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Veselkin Alexei

( Honored Artist of Russia)

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Biography Veselkin Alexei
photo Veselkin Alexei
Alex Veselkin - Hereditary artist. His parents were variety show dancers, artists 'Mosconcert'. Often at their performances, they took and Alexei.

In ninth grade, Alex played his first role in film. It happened like this. Once in school representatives came to the crew of the future movie Yuri Grigoryev 'Field Skip' studio with Gorky. Alex suddenly all proposed: 'Take me'. He replied: 'Come'.

Along with him were shot guys from the famous Moscow school 232 with a theatrical bent, where teachers teach drama schools. Grade 10 Alex finished already there.

Film and theater

In 1983, Alex graduated Veselkin behalf of the Shchukin Theater School (Course Yu. Katina-Yartseva) and has asked the Central Children's Theater (now Russia Academic Youth Theater). Soon he was playing almost all performances. In 1987, Alex became the winner of the show 'Theatrical Spring' for his role in the play Ledika 'noughts and crosses'.

Simultaneously Veselkin continued to act in films. He played a role: in the adventure film Vladimir Grammatikov 'Faith. Hope. Love ', a school picture of Yaroslav Lanchaka' Everything begins with love ', a drama Vyacheslav Krishtofovich' Two Hussars', melodrama Alexander Yanovsky 'Yegor'. A glorified actor musical picture of Vladimir Alenikova 'right people', where Veselkin went to the main role of the young builder Alyosha, fell in love with swimming coach Olya (Tamara Akulova).

. However, since the late 80-ies Alex Veselkin appeared in films less and less
. First, he was very busy working in the theater (and it did not upset him, since he considered himself an actor first and foremost theatrical). Second, Alexei plunged into work on TV.


On TV Alexei Veselkin first hit while still a student at the Shchukin School. Initially, he led children's programs 'alarm', 'Children's Hour' and 'Under 16 and over'. Then Alexei was invited to a musical program '50h50 '. There, he worked for about ten years. This program has made it extremely popular.

Interestingly, many thought the name of Alexei pseudonym. Often, producers, inviting him to the next TV project, said: 'Alias leave the same, because it is well thought out'. Had to explain that the name of his most that neither is on this.

Alex Veselkin became one of the first major program 'Shop on the sofa'. He recalls: 'I will say at once: no foreign analogues that I was not looking. The task was 'to push' audience. Most Lomov product I had dishes, tableware consisted of 28 pots and pans. And a dozen more - as a gift. Calls were infinitely many, but half of them were from the series' Remove the animal from the screen! ". At first I did not even realize what an animal in the frame only myself and pans. No dogs and even flies. Then came - the same about me! Because I jumped on the table, beat in the pans, yelling as the delivery. <:> Soon got used to me, bought up all the pots, and when I disappeared from the screen for some time, went on vacation, people phoned: 'Where are this cool guy? "

. Today

. Currently Alex Veselkin continues to work in the theater
. He is involved in the productions: 'Lorenzaccio' (Cardinal Cibo), 'Shadow' (Doctor), 'Little Lord Fauntleroy' (Ben), 'The Wizard of Oz' (Iron Lumberjack), 'Forever' (Gulmundur) 'Yin and Yang. White version '(Erast Fandorin),' Yin and Yang. Black version '(Erast Fandorin),' Lord of the Flies' (Officer).

Alex continues to work on television. After working for a leading children's TV show 'King of the Hill', he started the revival of children's show, "The Call of the Wild '.

Periodically, Alex appeared in films. In 2002 he played the role of Yuri Krupinina in the series 'Facing Down'.

Alex married. His wife - Tatiana Veselkin works in the same theater - Ramtha. Son Veselkin - Alex Veselkin Jr. - continued acting dynasty. Despite his young years he had managed to play in a few films.
Born 21/11/1961


1976 Golf go
1983 Romeo and Juliet
1984 Faith. Hope. Love
. 1984 It all starts with love
. 1984 Two Hussars
. 1984 Egorka
. 1985 Road to the sea
. 1986 The right people
. 1987 Riders
. 1988 Stage of Gribov
. 1988 Diskzhokey
. 1988 Black Corridor
. 1991 Armavir
. 1991 women for all
. 2002 Joy and sorrow a little Lord
. 2002 Facing down

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Veselkin Alexei, photo, biography
Veselkin Alexei, photo, biography Veselkin Alexei  Honored Artist of Russia, photo, biography
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