly boring. In their view, phonogram and commercialization kill music. On the eve of world tour, Morten Harket, even in the hearts said that perhaps MEMS - this is their last album. However situtsiya koordinalno changed after the first live concert where the musicians have been in his element. A desire to write with something new. Well, the new album in the recording. And best of all: it seems we finally hear the product of joint cooperation Morten Harket and Magne Magne - before they never wrote songs together, most likely because first of all, both specialized in writing music. not the text, however, after a successful example of such songs as "Lamb to the slaughter" and "Little black heart", after the magnet believed in himself as a poet, the situation has changed. This further fueled interest in the new album. What will it be? Will the group for the seventh time to surprise their fans something truly new, . that they previously did from album to album, . perplexed by music journalists and critics, . wanted vtisknut a-ha in the framework of any one style, . what, . naturally impossible.,

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A-Ha, photo, biography
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