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Khostikoyev Anatoly G.

( People's Artist of the Ukrainian SSR (1990))

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Biography Khostikoyev Anatoly G.
photo Khostikoyev Anatoly G.
Anatoly Khostikoyev was born February 15, 1953 in Kiev, as he himself likes to speak in a bilingual home parents veterans ". Mom Valentina spoke Ukrainian, but marrying Ossetians crossed into Russian. Native Ukrainian language boy mastered in kindergarten, which are relatively rare in those days when everyone spoke in Russian, but those who "spilkuvavsya Ukra? Nskoyu ц?цўц?цўцЎ, teased goon or kugutami". It felt hot and Ossetian blood and Ukrainian blood is too hot ...

Fate has left Anatolia Hostikoevu much choice in the profession - in the kindergarten the boy attended all celebrations, depicting a fat brown bear. The school organized a musical theater of miniatures, and the role of Othello seriously tried on a second-year Theater Institute ...


At 21, Anatoly Khostikoyev arrived in Lviv, where he took a troupe named Mary Zankovetskoy. Young, healthy, handsome, talented actor felt the greatest pleasure to work with Bogdan Stupka, Theodore Strigunov, Bogdan Kozak, Boris Romanitskim and hope Dotsenko. He simply adored all his partners on stage, never allowed myself to simply refer to someone familiar with "you".

. Of course, in Lviv, in the theater Anatolia Hostikoevu was comfortable, work well, but it - from Kiev and would like to live and work at home
. He was overjoyed when he has invited Irina Molostova - his institute teacher, then became the artistic director of Theater Lesya Ukrainka in a theater.

Having worked in the Theater of L. Ukrainka two seasons, the actor came to the theater Franco to Sergei Danchenko. So a good half life Anatoly Khostikoyev played leading roles in the National Academic Drama Theater named after Ivan Franko: Woland in "Master and Margarita," Higgins in "Pygmalion", Edmund Kean in "Kine IV".


From the first of his works in Russian cinema Anatoly Khostikoyev demonstrated the breadth of talent, skill reincarnation, the brightness and brilliance of the actor's performance, liveliness and charm of the image. Brilliantly played a role in kinopovesti "Reapers" and drama "Babylon XX", in the historical - a biographical tape "train emergency purposes" in the comedy "Money bank" and the drama "counterattack".

The audience will remember and love the hero Hostikoeva in the satirical comedy "Million a wedding basket: an educated, intelligent, energetic Raimondo, without which it would be difficult to present all the vicissitudes of the plot, and the comedy would have been deficient.

Complete opposition was the next significant role Anatolia Hostikoeva in action movie "Shtemp" directed by Gennady Ivanov. Actor skillfully and professionally played a police officer, who denounced the Mafia Resident. And as if in continuation of the previous footage, the next major role in the performance Hostikoeva Colonel Anatoly Yershov in an action blockbuster "The funeral on the second floor" on the investigation of crimes of corrupt high-ranking strata of the KGB.

. Notable was the work of the actor and the director Vladimir Balkashinova as good Eugene, badly in need of money, in the adventure-comedy action movie "Ransom" with Anatoly Ravikovich.

. Recent kinorabotah viewers saw a mature master, a virtuoso, highly professional actor
. Prior to the series producer "Roksolana" rumor, someone assiduously propagated in Kiev that Khostikoyev - polygamist, and he decided that the ideal actor for the role of Sultan Suleyman and Anatoly Khostikoyev did not disappoint, did not deceive anyone's expectations. In the actor created the image successfully joined the audience favorite "positive" character with the ease of comedic intrigue. The cartoon image of Sultan Suleyman Anatoly Khostikoyev built on the principle of reincarnation, a double play, a kind of masquerade.

Anatoly Khostikoyev infinitely popular not only in Ukraine but in Russia. A different facet of acting actor is his ability to be intelligent and spiritually significant to the screen, and this is confirmed bright and vivid image created by an actor in the drama "Lady homeless".


Anatoly Khostikoyev always tried to divide life into the profession and life outside the theater and film, or, in his opinion, the actor is just a zombie, which will be in real life all the time for something to play. He lives in the awareness that exists on the stage not in any case endure in life. But on the contrary - please.

Khostikoyev feels quite comfortable in this life. He is unlikely to have been able to make the mistakes he had committed in his youth, but he is not so much in ages, so not to make new ones.

Anatoly G. defiantly noble. The first wife of actor - Hope Kondratovskaya, the second - the actress Lyubov Kubyuk and third, the current - actress Olga Sumy. And Anatoly Khostikoyev, . laughing gossip about polygamy, . called the two actresses in their performance of "My profession - Signer of high society, but also brought to the scene of almost all his relatives, . except that the very first wife Hope Kondratovskoy,
. And the greatest happiness Anatolia Hostikoeva - it is his sons, and he very much hopes that they will never disappoint, and did not deliver bitter disappointment.
. Filmography:

. 1979 Reapers
. 1979 Babylon XX
. 1980 train emergency appointment
. 1980 Kopilka
. 1985 Counterattack
. 1,986 Million in the marriage basket
. 1989 stone soul
. 1990 Balagan
. 1991 Shtemp
. 1991 funeral on the second floor
. 1991 Up To whom down
. 1992 American battle
. 1992 For the sake of the family hearth
. 1993 Trap
. 1993 Night of questions ...
. 1994 Ransom
. 1996 Roksolana
. 2001 Lady homeless

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Khostikoyev Anatoly G., photo, biography
Khostikoyev Anatoly G., photo, biography Khostikoyev Anatoly G.  People's Artist of the Ukrainian SSR (1990), photo, biography
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