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G. Jurgens Darya

( Actress)

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Biography G. Jurgens Darya
photo G. Jurgens Darya
Daria Jurgens (Lesnikova) was born January 20, 1968 in Tomsk. Born in Siberia, childhood is spent in the beautiful Ukrainian city of Mariupol on the Azov Sea, which is very fond of.

At school, Daria studied well, very busy with sports: in 14 years, nearly became a candidate for master of sports of fencing, but once you hit an opponent in competition for the hand chopping motion rapier and was disqualified. For a rough conducting combat it was removed from the competition and after this incident with fencing girl parted ...

. Parents Darya Jurgens - artists Drama Theater, . she - the daughter of folk artist of Ukraine Jurgens, . grew backstage, . participated in theatrical productions from the cradle, . and in the literal sense - the first exit, . precise removal of the scene of a little girl held in inconscient age: it, . wrapped in some rags, . Nurses on the hands in the play "Virgin Soil Upturned",
. And in 10 years, she has played a big, serious role - Annie in the play "The Power of Darkness" by Tolstoy.

Born into a theatrical family, most likely, want to be anyone, not just an actor. That's Daria Jurgens childhood dreams of working veterinarian, . but, . Toli genes played a role, . Toli scene did not want to let go, . but anyway, . received Certificate of Secondary Education, . she continued the family dynasty and chose the acting profession.,

. Of all the theatrical universities Leningrad LGITMiK im.N.K.Cherkasova Daria Jurgens has chosen not by chance, . went to the city on the Neva, . It was here was all its roots: from the siege of Leningrad had left her mother and grandmother, . in the Theater Institute in Moss attended her father, . here worked and taught and her great-grandfather, . famous scientist Dmitry Chernov,


After graduating in 1990 LGITMiK course the legendary Kunitsina Daria Jurgens admitted to the Youth Theater on the Fontanka Semyon Spivak - the director who is capable of seeing the talent that should and can serve as the audience. Semen Yakovlevich once uttered: "All good theatrical Moscow, but there are no actresses who appear on the stage of the" Youth ". And as they do in the "Marquis"?

"The famous" passage of six "is perceived as a plastic character of this theater, as the promise of happy hours and enthusiastic recognition". And at the heart of the charming actress is incomparable actress 'radiant' theater Daria Jurgens - touching Marusechka in the play "Cries from Odessa and charming Masha in The Death of Van Halen's" Rat Katia entangled in a production of "Street. Yard. Vaska, strong-willed grandmother in "Lunar wolves," Distinguishing Constance in "Night of Errors" and the unfortunate Desdemona in the immortal play "Othello".

. As for work in other theaters, the actress was trying not to change the Youth and all other proposals refused
. But the temptation to play the beautiful Olivia in the BDT Grigory Dityatkovsky in 'Twelfth Night' still could not resist.


Fortuna Daria Jurgens smiled and early film career. Attention to the work of the actress was riveted from the first of its role in Alexei Balabanov: first the grim Grunia, . image, . threw thick strokes producer, . from which "the veins were filled with acid", . in the stylized drama of criminal, . in the history of deep and vile passions of the underground business owner photostudio Johann in film "Freaks and Men",
. And then surprised everyone by way of a roadside skinhead girl Darya - Merelim a mixed genre of action movie, adventure movie, and parodies in the blockbuster "Brat-2" by Sergei Bodrov.

. Auditioned for the painting "Of Freaks and Men" actress behaved quite independently, . even impudent, . that attracted the attention of producer to her person, . he even liked it, . and finally the role of a prostitute Merelim in "Brother - 2" was written specifically for Jurgens,
. However, with a small condition - had to be shaved bald, but she was ready for such sacrifices, for it does not become a problem.

. After the release of this film to Darya Jurgens come true fame, directors literally showered her with offers to play the ladies of easy virtue
. Samu actress is more attracted to the classic genre of the old Soviet movies, but the "new Russian film" it is not very bestowed. It's no secret that participation in soap operas - it's a good perk for many artists and Daria Jurgens is no exception. She has participated in numerous episodes of the series of police detective on the novel by Andrew Kivinova "Streets of broken lamps", . domestic serials fans can enjoy her brilliant play in the "Agency NLS" and "House of Hope", . successful actress played aesthetic Ninka in "Landscape with the murder" and a spectacular Nadia in "Women's novel",

. Alexei Prazdnikova the actress had the opportunity to embody on the screen long his dream - the image of a strong woman-sniper, . Special Forces soldier in the heroic saga of the Russian elite units swimmer, . "Knights of the three elements" in the TV series "Sea Devils".,

. Beauty Bagheera, . heroine Jurgens, . military green trousers, . black T-shirt, . heavy boots, . the mandatory headscarf-bandana, . with their friends - colleagues - Batey, . He is charming Oleg Chernov, . Buffalo, . brilliantly performed role of Ivan Parshina, . the leopard, . eminent actor Michael Korpenko, . tried all the tricks in the series to perform their own: an excellent knowledge of knives, . clearly manifested themselves in a fight with the bandits.,

. At the same time shooting in the "Sea Devils" actress managed to light up in the film "The Italian", took off in the role of Hop in several series of "Mentovskie Wars
. And then again the role of volitional Bagira in the Sea Devils-2 and 3 "

. Life

. Darya Jurgens two children: a boy Yegor, . which is very keen on football, . is a fan of Zenit, . reads a lot, . loves a good movie, . has recently become more withdrawn and, . Listening to good music and a girl Sasha, . is seriously engaged in figure skating, . swims well, . including under water.,

. In life, the actress uses only the French cosmetics, tries to diversify the menu, though often choose what is not necessary - there's no time
. Vodka does not drink at all: more like a beer or champagne.

In life, all my free time Daria Jurgens tries to children. Last Jurgens - a mother's surname, but before Daria was Lesnikovo, but after her son, Yegor became a professional actor under that name, thus continuing the dynasty, she decided to support her mother and became Jurgens. All that Daria Jurgens does in life, she is doing for their loved ones, so they were happy, and together with them and she is happy.

. Filmography:

. 1998 Of Freaks and Men
. 2000 Brother 2
. 2000 Streets of broken lamps - TV series
. 2001 Detective Agency NLS - series
. 2002 House of Hope - series
. 2002 Landscape with murder - serial
. Women's 2004 novel - serial
. 2005 Sea Devils - series
. 2005 Italian
. 2006 Mentovskie War - Series
. 2007 Sea Devils-2 - serial
. 2009 Sea Devils-3-series

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G. Jurgens Darya, photo, biography
G. Jurgens Darya, photo, biography G. Jurgens Darya  Actress, photo, biography
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