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Manuchar Vyacheslav Rafaelevich

( Actor)

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Biography Manuchar Vyacheslav Rafaelevich
photo Manuchar Vyacheslav Rafaelevich
Vyacheslav Manucharov was born Oct. 6, 1981 in Moscow. His father at that time was director of the first fur factory city of Moscow, and my mother was director of the highly fashionable in Moscow hairdressing salon 'Enchantress'. In kindergarten Glory did not go, his upbringing was engaged grandmother. Because she is the wife of the general, that summer Vyacheslav ever spent on the general's (government), country houses: in Peredelkino, in TSKHALTUBO (Georgia), in Saukrastah (Baltic).

Vyacheslav went to school with a focus on chemistry at himfake MSU. And I must say, he studied it does not matter. He admits: 'I could not get themselves to try this model: 30 persons and one teacher. And I need all of this as a 'link'. <:> I want to emphasize, if not the director or head teacher the school, and my mother, I would be out of this school is not something that drove like I was kicked out of it 3 times, I would be just on the threshold of any school are not allowed : I would not graduated from high school, it is a fact '.

. Debut screen

. Along with the usual school Vyacheslav Manucharov learned the basics and the other schools - acting
. As a schoolboy, he began acting in 'Simple Truths' - the first Russian Youth series. Vyacheslav got into the project when filming for the second block, and the series has been very popular among visitors. It happened that the young actors just could not get out of school, in which the shooting took place: adolescents with flowers and cameras were picketing all the approaches. From seeking an autograph was not lights out.

In the project were occupied only debutants, and early popularity could easily turn a head of. Fortunately, Vyacheslav 'star fever' has passed. But professionally involved in the series has many novice actor:

Shchukin Theater School

Logical continuation of life's journey Vyacheslav Manucharova began studies at the Theater School. Shchukin. Vyacheslav got to the course the artistic director Rodion Yurevich Ovchinnikova. Along with him learned: Anastasia Begunova, Olga Lomonosova, Gregory Antipenko, Marina Aleksandrova, Pyotr Fyodorov, Yan Sokolovskaya, Alexander Ustyugov:

In the walls 'pike' opened another gift Vyacheslav - Talent reader. It all started in the second year, when the teacher Mary P. Ossowski, acting dean of the faculty, invited him to work on artistic expression in poetry Sasha Cherny. Thanks to Maria Petrovna Vyacheslav discovered this most interesting poet. On examination his statement said Vasily S. Lanovoy, after which it was decided to send a young actor on the international competition of reciters Smolensky. There Vyacheslav won first place.


In 2003 Vyacheslav Manucharov graduated in Theater School. Shchukin, and was adopted by Russia Academic Youth Theater. After working as a young actor felt that it is not enough material that offer. Because, as you know, when the artist starts a lot of rest, he was 'rusty'. It was then that Slava and 'thought' about Sasha Black. He invited the director Alexei Borodin idea monoproekta. He asked: - 'How do you feel about the fact that we will rebuild this wonderful genre as an artistic family reading night? ". Alexei Borodin responded, supported. Thus was the project - a musical and poetic solo performance 'on the sly' to poetry by Sasha Cherny.

Onstage Ramtha Vyacheslav Manucharov played a lot more interesting roles. Among them: Akhtyrtsev in 'Erast Fandorin', Duke of Cheshire in 'Midsomer Murders', Yegorushka in' suicide ', Simon in "Lord of the Flies' and other. Emphasizes Vyacheslav and 'The Cherry Orchard' - there he got a very small guest role on the ball, which reads poetry. In dramatic terms, perhaps, this role gives little Manucharova, but it is in this performance he was to go on stage with Ramtha Margarita Grigorievna Kupriyanov, who played the role of Charlotte. This 'actress-legend', which once rehearsed and worked with the very Ephraim, Efros, Tovstonogov:

. 'Trapeze'

. One of the first really big, important work on the movie screen for Vyacheslva Manucharova became part of a joint Italo-Russia's historical tape producer Anna Pyatsoli 'Trapeze'
. Anna Pyatsoli known to European audiences as one of the most avant-garde filmmakers, some sort Kira Muratova 'Italian'. That's the picture of 'Trapeze' get in the same style.

Vyacheslav Manucharov says: 'History is very interesting: in a small town in favor Russian circus troupe. It is a family company and it is a boy, Petro, son of circus, who suffers autism. That's it I'm playing. And each time, when parents and sisters Petro appear on the arena, he sits near the circus and feed the pigeons. Once this company comes into a provincial town. And at a time when the whole city in the circus, only one boy is, as always, about the circus and feed the pigeons. And it is this evening in the city is killed: in front of the circus kill the mayor's daughter, who is late to submit. The only witness to the crime - a sick boy. When the police realize that a hopeless task, because a boy - a madman and, in fact, a silent witness, the case is referred oldest investigator, who had to retire. And this cures the investigator and the boy opens it. Such a dual story: the case solved, found the killer and the boy cured: '

The film was nominated for the festival in Cannes, and earned high ratings specialists. However, Russia's audience, unfortunately, the picture remains unknown.

Movies. Work on the popular

Vyacheslav can organically combine work in theater and cinema. Great success for the novice actor was the approval of his role in the picture of Nicholas Shcherbatsky Sergei Solovyov 'Love and Death of Anna Karenina'. It happened, as often happens with young actors, accidentally. He recalls: 'After graduation, I realized that must have somehow' removed 'and we with my classmate Nastya Begunova went to Mosfilm' scatter photos'. There is such a term in the actor's craft - "spread out the photos on Mosfilm '. I think it's all been through it, and nothing humiliating in that there. And is very simple: knocking in a room and say: 'Good afternoon, sorry, you do not have a casting goes, you do not need talented, young, beautiful actors? ". As a rule, they say 'No', but sometimes they ask to leave your picture. And in particular, after a scratch on Mosfilm, with virtually all of the photos were handed out, and we were about to leave, I walked along the corridor Mosfilm, somehow accidentally brushed shoulders of one man. And this man of medium height, gray-haired man with a beard, a black linen suit, was Sergei Alexandrovich Solovyov: '

This meeting proved fateful. Director drew attention to the young actor and asked him to fotoproby. The same day, was approved by Slava Manucharov. In recognition of Vyacheslav, shooting in this film gave him a lot. First of all, this circle of friends, a circle of acquaintances, work on one platform with such masters as Ludmila Saveliev, Edward Martsevich, Oleg Jankowski, Alexander Abdulov, Sergei Garmash, Maria Anikanova, Yekaterina Vasilyeva, Tatyana Drubich. Members simply mad! Besides shooting took place in unique locations: Hermitage Museum, Tsarskoe Selo, Arkhangelsk. Historic sites, the most pristine places in Moscow and St. Petersburg, Venice and Smolensk, Kiev. The monasteries, museums, houses, farms, horses, costumes:

Shooting of 'Anna Karenina' was delayed for several years, and the picture on the screens out only in 2009. During this time, Vyacheslav Manucharov managed to withdraw more in tselov number of films and serials. Among them, bands such as: 'Honeymoon' (Kolka), 'Adjutants of Love' (Eugц¬ne de Beauharnais), 'paparazzi' (Anton), 'Tuxedo in Ryazan' (Simon Ratko, companion Pakhmutova) and other.

Actors are often asked what is more important, the theater or cinema. At this traditional question Vyacheslav Manucharov says: 'This is the same as asking someone you like best: my father or mother. Theater - is a special place in my life, it gives a lot. Movies also gives a lot, but another kind. Cinema - is, above all, work on the images of popular, of course, work on the skill. Theater - a house. No matter where I play one role, two, extras are not extras. First of all, it's the atmosphere, the exchange energies. Theater, of course, gives you much more, but another level. Film: No, unfortunately not in my life such a project, which would replace my theater, if a situation of choice '.

. Filmography:

. 1999 Simple Truth - Series
. My 2002 frontier
. 2003 Trapeze (Italy)
. 2003 Wonder Park - Short
. 2003 Russian Ark
. 2003 Honeymoon
. 2004 kidnappers books
. Adjutants of Love 2005 - TV series
. 2006 Paparats
. 2007 Tuxedo in Ryazan
. 2008 Dangerous Liaisons
. 2009 Last train
. 2009 Love and Death of Anna Karenina
. Tender May 2009

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  • The film "Tender May" SUPER! And the role is also very excellent and expressive play! No words alone emotions!
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    Manuchar Vyacheslav Rafaelevich, photo, biography
    Manuchar Vyacheslav Rafaelevich, photo, biography Manuchar Vyacheslav Rafaelevich  Actor, photo, biography
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