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Nefedov Igor V.

( Actor)

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Biography Nefedov Igor V.
photo Nefedov Igor V.
Igor Nefedov was born March 28, 1960 in Saratov, a family of actors. Even in childhood, the boy determined that in the footsteps of his father, despite the fact that the acting career Nefedova - the elder was not developed, although in his youth his father's teachers and recognize the brightest nugget among classmates. By the way, he studied in the same year with Oleg Tabakov, who years later became a key figure in the fate of his son. Nefedov - junior Oleg P. met already at 13. Then he got in the first set of studio - Genetrix famous "Snuff-boxes'.


Then, thanks to the support, again, Tabakov, Igor Nefedov was a creative contest in GITIS, where he was considered the most promising student. Brilliantly finished the course, all the same Tabakov, Igor Nefedov, took a job at the Central Children's Theater. There he served for several years and as soon as Oleg Tabakov has opened the theater-studio, the actor turned to him.

For Igor Nefedov Oleg Tabakov was a second father. He loved him like a son. And the first wife of Oleg Tabakov even fed breast milk boy when he was born. Tabakov belonged to the actor, as a spoiled child. Igor Nefedov could safely skip a rehearsal or late for an hour. He is constantly lying, rolled scandals, even tore performances, but tobacco in all closed his eyes.

The cup was too Oleg Tabakov infatuation actor drinking. Fashionable at the moment 'Snuff-boxes' were needed actors-winners, lucky star. And, of course, problematic, drinking Igor Nefedov not fit into the overall positive picture.

In his Tabakov theater has always lived by the laws of capitalist. For the slightest infraction of his actors, he chastised the money. Tabakov removed from Igor Nefedov entire fee is not paid him a salary more than four months, and Igor Nefedov, in the end, left his "godfather", threw "snuff".


Friends of kinoshnogo workshop considered Igor Nefedov darling of fate. When - that Oleg Tabakov, during downtime on the set of 'Oblomov', Nikita Mikhalkov threw off the idea of play Volodina 'Five nights'. And he 'invested in this project' the two students - both debuted eighteen Igor Nefedov, and began his career in film Larisa Kuznetsova. So as a student, Igor Nefedov successfully withdrawn from Mikhalkov as handsome Fame with Stanislav Lyubshin and Lyudmila Gurchenko.

Then there was the main role of Vladimir Belikov in critical, hard, but at the same time an honest film Mindadze and Abdrashitova "Fox Hunting". Then the young, not yet become familiar actor Igor Nefedov psychologically was "razgrimirovan" directors under the real guys from the parks, pubs and alleys. Nefedovskaya hero defended the religious rights and freedoms. And in this sense, the actor brilliantly created the popular image of the hard-won.

In melodrama 'Heir to direct' the role of Volodya director Sergei Solovyov Igor Nefedov took no samples. Actor then was very curly, and something really looked like Pushkin. But the role, according to Soviet times negative: a pragmatic substitute for living through the romantic feeling of life. But Igor Nefedov still managed to make their game a certain spirit of Pushkin, who then reigned over the whole picture.


On the eve of the 1980's with the screen Igor Nefedov produced absolutely stunning impression. His characters on the background of general infantilism and Worship "typical representatives" have become idols of the younger generation, "persons" of the youth rebellion. Nefedovskaya youth, he was not playing 'nedorosshih men', struck maturity and strong identity.

We Nefedovskaya heroes was absolutely equal right with his counterparts from another generation, and those that are most important, this right is recognized. This was Slavik, a friend of Marina's tragicomedy "Prohindiada, or Running on the spot". And Gosh, melodrama Rodion Nahapetova "Umbrella Suite". And the inspector, a police captain Vadim Pitelnikov in a psychological duel investigator and a young adventuress, brilliantly played by Alexander Zakharov, in "Pulp talent" in Sergey Ashkenazi. Name of 25-year-old boys were put to the Soviet Encyclopedia Movies.

But the movie career of Igor Nefedov, unfortunately, and ended. He has matured, and forgot all about it. He became not need Nefedovskaya image. But he did not understand why? Do not hesitate, actor nazvanival Mikhalkov, asked why he did not invite. Nikita then politely joked: 'Wait a bit, there is no right script for you.: No:'. Also convincing actor and Abdrashitov and Nahapetov: 'Everything will. You're talented. We just wait a bit '. And he did not know what to expect, and how much to wait? And all of these directors will simply need a completely different Igor Nefedov: sweet, charming and above all - the young. And the actor has changed with age, non-standard appearance played a trick on him. And the Soviet cinema does not need more than a way.

Recent role

For a while, the actor continued even rang with 'Mosfilm' - suggested that the main role. He refused. Starring in the age of 18 at the monsters of the Soviet cinema, Nefedov did not want to fall below this strip.

However, later Nefedov nevertheless compromise its principles, has played several roles. In the social drama "Crash, daughter ment" actor played the role of villain - a white guy from the five. But there was good reason: he really wanted to learn to drive. And in the picture just given him the opportunity. And yet created a couple of discreet images of the second plan - in the melodrama "Svetik and detective in" Murder on Zhdanovskaya ".


Igor Nefedov the impression of a happy man. He was the absolute antithesis of most of their peers, the main "motor of life" which - success. And he had a "motor of joy and happiness". He then became an actor, and studied art only because in so you can be happier than in life.

But in real life is not an actor on the stage often enough and long remained in the doldrums, his mood pressed on relatives and others. He repeatedly going to commit suicide, but nobody believed. Although, when one of his first wife left him, he tried to take their lives. Then Andrew Smolyakov managed to pull. When Nefedov was two steps away from death, he heard "Light polyphonic ringtone". "It was Bach," - a sweet remembered actor. And the worst thing that he liked this condition and since then the thought of death became his obsession.

December 1, 1993, Igor Nefedov played his last show 'Inspector'. Anyone who saw Nefedova that day on the stage, saying that he played a terrific. It was his best work lately. Early in the morning of December 2, 1993 Nefedov hanged in the stairwell of his house.

Igor Nefedov not become famous enough to remember it all today, although it did for much more than expected of him. Nefedova buried in the cemetery Kotliakovsky. Contrary to all the canons of the actor's funeral in the church. This was agreed Oleg Tabakov.

. Filmography:

. 1979 Five Evenings
. 1980 Fox Hunting
. 1982 Heir straight
. 1983 Seraphim Polubes and other inhabitants of the Earth
. 1984 Prohindiada, or Running on the spot
. 1986 Umbrella Suite
. 1987 The right people
. 1988 Criminal Talent
. 1989 In Sochi dark nights
. 1989 accident - the daughter of Menta
. 1989 Svetik
. 1992 Murder at the Zhdanov

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