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Shatokhina Alexander

( Actor)

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Biography Shatokhina Alexander
photo Shatokhina Alexander
Alexander Shatokhin born November 25, 1974. Carefree childhood, school years, sport, passion for the theater, his student years at the acting faculty of Yaroslavl State Theater Institute, the course lecturer Trukhacheva - the beginning of the life of Alexander Shatokhina.

After graduation he began an adult life: a beginner actor has been recruited to the theater on the south-west, where at first he had a role "in the LED glowing", but gradually the situation changed. The young, . talented, . hard-working actor drew attention, . assessed at its true worth and led to a theatrical repertoire already solid role: the beggar in the production of "beggars opera", . Salvatore actor in the play "Dolls", . Chaplain in Macbeth, . Mantuanets in "The Taming of the Shrew", . Faun in the play "Midsummer Night's Dream",


Cinematic life of Alexander Shatokhina started with the theater. My first cameo role of a simple student actor played in the criminal drama "garbage man" and should follow the invitation of Boris Berzgnera the main role, . Again, a university student Kurochkina in the series "dormitory", . during which the heroes of the film tape prepared for the future not only in the lectures in the classroom, . but the lessons "university life".,

. On the set the actor feel comfortable, . in the frame laid out in full, . creating the most dissimilar images: the first "chemist" in the teen comedy "Do not even think!", . Black Angel in the series "Women in a game without rules", . thief in the series of series "My Fair Nanny" and "lanky" in the serial pride NTV "Soldiers".,

. The popularity of serial actor was in parallel with the recognition of the actor who starred in the comedy tape
. In the performance of any actor's image has become a great, . memorable: fussy signalman in the lyrical comedy "First after God" about the legendary submarine captain Alexander Marinesco, . which Hitler announced its "enemy number 1", . and clochard in the series "Adventuress",
. The simple, at first glance, the builder of swimming pools in several series of paintings "Man of the House" and the charming Nick in the dramatic comedy "Nanking landscape.

. And, of course, vanity shatohinsky precious metal fence and serious-minded police sergeant Alexander in the comic strip with a continuous fireworks tricks, comical situations, aphoristic dialogues and adventures "Hottabych" and "sacred cause"
. And then in the vain pursuit of the benefits and career employee of the DPS series "Next", . moral image-maker in "Father" and Distinguishing Roman Galicia in the romantic stories of five schoolgirls, . their fate, . first love, . disappointments and dramas - "Ranetki.,

. Alexander Shatokhina so bored, serial-comedy turbulent life of the soul
. Capture in one tape, he immediately ran to the set and the other is in the spirit of a talented actor Alexander Shatokhina.
. Filmography:

. 2001 scavenger
. 2001 dormitory
. 2002 Do not even think
. 2002 Secrets of the Century - documentary
. 2003 Female in a game without rules - series
. 2004 My Fair Nanny - TV series
. 2004 Soldiers - series
. 2004 Phillip Bay series
. 2005 First after God
. 2005 Adventuress - series
. 2005 Who's the Boss? - TV series
. 2006 Nanjing landscape
. 2006 Hottabych
. 2007 sacred cause
. 2007 Next - series
. 2008 Ranetki - series
. 2008 Father - Series

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Shatokhina Alexander, photo, biography
Shatokhina Alexander, photo, biography Shatokhina Alexander  Actor, photo, biography
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