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Semakin Artem

( Actor)

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Biography Semakin Artem
photo Semakin Artem
Artyom Semakin born July 12, 1980, in Chelyabinsk. Father in Artema no childhood. My grandfather was a sculptor, and mother - a musical employee. Although what she just did not work to feed Artem sister! In his native Chelyabinsk Semakin had to rotate. After the 9 th grade, he dropped out of school. Dragged the scenery in the theater, worked as a courier - save for a trip to Moscow. Two years later, came here with a close friend. A friend entered the Moscow Art Theater, and he - in the pike. On the joys they have drunk and eaten all the money. They arrived at Ufa, and from there traveled to Chelyabinsk on chaise. They were fed grandmother in trains. We arrived back at the Chelyabinsk station. Houses Artem saw my mother, collected things - and went back to Moscow to study.

In Chelyabinsk, he remained the most expensive people - mother Natalia, and younger sister Dasha. Visit them he came from Moscow, where after the end of the Shchukin School works in 'Snuff-boxes' with Oleg Tabakov. In the theater Artem Novikov Semakin plays in the play 'Toy soldiers', director Petrunka, and in the center of modern drama and directing them. Kazantsev and Roschina engaged in the formulation of 'not speaking about' director Pokrass. According to Natalia, Semakin so much busy in theater and on television, that she often saw him on screen. My mother calls it, by the way, only Semakin. He says such a habit. They were her friends.

Movies. First role

Film debut Artyom Semakin took place in the series 'Simple Truth'. What was very useful: money and experience have been superfluous. Tatiana Maksakova, casting director, was an actor just a guardian angel. Then there was a bit part in the scandalous picture of a waiter 'Down House'.

In the final year Semakin lucky again - Nikolai Lebedev took him to the 'Star'. After trying all the actors were sent to serve in the army in the Moscow suburb Alabino. There, boys scouts, fought in the first Chechen campaign, the enthusiasm began to teach the actors the basics. At one of the lessons the actors began to behave lightly. And then one of the scouts said: 'All killed! " Everyone was at ease, all at once felt about that movie.

. Movies based on true story of Emanuel Kazakevich, united in an exciting, full of drama and romance stories about the heroism of those soldiers' long war years to today
. In the film, with Artyom Semakin one of the main roles, he played a spy sparrow. His character - the same age as today's defenders of Russia's land - is killed in the brutal slaughter of the Great Patriotic War, 'nedolyubiv, nedokuriv last cigarette', but doing their duty.

. The final scene of the death of sparrows touched to tears even worldly-wise men
. On viewing the 'stars' State Duma deputies is this scene made everybody rise from their seats and inspect the film standing.

Directed by Nikolai Lebedev has created for the heroes of his film to truly combat conditions. Three months of artists living in the barracks in Moscow. The heat was so unbearable that knackered filming, the actors fell in the forest rivulet directly in an army uniform. In this role an artist has put everything he could, 'I'm not ashamed of it. The picture was even in Vietnam. Very funny to look at themselves, speaking in Vietnamese. And when went to Russia, many of those who come into contact with the war, we thank '- recalls Semakin.

. 'The Rider Named Death'

. In the film Karen Shakhnazarov 'The Rider Named Death' Artem Semakin played a terrorist Ivan Kalyaeva
. The man who throws a bomb and at the same time argues that he is believes in God.

Semakin also believes. Play was hard: I had to find a point of view from which he could justify his hero. For playing, do not lie and do not turn the game in Paphos. 'In one of the shooting days were especially hard. Karen G. came up and said a couple of important phrases. In my head, everything fell into place - and I happily went to blow up a coach. Perhaps such phrases ever hear the terrorists from their mentors' - recalls Semakin.

. 'Not Born Beautiful'

. Although Artyom Semakin before a lot of filming in advertising, films and serials, only access to the screens 'Not Born Beautiful', the role of abstruse four-eyes, a childhood friend Kate Pushkareva, became a star
. Incidentally, in the series 'Not Born Beautiful' Artem was shot in the things my mother bought at the market. Wardrobe young actor is quite modest and half made up of 'second-hendovskoy' Clothing.

'In life Semakin and dresses, and treats like his hero. In the 'Not Born Beautiful' Semakin essentially played himself - says Natalya Semakin. - The only difference is that intellectual Zorkin wears glasses for medical reasons, and my son - for reliability '.

. 'Brothers differently'

. Sooner or later in every human life is something, . that radically changes his life, . to which he had become accustomed: 'Thus fate knocks at the door! " 'Fate, . the rapidly burst into the door of one of the main heroes of the series 'Brothers differently', . was inevitable, . as a natural disaster and ruthless, . a conscience.,

. Semakin hero - a young Muscovite Andrew Ruzhentsev, who has inherited an apartment from her grandmother, lived in pleasure, rejoicing in the attainment of the long-awaited independence independence from parents
. He dreamed of becoming a professional photographer and worked as a salesman in a second store, which is perfectly situated on the first floor of his own home.

. But one day, like a bolt from the blue, he was visited by a distant relative of Ivan Zyamzyulin the aul 'Lower found himself'
. The boy was not a swindler - he was simply naive and cheerful person, a poor guide to the realities of modern life in Moscow. At home in the village, Ivan worked as a shepherd on the farm.

Here, self-confident and purposeful mountaineer decides that it is time to reveal their abilities and realize the many talents. The brothers begin to live in one apartment and work together in the store.

Various events are taking place with young people and form the basis - the difference of urban and natural perception of life, especially the national mentality. Recognizability situations, . sympathy for the situation in the pigeon-provincial metropolis, . the charm of the protagonists, . natural humor Ivan, . irony Andrew, . undoubtedly, . made this series interesting and attractive to a broad range of viewers.,

. 'Wolfhound'

. The actor is lucky enough to participate in the Slavonic Fantasy 'Wolfhound'
. Were working in full interesting and insanely hard. It is not clear as soon as Alexander Bukharov introduced himself this nine-month marathon. But, unfortunately, Artyom Semakin film is not like.

What specifically did not like? 'Disgusting installation, I do not understand how in our time, in 2007, so you can mount. Not like the camera work. Fighting shot at shaking the camera, you sit there and do not understand a single detail, and that generally occurs. I love the director Lebedeva, is my second picture of him. I've got an understanding of what is happening on the court, how to communicate with the director. I have unlimited confidence in him and will trust me more if he would call to his paintings. But in the case of 'wolfhound' I was surprised and upset, and I am very sad that the project was released this' - sorry sighs Artyom Semakin.

Violent Movies

Almost all films with Artyom Semakin resonates with viewers. And removed an actor in films of different genres: from comedy to thrillers and melodramas. And quite hard, such as 'Last weekend'. After the premiere in Chelyabinsk, the mother was of the actor: 'Once you kill! How much can you? " Semakin, as usual, replied: 'Well, Mom, what to do? The role of such '. On the question of superstition, and can calmly relates to the roles, where are your heroes die, Semakin philosophically says: 'In God we must believe and not in the signs'.

Actor hates: a) casting, b) fond of actors. She likes to play a deeply unhappy, insane and manic-depressive people. Embodied it in another thriller - 'Dead daughter'? Probably not.

Artyom Semakin play here, most likely, confused man. Man, repulsive in some moments of reality, does not understand what is happening to his inner world, he's doing in terms of profession, what's going on in his relationships with women in general with people. In such a critical moment in his life and there is the heroine - a former friend of his.

He is such a little deadhead. And when it begins to twist the whole story with dead daughters, she asked him for help. And this assistance is for him an attempt, a chance to comprehend all. The hero still applies to all of this from a position of a journalist, he works in the yellow paper.

We Semakin there is not very big role, but he felt this project on yourself, that is removed in the horror film. It was necessary to find a language, from verbal and ending with the character's behavior. Moreover, the actor had not previously participated in projects of this kind.


Artem Semakin first wife was actress Anastasia Milyaeva - very dramatic woman. That marriage had a daughter, Sophia. But family life was destroyed during the filming of the series 'Not Born Beautiful', where Artem starred with Mary Mashkova. For her sake Artyom Semakin left her old family - left his wife and daughter.

'I do not want to comment on the actions of a loved one, - says Maria. - Do not want no excuses, no blame Artem. I'm just very happy and I'm going to marry him. I believe that love comes first in my life '.
. Filmography:

. 1999 Simple Truth - Series
. 2001 Down House
. 2002 Star
. 2002 Joker
. 2003 Kamenskaja-3: Stylist - series
. 2004 The Rider Named Death
. 2004 At the corner by the Patriarch - 4 - series
. Lily of the Valley 2004 Silver - 2 - TV series
. 2004 Farewell Echo
. 2005 Death of the Empire - Series
. 2005 Lola and the Marquis
. 2005 not born beautiful - series
. 2005 Last weekend
. Brothers in 2006 - Other - TV series
. 2006 Wolfhound
. 2006 Peter FM
. 2007 Dead Daughters
. 2008 Heritage

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Semakin Artem, photo, biography
Semakin Artem, photo, biography Semakin Artem  Actor, photo, biography
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