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Sklar Alexander Feliksovich

( Musician, actor)

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Biography Sklar Alexander Feliksovich
photo Sklar Alexander Feliksovich
Alexander Sklar was born March 6, 1958. His father - Felix Sidorovich - actual physicist, is still working, despite the fact that he has a very advanced age, he has more than 71 пЁпЎпЄп°. Mama Alexander Sklyar, - Irina, his life was a journalist, and the last 20 years, - the deputy chief editor of 'worker'.

. My father really wanted to bring up a little Sasha decent, courageous and honest man, but the methods by which he did, at times were quite hard
. For example, he taught Alexander Sklyar fly - throw it in the river deep enough so that the boy swam 5-10 meters, while he did not pick up the. Although Alexander Sklar then learned to swim superbly and, most importantly, very fond of this case, however, since childhood and never had been a fear of water.

. September 1, . As expected in the Soviet times, . little Sasha went to school, . but what school? In the famous school? 45, . headed by the famous Leonid Isidorovich Milgram! The first teacher was Alexander Sklyar EM Borton, . it were in love polklassa, . including Alexander,

And they had an incredible teacher of literature: "Felix A. Raskolnikov. Hello, . Yes! Felix Raskolnikov! I - Alexander Yusupov, . and he - Felix Alexandrovich! His favorite author is Dostoevsky and surname Raskolnikov! This man, . madly in love with literature, . Specialist absolutely no school-level, . He was to teach at the University,
. By the way, he, being sufficiently free-thinking and free-thinking man, he had to leave school and emigrate to America. There he had to start from scratch. He honestly and courageously went through all the difficulties. I came to that position which was initially occupy. Felix A. teaches Russian literature and culture at a university in the USA ', - says Alexander Sklar.

Yes, known to fans of Alexander Sklyar love for Nikolai Stepanovich Gumilev which actor has throughout his life, whose poems he knew by heart and reads during his solo concerts, was born by Raskolnikov. Teachers, who in many of his students had a strong influence. Perhaps, eventually, and creative man, Alexander Sklar was not without the participation of its first teacher of literature.


It is easy and carefree Alexander Sklar entered MGIMO - Institute, dreaming about has many thousands of students. Maybe this is why, as he carelessly there and learned - no, not to depart from MGIMO and that tails were not - at this power shortage, but here for more ... And Alexander Sklar received a scholarship for these 5 years, only one or two times.

And can it not that all that he got too easy, the fact is that the institute Alexander Sklar continued injury to engage in rock-music. By the way, he learned the English language because of the fact that he was interested in him as the language of rock culture. 'English language and philosophy were interesting. And all other things - no, and most importantly, it's not useful! Well, I accounting, this handy? Or there is some kind of statistics? And for the language I am thankful to the institute to. This is perhaps the most valuable thing that was there ', - says Alexander Sklar

. However, after 5 years, Alexander Sklar graduated from the Faculty of International Economic Relations MGIMO and was distributed in:

. North Korea

. Yes, the young diplomat Alexander Sklyar immediately after the Institute distributed in North Korea
. In protest, he was shaved bald, but still had to go. There, in the diplomatic business cards were written by Alexander the post and initials: Alexander F. Skluar. A song recorded in a notebook for future groups 'Va-Bank', but more on that later, but at the time: Alexander Sklar worked several years in the diplomatic corps and worked all small and boring for the creative work of man. Perhaps the only books, films, and, of course, the music helped him to survive.

Fortunately, in North Korea was not a ban on what to study at home, but Alexander Sklyar was: guitar, brought them from Moscow and helping him from the beginning. Of course, this is what led Alexander Sklyar to write mass songs. 'Interesting question. So long ago it was that I do not even remember. Song from the album 'Dendidiana', which is called 'songs', so I wrote it there. This I do remember. Maybe something else ... Ah On the album 'Toward the tango' I have the song 'Lady harassed', - says Alexander Sklar.

. All these mental suffering could not boil over and: in the early 80's Alexander Sklar left a career diplomat, to become a professional music


A short time before, as Alexander Sklar began to implement their own creative ambitions, he has worked with the groups' Citadel ',' center ', a group of Basil Shumova '777'. But all the time musician was crowded there, and in 1986 he created the group:

. Va-Bank

. The first was the drummer Alexander Malikov, who once studied in the already familiar legendary school? 45, and graduated a few years later than Alexander Sklar
. An indelible impression on the young immature thin-skinned soul pioneer Malikova made a statement of the school group '777 'created by Alexander Sklyar and Vasily Shumilov and fulfilled the standards for English. Also in the group came to the familiar Alexander Malikov Yegor Nikonov guitarist and bassist Alexey Nikitin.

. For a short time had rehearsed the first live program, and already the summer of 1986 'Va-Bank' consistently and steadily expanding the geography of their travel and hence the harvest of new fans and admirers
. The main motto of Alexander Sklar then declared: 'Rock' n 'roll to surf! ". A main goal put at least 10 years of joint creative work and not less than 1000 to play a concert. Only after overcoming these boundaries may be considered as a group held, said Alexander Sklar.

And rock 'n' roll began to travel: In April 1988, the group conducts a tour of Finland (10 concerts in 10 cities), but at the same time in the studio 'Polarvoks' recorded the album in English called 'Va-Bank'. In July, 'Va-Bank' is playing in Norway at the festival 'Midnight Sun', and then fall in Dubna participates in the festival in favor of the memorial to the victims of Stalinism. In 1989 the group on tour in Germany, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, France, Germany, playing at the festival 'Hungaria carotene' in Hungary, was devoted to the newspaper L'Humanite 'in France.

. During its existence the group has experimented in various styles of music
. 'Early' 'Va-Bank' distinguished aggressive, heavy, sometimes with elements of punk, though imbued with unbridled joy valiant and daring style. The classical works of this phase had such hits as 'sour wine', 'In the country', 'Life on Wheels', 'Curly', 'Girl'. From the album 'The kitchen', and continuing on the 'Live, live!', 'Va-Bank' turned to the acoustic sound. Songs of this period has been very original, melodic and extremely beautiful, made in a spirit of Moscow urban folklore. It is to this period include such creations as 'El Dorado', 'Drunken Song', 'Kitchen', 'black flag', 'Leisure-boogie'.

. Since 1997 the album 'Home! " 'Va-Bank', headed by Alexander Sklyar entered into a fundamentally new stage for himself
. First, the changed composition of the group, which left the distinguished veterans Alexei Nikitin and Alexander Malikov, and their places were taken by Alex Ismagilov and Andrew Belize. Secondly, the group tested for a fundamentally new scheme of songwriting. Previously, each of the musicians brought some blanks, which are then fine-tuned together, the album 'Home! " composing all together in a specially rented for these purposes a country house, completely detached from civilization.

The result is a product of that with rightly be called the fruit of a truly collective creativity, the product of joint creative experiences of all groups of musicians. Album turned out very mature and adult, it feels gained over eleven years of musical and life experience community members. It combines many styles, . which 'Va-Bank' experimented earlier (here are tough and 'electric' stuff, . and soft 'acoustic', . and 'semi-acoustic' thing), . but the symbiosis has turned out so organically, . the album at one go, . Hard things go smoothly and naturally in soft and vice versa.,

. Solo career

. In parallel, in the mid-nineties, Alexander Sklar is engaged in solo projects implementing them in another, distinct from the Wa-Bank side of his creativity
. Alexander Sklar writes and publishes some very interesting solo albums.

. In his track record - albums 'Gypsy Rock' n 'Roll' (1997, together with the ensemble of 'The Brothers Pearl'), 'Toward Tango' (1998), 'The Witch and the Bitch' (2002) and 'Dendidiana' (2004 )

Learn to swim

For years, Alexander Sklar headed the movement of 'Learn to Swim'. For achievements in the development of the movement against drug abuse, . social conformity, . for a healthy lifestyle and active life position, . the same name that includes the radio program, . Festival of extreme music and much more, . Alexander Sklar was named the magazine 'Om' in the top fifty people, . influenced the popular culture 90 (among these people also - Gorbachev, . Konchalovsky, . Kurehin, . Mamonov, . Mikhalkov).,

. Now, unfortunately, this movement does not exist
. Yes - the program on the radio 'Arsenal', called 'Magellan non-stop', which logically continues the idea of the program 'Learn to Swim'

. Writer

. Alexander Sklar successfully dabbled in literature: in 1991 in collaboration with Roman Kanushkinym he released a children's book 'in the Petrovich and Patapum Magic Labyrinth'.

. Movies

. Few people know, but Alexander Sklar left his mark in cinema: in 2000, screens the film came out with the participation of musicians 'Hypnosis'.

. More than 5 years on the shelf and lay another picture with the participation of Alexander Sklyar 'Highway Enthusiasts', presented at 'B-2' in the late nineties
. Starring musicians group 'Va-Bank': Alexander Sklar and Egor Nikonov, and the movie was directed Normund Latsis, who shot for 'Va-Bank' Clips 'Curly' and 'I live in Moscow'. The musicians performed the role of hired murderers, who for all time the film is not fired a single shot.

Currently, Alexander Sklar is removed in a leading role in the film Alexander Slavin's "Fine". The film also removed Svetlana Khodchenkova, Kirill Grebenshchikov, Nicholas Chindyaikin, Yuri Nazarov, Alexei Grishin, and others.

. Life

. About the personal life of Alexander Sklyar information is very meager 'information is not, because I do not need
. Must remain in the life of your island, which does not go public. This - the sacred place of dwelling '- says musician. We only know that the son of Alexander Sklyar finished the first course of Moscow State University specializing 'international journalism'.

2000 Hypnosis
2003 Highway Enthusiasts
2007 captains
2007 Fine

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Sklar Alexander Feliksovich, photo, biography
Sklar Alexander Feliksovich, photo, biography Sklar Alexander Feliksovich  Musician, actor, photo, biography
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