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Biography Serega
photo Serega
Serega - stage name of Sergei Parkhomenko. In his 26 years he had been born in Gomel, . not complete higher education, . survive 5 years in Germany, . and the release plate, . blew up the Ukrainian record market - the number of sales it to date has no equal - and rousing the entire Russian-speaking audiences the world,
. Serega more than 10 years ago began studying music, his latest project is called 'KONTRAdaBANDA', but success came only when the artist decided to be himself. 'Project Sergei was born, as if by magic, - said Sergei.

Where and what took rapper SEREGA - not clear. The artist himself insists that he does not have a producer, and its rapid success in the first place, he owed his 'senior fellow'. Personalities 'senior fellow' Serioga also not installed.

It is known for only one SEREGA - the first artist of the label 'KingRing', a creative form, which aims at the development of hip-hop and R & B in Russia. We also know that SEREGA is the author of music and lyrics of their songs.

Around the birth date of the project 'SEREGA' was the summer of 2002, when it was written in the first issue of the series 'athletic couplets' - 'Zagubili Ljalju'. Already after a few months after the Moscow-based company Monolith released a maxi-single entitled 'Zagubili Ljalju' (2003). The disc contains five tracks, is published in Russia and Belarus, but the public is more than a modest response.

Almost simultaneously with this event Ming director Sergei Talibov shoots video for 'Doll'. It will take more than a year before the clip will rotate in the air MTV RUSSIA.

Convinced of the mixed reaction of consumers in the 'sport ditties', in autumn 2003 SEREGA finalizing a full-length album 'My yard: weddings & funerals'.

Having chosen to start the Ukraine, earrings cracks format Ukrainian TV. First hit the air the popular M1 in the project 'TV? Th format' in February 2004, he gradually won the hearts of all the new fans. This broadcast was a milestone for the project, approving of its leader nicknamed "Slavic Eminem '.

In April of that year, the record company 'MFG / BMG UKRAINE' released in Ukraine LP 'My yard: weddings & funerals'. At the same time, the record company 'GO RECORDS' starts selling self-titled album in Belarus. A few weeks later, the record company 'MEGALINER RECORDS' suits and in Russia's twin-disc release of 'My yard. Sports ditties'.

Circulation debut album SEREGA in all three territories is impressive - only in Ukraine, just four months has sold about 200 000 units.

Upeh not infatuate musicians, the project is not going to rest on their laurels. SEREGA need a new clip. As a director this time appears kievlyanin Vladimir Yakimenko (Pistolet Film). In the summer of 2004 in Kiev are shooting video for the track 'Black boomer'. September 15, 2004 in the Kiev club STORE 205 is a presentation of the clip and reissue the album 'My yard. Weddings & Funeral ', which has become by this time in Ukraine' platinum '
. By this time, becomes aware, . what, . despite, . that since the release of their debut album of the collective in Russia in less than three months, . Project SEREGA nominated for annual award MTV RUSSIA in two categories: 'Best Hip-Hop Project of the Year' and 'the best debut of the year',
. First Russia's MTV awards ceremony takes place in the hall of the Kremlin Palace of Congresses on Oct. 16, 2004. SEREGA nominated, but did not receive awards in any of the stated categories. At the time MTV AWARDS award in Russia sold about 250,000 copies of the official debut album, Sergei, and the video 'Black boomer' - the leader in all four charts MTV RUSSIA: TOP 10, TOP 20, RINGTON-CHART, SMS-CHART.

Late October-November 2004 is saturated esters musical project 'SEREGA' ORT - the central channel RUSSIA. The most unexpected of them took place within the program 'Star Academy 5'. 'SEREGA' appears in the Ostankino studio in full force and perform their parts live.

In late November 2004, Kiev cartoonist Gennady Letunovskiy finalizing animations on the track SEREGA 'Song of slesare sixth level'. The reaction of the music channels on the combat cartoon polar - from a categorical 'no', because of the abundance of battle scenes and, allegedly, 'the inherent composition of the latent appeal to violence', to the partnership 'yes' again on the MTV RUSSIA.

November 21, 2004 SEREGA removed the clip of the TT-34 'boom', thus putting an end to rumors about the mutual hostility Gomel musicians. Cooperative Arrangement 'to the king of sports rhymes' and 'dance-core-of demons' was recorded in 2002 and only three years later was dramatized. The shooting took place in an abandoned nuclear reactor near Minsk.

New Year's Eve broadcast to the masses all 'blue fire' on ORT completes public relations campaign project in 2004.

By January 2005, in an environment of wholesale distributors of audio products proliferate rumors about the allegedly 'extremely high standards for Russia's' selling debut album SEREGA. Official representatives of the project did not give any comments on the six-digit numbers, presented Russia's record number of companies related to the spread of the album 'sports ditties'.

In January 2005, project leader formally declares through his representatives that in its relations with periodicals comes indefinite pause. Thus, any printed information on the project 'SEREGA' should be regarded as having only an informal nature, or falsification. How to be a little later, this unexpected tactical move the actor does not mean liquidation pr-campaign project. In early February 2005 'Sport ditties' very loud win the award in Russia's show business: nine consecutive weeks, the project leader in interactive charts ORT 'Golden Gramophone'. Statue - a symbol of national recognition - will be awarded in December 2005, Serega.

In March 2005, in one of Kyiv kinopavilonov are shooting video for 'King Ring', came into the soundtrack to 'Shadowboxing' A directed. Sidorova (series 'Brigade'). Supervises the shooting process again Vladimir Yakimenko (Pistolet Film). At this time a new clip supports not only MTV, 'unbreakable' shortly before the crown Serega Russian rap, but Muz-TV. Unexpectedly hard to track once the project is in the charts.

In April 2005, the general public learns about the new official release of the project - the album of remixes of songs SEREGA 'And on the dance floor no seats available', has declared the unexpectedly high for such a publication sales figures. Purpose SEREGA while once again demonstrate the potential of the skeptics of the project: see, I demand even in the remix.

Around the same time at home artist press launched a powerful campaign of black PR, which aims to discredit the direct project. Among the main causes of resentment 'yellow' named: principled reticence and permanent unpredictability SEREGA. Ironically, while these events the Belarusian branch of the international organization 'Choice of the year' SEREGA declared man of the year in the category 'Best Artist'. Many Belarusian newspapers decide in the like can not say a word about this fact of national recognition.

The project deliberately ignores attacks of publications and continues an active concert schedule, successfully touring Sonderkommando composition of 13. In spring 2005, earrings and 'a group of friends' to see the concert stages of different caliber in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Germany and Turkey
. The apogee of demand for the show SEREGA, . Moscow has called the press after the concert in Luzhniki 'best concert of the Russian-speaking actor in recent years', . becomes an invitation to speak at the annual festival 'From Russia with Love', . passing on the tradition in Tel Aviv when a large crowd of people,
. May 19, 2005 statement 'to the king of sports rhymes' welcome at least 250,000 people gathered at the world famous Park Hayarkon.

By this time, becomes aware that an actor is nominated for annual award Muz-TV RUSSIA in two categories: 'best ringtone' and 'breakthrough year'. The awards ceremony will be held June 3, 2005. SEREGA receives award Muz-TV in the category 'Best ringtone'.

Almost immediately after this event SEREGA announced through its representatives on the termination of the concert activities of the project in the old part of. All three ex-backing singer Serega - Max Lawrence, Bianca and Satsura - go to the studio to record his solo album.

The appearance of the project on air ORT during the festival '5 stars' in the middle of July 2005 - with the words of the Seryoga - 'must be completed smoothly amusing volume sports ditties'. SEREGA sets to work on a new album.

September marked a new victory of earrings, this time at the music awards ceremony, MTV Russia Music Awards 2005. SEREGA wins in two nominations from the existing twelve - 'Best Rap Project 2005' and 'Best ringtone 2005'. This time, he surprised the audience not only the number of awards, but also of unprecedented performance, which was unofficially recognized as the best. The paradox is that while one of the most respected rap portals announces Serega most hated rapper country.

Literally SEREGA immediately sets to work on a new video clip for the song 'Diskomaljarija'. Traditionally, the video directs Vladimir Yakimenko (Pistolet Film). In the center of the plot money, half-naked girls and expensive car. Track suit and sneakers SEREGA changes to the classic suit and gold cuff. 'I'm tired of singing about what I no longer feel. The new album - is a happy song of a successful person and I will prove that they too may be in demand ', - commented SEREGA sharp change of image.

Despite the fact that by the end of the summer the new album is ready, earrings are not rushing to release. Instead, he created a new precedent in the history of domestic show business, released the single on vinyl! Thus, specifically for DJ-s (which the plate is free of charge) SEREGA presents three songs from the new album.

After some time, release becomes available and a wider audience. In November SEREGA produces a maxi-single 'BBQ'. And again hears 'unformat' from the editors of the leading music radio. Their words music in the style of R `n` B still unclear domestic listener. Having the experience of breaking both formats, and public opinion, earrings presents several radio stations on the air lighter and understandable to the listener 'near your house'. Video was released in late autumn.

Exit album 'Diskomaljarija' SEREGA commented as follows: 'I am now interested glamorous hip-hop and I'm going to play it'. New full-length album called 'Diskomaljarija'.

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Serega, photo, biography
Serega, photo, biography Serega  Musician, photo, biography
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