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With ????

( Genre: Rock, Hip-Hop)

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With ???? formed in mid-2004. Then the two musicians involved in the well-known in Ukraine, the group began to make music together. And they did it more for themselves than in the hope it will come out something serious. When the question arose about the involvement of additional tools vocalist and guitarist Andrew Khlyvnyuk Andrew 'Fly' Samoylo not have to collect a large part by offering to experiment with them the DJ, known scratch-master Rollers Matiyuku. Already at the first rehearsal bits and scratches roller become an integral part of melodic and at the same time drayvovoy music ?????. * Group met in Kiev, but its members come from different cities: Andrew Khlyvnyuk (vocals, lyrics) from Cherkassy, Andrew 'Fly' Samoylo (guitar) from Lutsk, Valentine 'roll' Matiyuk (DJ) from Novovolinsk. Material for the first album, the band wrote and recorded fairly quickly, but the managers of the Group in no hurry to release their debut album in the light. Instead, 'Boombox' have decided on an interesting step: they did not keep the unreleased album under lock and key, but instead began to actively distribute 'blanks' with the record of all your friends. As a result, songs even sounded on many regional radio stations, and arriving in a new city for themselves the boys were amazed by the fact that the audience at concerts in Russia. Although, . that all the songs are written in Ukrainian language, . Moscow surprised because a group esti Russian songs! Group 'Boombox': Andrew 'Graphite' Khlyvnyuk, . principal author, . melodist and guitarist Andrew 'Fly' Samoylo and the first scratch-master of Ukraine Valentin 'roll' Matiyuk,
. Their music - a mixture of different musical directions. This is not a pure funk and jazz, no hip-hop and pop music, and rock. This is something else.

Lyrical Perebory acoustic guitar virtuoso DJ-scratching and soulful vocals - these are three simple components of this complex project. Andrew Khlyvnyuk born in 1979 in Cherkassy. He was interested in music since childhood. Joined the music school accordion, vocals seriously engaged. Khlyvnyuk studied at the Humanities University. Bohdan Khmelnytsky and parallel to the playing group 'Mandarin paradise'. In 2001, they won the festival 'Pearls season', and the musicians were determined to conquer Kiev. In the capital, Andrei I became interested in traditional jazz and swing and began to sing jazz with the club composition Acoustic Swing Band. Later, members of three groups - Acoustics Swing Band, Dust Mix and 'Tartak' - was born team 'Graphite', in which the soloist Khlyvnyuk. Roller Matiyuk arrived in the capital from Novovolynsk, Andrei Samoilov - from Lutsk, where in his youth played in the band 'flies in tea'. Hence, by the way, and send him the nickname 'Fly'. Road roller and Andrew crossed in group 'Tartak', in which the guys played more than seven years. Samoilov and Khlyvnyuk met in a rented apartment. 'He lived in one room, I - in the other', - says Samoylo - 'And so we spent a year on music and conversations do not get. And then I bought an acoustic guitar and one evening playing his tune. Andrew came, listened, something sang. We liked. We immediately decided that you need a good DJ, and invited roll '. So a month later appeared a group of 'Boombox'. However, fly and roll seen 'Boombox' as a platform for realizing their own creative ideas, and its core group continued to be 'Tartak'. The group's leader, Alexander Polozhinsky was not amused by the attempts of the kids sit on two chairs. The situation deteriorated so much that in 2004 he expelled two musicians from the team, explaining its decision to 'cross-Corporate Business interests'. We Khlyvnyuk in 'Graff's also not all evolved smoothly - all the parties by mutual agreement decided to temporarily freeze the project. Now that does not interfere with guys seriously took up 'Boombox'. 2005 In April 2005, the first album 'Melomaniya'. The plate is recorded in the studio 'Fuck! SubmarinStudio' (sound producer Oleg Artym) in record time - just 22 hours, or three-shift studio. Of the numerous pieces selected 11 tracks, including re-recorded two songs from the era of 'Graphite' - 'One' and 'Pochuty'. Group traveled all Ukrainian stadiums and area, and a month later came the first time in Moscow, where he noted at one of the metropolitan radio and, judging by the reviews in the forums, made an impression on the Moscow audience. In television creativity 'Boombox' was presented to the two video for the song 'Super-duper' and 'E-mail' (director - Victor Priduvalov). 2006 In June 2006 they released the album 'Boombox', entitled 'Family B? Znes', recorded in the studio Moon Records. According to the vocalist, he has little in common with the debut 'Melomaniey' - 'if only because that first album was more of an improvisation, but now it's more work on the sound of bats over the lyrics'. It includes 11 tracks, two of which - '?????' and 'Hottabych'-in Russian. 'This is a gift to our Russian friends' - explained musicians. In some tracks, new plates are specially invited musicians and sound instruments such as banjo, piano, slide guitar, bass that seamlessly complement the familiar sound of the group. Soon turned out videos for the songs 'Kim buly' and 'Ap? Ty in voloss?' Shot Victor Priduvalov. Clip 'Kim buly' - it is really a story about what they were, the 'banter is over so many things', from which we can understand that' Boombox '- that' such a type that simply kicks from the they do '. Russian film company 'AST' invited musicians to work on the soundtrack for the new film of Peter Tochilina 'Hottabych'. In the picture were made five music fragments of authorship 'Boombox' - four of 'audiophiles' and one 'Family B? Znes'. This is not a song, and instrumental pieces in the new arrangements, in which words are replaced by different sounds. 2007 In summer 2007 track '?????' broke into the largest radio stations Russia. September 19th Moon Records released a mini-album 'Boombox' - 'Trymay'. Arrangement 'Ta4to' got in the rotation of Moscow radio. On this song was shot video clip, directed by Vladimir Yakimenko and Pistolet Films. December 6 group 'Boombox' made in Moscow club 'IKRA'. To date (end 2008) is one of the most are bought from the stores group.

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With ????, photo, biography
With ????, photo, biography With ????  Genre: Rock, Hip-Hop, photo, biography
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