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Biography DEREVJANKO Pavel
Born 02.07.1976, Taganrog
Paul Derevianko was born in Taganrog, he studied in Kiev and then went to Moscow and entered into VGIK on the course and. Heifetz. In the second year, when Paul with other students was staged "bochkotara oversupplied," he said director Alexander Kott. The director liked the talented young man, and three years later, when Cott began shooting his film "We drove two drivers, he sought out Paul.

At that time, Paul was rehearsing in the project of Oleg Menshikov, "Kitchen", but the suggestion of Alexander Kott, he could not refuse. U Menshikov was theater project, I had a small role, - says Paul. - And here the proposal to play in a movie, but in the main role. Compare this with the movie, with an expedition to the taiga - not even close standing. You should always make decisions, even if that someone is not nice. I made my choice "

. In the painting "We drove two drivers, he was offered the main role of the legendary driver Kolka Snegiryov of the song" Chu path "- charming, sprightly boy, fell in love with a girl-driver Paradise (Irina Rakhmanova).

. The actor himself had to drive an old AMC 42 year of release
. As acknowledged by the actor himself, the shooting he did not just hit - a plane on the court, in a column: A once and did not run over a little girl: "When filming a scene at a party, I had to pass through the crowd. We shot several takes of. Everyone shouted that the cost to the machine. At one point some girl had no time to depart. I caught her wing, she fell, and I rode her legs. Old grandmother screamed: "They killed him!". I thought that posedeyu. Director yells "Stop!". All the yelling! The road was strewn with sand, because it did not hurt, so, a couple of scratches, bruises,.

According to the scenario, the main character was supposed to die - along with the car falling into the abyss. But then the ending has been altered, and received, according to the actor, "so tearful". Yet on film by Paul were very good impression: "It was the best pastime for many, many years. It was cold, but terribly pleasant. "

New works

The film "We drove two drivers" was warmly received by audiences and the role of Kolka Snegiryov brought a background in acting first popularity. There were offers from other directors. Especially a lot of proposals has come to play in a serials. And although, as the actor himself admitted, serial no glory for him, next year he starred in the "plot". And how could refuse the opportunity to work on a film set with such recognized masters as Valery Zolotukhin, Vladimir Menchov, Andrei Krasko, Alexei Buldakov, Sergei Bezrukov, Vladislav Galkin, Alexei Guskov. And although the role in Paul Derevianko was quite small, in this stellar ensemble he lost.

. No less successful were the following works, and the young actor - the role of policeman, suiting a drunken row in a train, in the action movie "Antikiller-2" and the role of penalty box Tsypy in a wonderful military drama "Shtrafbat"
. It is safe to say - over the years we have witnessed the birth really isteresnogo, a talented actor.

. Filmography:

. 2002 drove two drivers

. 2003 Antikiller
. 2004 Shtrafbat
. 2007 Cook
. 2007 Nine Lives of Nestor Makhno
. 2007 п?п?п?п°п?я?я?п?п°
. 2008 Hitler Kaput!

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DEREVJANKO Pavel, photo, biography
DEREVJANKO Pavel, photo, biography DEREVJANKO Pavel  Actor, photo, biography
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