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Claire Forlani (Claire Forlani)

( Actress)

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Biography Claire Forlani (Claire Forlani)
photo Claire Forlani (Claire Forlani)
Claire Forlani was born July 1, 1972 in London. Her mother, an Englishwoman, was fond of painting, and an Italian father, then engaged in producing fine British pop groups. At the time of her birth, he worked as a manager in show business. From childhood Claire dreamed of becoming an actress and she knew that she has the ability. She participated in the Christmas performances in several theaters. In an unusually beautiful and gifted child drew the attention of one of the advertising producers, working for the BBC and invited parents Claire contract to the shooting of their daughter in advertising. But the parents of Claire Forlani felt that for the psyche of the child that may have negative consequences.

In 11 years, Claire's parents gave her at the London School of Art, where she studied acting and studied dance for six years. During this time she managed to take part in several theatrical productions. The most notable of these were the ballet "The Nutcracker" and "Orpheus in the underworld". In 1991 Claire made her debut in the English television. These were two short appearance in the series "Press Gang" and appearing in the "folds".

. For his first film roles in 1992, Claire Forlani had to go in the Croatian city of Zagreb, where she spent 11 weeks filming in the movie "Gypsy Eyes" (in the U.S. box office film was called "Shadowing the CIA")
. By the time Claire was exactly 20 years.

In 1993, the family of Claire Forlani decides to move to California, in San Francisco. In San Francisco, Claire goes to college in order to continue their studies and be able to go to university. But the desire to become an actress eventually overpowers and Claire decides to leave school.
. In 1994, Claire Forlani co-starred in small roles in the mini-series about the life of John F. Kennedy and poluigrovom movie "Present", in which the main roles performed by Isabella Rossellini and Laura Dern
. It is part of the movie stars led to that at Claire Forlani, finally, drew the attention - she was invited to play in a 7th part of the movie "Police Academy: Mission to Moscow".

. But a landmark film in the career of the actress became an original painting "Party People from the supermarket"
. Kevin Smith, writer and film director, has spent much time on the selection Actress. He looked more than 600 candidates and was terribly disappointed that none of them suited to the role. The situation threatens to become desperate, but when Claire, Mr. Smith was literally overwhelmed by her charm and simplicity, with a smile, which he later called "the embodiment of the fledgling American youth". Only after some time he noticed her accent and learned that she was an Englishwoman. Claire was immediately drawn to the role. The film "Party People at the supermarket" was a success at many film festivals and for supporting actress actress repeatedly nominated for various awards.

In 1996, Claire Forlani first co-starred in the blockbuster - known in Russia film "The Rock". Success at the box office this film provided the actress attention of Hollywood studios, . but the actress initially preferred role in a film about the tragic life of a talented artist "Basquiat", . and then co-starred in the short-lived project of the independent studio - painting entitled "garage sale".,

. The year 1997 was for Claire Forlani year of great loss - her mother had died
. This event is Claire Forlani has gone through very difficult. At some time the actress even longer removed. But all once coming to an end, and soon Claire is playing in polubiograficheskom film "Suicide" on the life of the poet Nile Kassadi.

. In 1998, Claire Forlani, started acting in a film directed by Steven Sommersema "deep ascent, but a quarrel with the director led to the fact that the actress was forced to terminate the contract and cease to appear in the picture
. Maybe that's why the project failed and did not become famous?

Soon after this portrait of Clare has appeared on the cover of "Vanity Fair" among dozens of other rising stars. Her acting talent with each film was manifested in all the brighter, and a real triumph for Claire was out in 1998 movie "Meet Joe Black", in which Claire Forlani co-starred with Brad Pitt and Sir Anthony Hopkins. The success of the film allowed to talk about Claire Forlani, as one of the most promising of Hollywood movie stars. Everyone remembered the girl, whose role is played Claire - subtle, sensual, naive, yet strong and crazy sex. No wonder that during the filming of the movie Brad Pitt was to meet with Claire, but the long relationship they had formed. In the same year, 1998 Claire co-starred in the film "Basil". This was followed by roles in the sitcom Action "Mystic people," the romantic drama "Elements", low-budget horror "Johnny Domino" and the comedy "Boys and girls".

. In his free time, Claire Forlani is actively involved in sports, travels a lot and even learning to play guitar
. "Perhaps many of my colleagues believe that to achieve success, fame and money - this is the most important actor calling. I think differently, because I want to build their own life so that I do not interfere from the outside ... And then - I am proud that I can choose the movies that interest me. In the end, talent is not the criterion is that you learn on the street or in the shop ". Claire hates and despises Hollywood Hollywood Society for padkost on sensationalism and gossip. She does not use the Internet. In an interview with various media, she often says: "I'm not very fond of society, I am not" a girl from the bar, "I'm not a social person."

Until now, she is not married, which, of course, gives many reasons for gossip. And while Hollywood press ascribes to her novels, with thousands of different actors and not only, Clare has consistently and angrily dismisses such speculation. Life is simple and an outstanding actress, but the ever-increasing popularity begins to increasingly intervene in its prime during the. Whatever it, . Claire Forlani sufficient capacity and willingness, . will and commitment to, . that to this day remain a free and independent from anyone, . live the lifestyle, . who likes her, and which leads her to achieve,
. It is stunningly beautiful girl, a talented actress, and surprisingly good man! Let's hope that all that will be filled with her life, will only be good.

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Claire Forlani (Claire Forlani), photo, biography
Claire Forlani (Claire Forlani), photo, biography Claire Forlani (Claire Forlani)  Actress, photo, biography
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