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Khromushin Oleg

( Composer, Honored Artist of Russia)

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Biography Khromushin Oleg
photo Khromushin Oleg
Born in 1927. Salsk in the city of Rostov region. Since September 1944. April 1950 g. served in the Soviet Army, took part in the Great Patriotic War. From April 1950 to June 1954. was arrested after being denounced and sentenced to 10 years. He was released after Stalin with Murty. The only salvation for the survival in the camp for Khromushina was music. After his release he worked in Stavropol in the Volga River (now - Togliatti), January 1956. - In Moscow, organischzatsii "Circus on the stage, where he founded the vocal ensemble instrumentalyny. Later in the period of training in the Music School in Rostov on Don (specialty composition) led the orchestra in the cinema "Rodina". Given the facts of personal biography, higher professional education (ie. enter the Conservatory) Khromushin managed only 32 years; finished - in 1964. composition class of Professor in. N. Salmanov. Name Khromushina was known during his training at the Conservatory, tk. while he was writing music for 2 leading orchestras of the country: Lenradio running a. Vladimirtsov and the USSR Radio and Television (conductor - S. Silantyev). Unusual for academic high school was his thesis: symphonic jazz composition, written just orchestras Lenradio and Broadcaster. (Toccata for accordion and Symphonic Orchestra). After graduating from the conservatory was napravlenv Legkontsert, where (in 1965) was the artistic director of the touring jazz orchestra. Since May 1964. - Member of the Composers' Union of Russia.

The main feature of music Khromushina - contact, sociability, any of his works is addressed to the widest circle of listeners. This applies to works written by all the laws of classical music (Concerto for organ and orchestra), and the works of mass genres (operetta, radiomyuzikl, estardnye miniatures, songs).

. In the work Khromushina jazz and "serious" music are intimately intertwined
. Professional knowledge akademichsekimi genres he skillfully combines with excellent knowledge of jazz and contemporary pop. Because so symptomatic of his works such name as "Dialogues".

. By creating a dialogue between Dixieland and big band, string and jazz bands, beat-group and imfonicheskim orchestra, the composer combines the various styles and genre features
. Thus, it embodies one of the main ideas of his work - dialogue 2-music cultures.

. Paying tribute simfodzhazu, Khromushin considers more promising so-called "third" direction, which was dominated not synthesis, and polyphonic genres, with the particularity of each individual is inviolable
. For example, in egto Piano Concerto jazz and academic music take a much more sophisticated relationship.

. After the birth of his daughter and also thanks largely arisen in the early 1970's a large children's chorus of Radio and Television in the USSR under
. Popova Khromushin turned to the field of music for children. In the performance of this collective music Khromushina rang throughout the Union, in many countries (U.S., Japan, Germany, Bulgaria, etc.). Somewhat later Khromushin began to write music for another well-known children's collective - the chorus Lenradio (conductors - S. Slavnitsky and C. Gribkov). In 1978. For the song "How many of us?" I received a prize at the International Competition "Children's music festival". To this day it is - one of the most beloved children's peesen, it translated into different languages, and so its children from different countries.

. Rhythms and intonations sovrem ennoy estardnoy music fills the composer and traditional forms in the opera "The boy with green fingers" (the tale by Dryuoona M), a mini-opera "Surgery" (on A
. Chekhov). Organic blend of music with the traditions estardnoy pionesrkoy songs in cantatas. It is important that pseni Khromushina calculated on the real possibilities of amateur children's choirs and is very popular among children's choirs. Songs for children Khromushina sound fresh and modern, easy to remember.

. In recent years Khromushin is active in teaching, in particular, to increase the pedagogical repertoire of children's music schools at the expense of classical and modern jazz
. No, probably in Russia or a music school, where B is played his collection "Jazz compositions in the repertoire of music school". Composer was the author of Russia's first "Jazz solvedzhio" and "Textbook of jazz improvisation for music school."

For many years, O. Khromushin is a permanent member of the Commission of the Union of Aesthetic ompozitorov to Russia, his music was heard in the concert programs of the international festival "Music of Russia - the children, carried out annually by the UK Russia in various cities of our country.

. In 2002, Mr.
. widely celebrated in Russia 75-th anniversary of the composer. He had received a number of government telegrams, and 12 April in Moscow at the Chamber Hall of. Tchaikovsky took the composer's concert, in which part princhli Moscow horovey and instrumental ensembles. Composer also gave several interviews on radio and TV.

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Khromushin Oleg, photo, biography
Khromushin Oleg, photo, biography Khromushin Oleg  Composer, Honored Artist of Russia, photo, biography
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