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Neudachin Sergey

( Actor)

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Biography Neudachin Sergey
photo Neudachin Sergey
Sergei Neudachin was born March 6, 1966 in the southern Urals, and grew up in the Far North in a small village gasman. His childhood and youth actor always remembers with special affection. They lived then in tents, eat grouse, shot ducks, though it was forbidden. When I was six years old his father took the boy with him on the track, he flew by helicopter more than any flyers. It's only by profession Sergei Neudachin - an actor, but by the dictates of the soul - the poet. Even as a boy he began to write poems, songs, fiction novels and short stories. Before the army is drawn to the music of Sergei. He was then shown three chords, and the first day, he wrote three songs.

In theater Sergei Neudachin decided to enter on the advice of friends and acquaintances who saw a guy nedyuzhy Talent. Sergey joined the Sverdlovsk State Theater Institute hurriedly: flying exams directly from the slopes, with fire works. And so it flew like "scalded" in the selection committee, surprised everyone and went! During training Sergey Neudachin played in a student jazz band on bass. In his youth, perhaps, everything comes easily. At the graduation performance actor played Berenger in "Rhinoceros" Ionesco

. Theater

. After the acting department of the Sverdlovsk State Theater Institute, the course Milchenko Sergei Neudachin was adopted in Sverdlovsk drama theater, and when he collapsed, the actor knew that in this town for him to do nothing more
. I ran Sergey Neudachin for success in the capital. In no particular theater he had to do was not going to just go, a lot of searching for. Before reaching the Belyakovich, Sergei Neudachin tried to play and Vasilyev, and at Rozovsky, but did not stay long.

"Theater on the South-West" led by actor Belyakovich conquered their pressure, their emotional. It was only much later, Sergei Neudachin began to understand where the real emotions, and where - are forgeries.

. Actor twice left the theater, wandered on to other theaters, but I could not find shelter for his "strange" and as a result of returning back to "South - West
. Here, the actor has played many interesting roles: Hamlet in "Hamlet", Valentin - in "Two Gentlemen of Verona," Levin in Anna Karenina, Yeshua in "Master and Margarita", Osip in "Auditors", salted in "Three Sisters".

. In parallel, the actor was busy in the Theater "Vernadskogo 13", . where he performed the role of the scientist Dzyumpeya in the play-the parable of "Woman in the Dunes" and in the theater under the guidance of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan, . where the actor was engaged in the performances: "It takes a liar!" and "Extraordinary Adventures of Little Red Riding Hood",
. Then he was put in a performance of Don Giovanni, where he played Sgonorelya and performances by the lack of love and death "and" Three Sisters ".


Certainly, work in the film is very attracted Sergei Neudachin. He made his debut in a small role in the TV series "Rig" c Vladislav Galkin and Stanislav Govorukhin. Then, as they say, it flared in several series of "Balzac Age, or all men its a:", in "Alexander Garden" and the TV series "The Young and the evil". Played the role of strict overseer of the prison drama "bastards".

. Of course, Sergei Neudachin would not want to act in films for the money: However: He would, like many, really do something worthwhile, interesting, and the series is not an actor not to love, just as he - then treat them warily

With one of them Sergei Neudachin still has a special relationship. "Zone" - in the opinion of the actor - "a striking series. Rare combination of depth and simplicity, drama and comedy, suspense and truth of character. He neordinaren everywhere: from script to casting ". Unconditional success was the work of Sergei Neudachin in one of the main roles in this series, the role of the authority of the six Mitee Sukhoi, Mazuryk, a prisoner named Petyunya. Character Neudachin, thanks to the talented actor's game, filled with subtle humor, even a kind of banter over the difficult situation over the reaction of opera and convicts on his behavior.

. After working in the "Zone" fell in love with the actor removed from the nonprofessional actors
. They are, in his opinion, free from all speculation. "Neprfessionaly like a sponge, absorbing everything new, try to consider the image from all sides. They no vulgarity ". And play with them, to create something in one frame for Neudachin much more interesting. It was so memorable for him shooting in the series "Liquidation" in Armenia, and later in the drama "All this sudden" and "Tunguska meteorite".


Sergei Neudachin considers acting his hobby, despite the fact that it is his main profession, but also to realize himself as a poet in full He does not hurry. Probably due to the fact that he completely rejects the principle of "poetry for poetry: he wrote about all that accumulated in his soul. Therefore, his poems are different: bad, good, dark, light - it is not important, most important, they are sincere and Sergey Neudachin wrote from the heart. The actor is a little bit hard to survive in the troubled actor's world of intrigue, squabbling, back-stage games, but he always tries to stay away from these games.

Sergei Neudachin close and conventional ideals: home, family, children: Actually, it is very homely person: bustle, bustle, "hangouts" are foreign to him: It is true, hardly an actor manages to combine it with his public profession. Although he often wants to lock one at home, make sure that no one see or hear. Acting takes Sergei Neudachin many forces - not so much physical as emotional and he can recover only the solitude and reflection.

. Filmography:

. 2001 Rig - Series
. 2004 Balzac Age, or all men svo ..
. - TV series
2005 Alexander Garden - series
2005 Swine
2006 Young and evil - series
2006 Zone. Prison novel - serial
2007 Liquidation - series
2008 All such sudden - series
2008 Tunguska event - series

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Neudachin Sergey, photo, biography
Neudachin Sergey, photo, biography Neudachin Sergey  Actor, photo, biography
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