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Bashlachev Alexander (SashBash)

( bard, poet)

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Biography Bashlachev Alexander (SashBash)
photo Bashlachev Alexander (SashBash)
Alexander Bashlachev was born May 27, 1960 in the city of Cherepovets in the family of a metallurgist and a teacher of chemistry. After leaving school in 1977, Alexander began working artist at the Cherepovets Metallurgical Plant, having worked there a year, he went to Sverdlovsk, where comes to the journalism faculty at Ural State University

. After graduating from the University Bashlachev back into the Cherepovets and begins to write articles on musical subjects in the youth newspaper "Communist" and has also worked as an author of texts from Cherepovets team "Rock-September.

. In 1984, Alexander left for the Leningrad rock festival, and there met with Artem Troitsky
. Hearing songs Bashlacheva, he persuades him to move first to Moscow and then in Leningrad. A series of concerts apartment opens Bashlacheva as completely unique, not like anyone, it is a kind of poet and singer

. In March 1985 in Hall Medical College is the first public performance Bashlacheva, . where he, together with Yuri Shevchuk sings several songs in an informal concert, . which in 1995 will be issued by "Manchester Files" at a joint album called "boiler",
. In the same year in Leningrad artist recorded the album "third capital", followed by a period of many speeches, two of which - at the Taganka Theater and the homes of Ageev - were recorded.

In 1886 he moved to Leningrad, where he becomes a local rock club-formed to work in the famous boiler "Kamchatka".

In April 1986 Bashlachev writes on home studio A. Lipnitskaya on Nikolina Hill album "Eternal Post, but in October the same year personally would overwrite the original album. In May of 1986, in Cherepovets written last (surviving) song - "Cherry".

. In 1987 Bashlachev begins to appear in a documentary film by Alexei Uchitel "Rock", but to everyone's surprise in the process of filming abdicating its role and the film cut out all the shots involving Bashlacheva

From 3 to 7 June of that year in St. Petersburg is the fifth rock festival, which participates, and Alexander Bashlachev and where he receives the prize "The Hope". Some shots taken during performances Bashlacheva subsequently into the already-mentioned film "Rock". Then Bashlachev appears at the festival in Chernogolovka, near Moscow, . participates in the work on the film Peter Soldatenkova "Bards courtyard" (or "Bards are leaving the yards', . at the box called "Playing with the unknown"), . but for reasons that are unclear at the last moment again refuses to withdraw,

In August 1987 the first poet wrote his last song, which, unfortunately, not preserved. The attempt at the same time attempt to professionally record Bashlacheva to the plate at the Leningrad branch of 'Tones' and failed.

In the last year of his life he apparently suffered an internal crisis, whose causes were not fully understood. Perhaps it was the inadequacy of perception. He made several suicide attempts (one of them - on the eve of the fifth rock festival).

In early 1988-th in the mood Bashlacheva seemed to come clearance: he gave several concerts in Moscow and planned their new speech. The latest was a concert at the apartment of Marina Timasheff, January 29.

February 17, 1988 committed suicide by jumping from the ninth floor. Clearly, the decision was not taken under the spur of the moment, but was the result of the painful choice.

He was buried at the cemetery by Peter at Kovalevskaya: 3 Quarter, 3 plot. Son Egor Bashlachev was born after the death of Alexander.

For a short period of time Bashlachev created more than sixty songs, belonging to his 'gold reserves'. Although the formation of his style and poetic language, . undoubtedly, . influenced song poetry Vysotsky and Galich, . Song Grebenshchikova and Naumenko, . poetic experiments beginning of the century and the old Russian epic poetry, . Bashlachev created his own artistic world.,

. In 1991 St Petersburg publishing house "New Helicon 'released today is the only collection of songs and poems Bashlacheva' for the road '
. Beginning in 1989 came more than two dozen records, cassettes and compact discs with recordings Bashlacheva.

He became one of the most significant events in the national rock-music. Its multi, . full of unexpected associations, . paradoxical humor and virtuoso playing words, . bold rhymes and complex dimensions of poetry, songs, intricately intertwined archaic and modern, . epic stories and the realities of being a rock, . high tragedy and frank clowning ...,

. Discography

. 1989 - "Time of the bells" (LP) - entry was made in January of 1986 during a one-day session, held at the apartment administrator Moscow rock laboratory Alexander Ageev, Bashlachev sang 24 songs
. Fragment released on vinyl 'melody'.

1990 - "Everything will be fine" (LP) - entry was made in January of 1986 during a one-day session, held at the apartment administrator Moscow rock laboratory Alexander Ageev, Bashlachev sang 24 songs. Fragment released on vinyl Moscow Rock Laboratory and studio "Metadidzhital."

1990 - "third capital" (LP) - entry was made May 30, 1985 in Leningrad in the home studio Alexis Cherry. Sound engineer: Alex Cherry.

. 1992 - "Tagansky Concert" (3LP), (2CD) - entry was made by Andrei Zachesova January 22, 1986 in Taganka.

. 1994 - The Eternal Post - recorded in May 1986 in the studio band 'Sounds of Mu' in the country Lipnitskaya Alexander (Moscow, Nikolina Gora)
. Sound Engineer - Vyacheslav Egorov 'Aquarium'.

. 1994 - "Famously" (2CD) - recorded January 20, 1986 in the home studio of Alexander Ageev (Moscow).

. 1994 - "VII" - recorded on a home Oleg loaf concert Egor Egorov (Moscow) 14 January 1988 and on a home concert Marina Timasheff (Moscow) 29 January 1988
. Entry is also known as 'Last Concert'.

. 1996 - "II" - recorded on a home Oleg loaf concert Marina Terganovoy and Alexander Nesmelova (Moscow) in April 1985.

. 1996 - "IV" - written by Oleg Zamovskim at his home in Vladimir in June 1986, . Tatiana Nilova and Yuri Morozov in the studio of Radio House (Leningrad) for the documentary Peter Soldatenkova 'Bards of leave the yard or game with an unknown' (studio of,
. Dovzhenko, Kiev) in June 1987 and Igor Vasiliev home Alexander Agayev (Moscow) 20 January 1986.

. 1997 - "boiler" (fourth day of the Third Festival) - recorded in March 18, 1985 with Shevchuk.

. 1998 - "The first concert in Moscow" - recorded Artemije Trinity in Moscow October 20, 1984 at the apartment of Sergei Ryzhenko.

. 1998 - "I" - written Alisova Viktor and Igor Vasiliev's home studio in Moscow on 17-19 September 1984, at a home concert at Cherepovets in the summer of 1984 and Sergey Firsov at his home in Leningrad in September 1985.

. 1998 - "III" - recorded on a home Oleg loaf concert Egor Egorov (Moscow) 4 October 1985.

. 1998 - "V" - written by Igor Vasilyev house Alexander Agayev (Moscow) 20 January 1986, Mark Kopelev at a concert in Novosibirsk, 21 December 1985 and summer 1986, presumably in Leningrad.

. 1999 - Chernobyl loners at the edge of the world "- entry was made by Sergei Firsov August 15, 1986 on household equipment
. Guitar, Vocals - Alexander Bashlachev; guitar - Andrew Shatalin; keys - Pavel Kondratenko, bass, percussion - Svyatoslav Zaderei.

2002 - "VI" - 1, 2, 7 - recorded on a home Oleg loaf concert in Moscow in October 1986. 3-6 - written by Boris Pereverzev on a home concert at Trinity Artemia in Moscow on Jan. 15, 1986. 8.11 - recorded on a home Oleg loaf Egor Egorov concert in Moscow on Jan. 14, 1988. 12, 13 - recorded by Kirill Kuvyrdinym at his home in Moscow on July 5, 1987. 14 - recorded at the exhibition Mitkov in Leningrad in July 1987; harmonica - Boris Grebenshchikov. 15-20 - written by Sergei Firsov at his home in Leningrad on Aug. 22, 1986.

A brief discography of all records

1984 September - even in Cherepovets (or summer) (I)
1984, October 15 - Fish Day. Recorded by Victor Alisova (Moscow)
1984, October 17-19 - Recorded in. And Alisova and. Vasiliev (Moscow) (I)
. 1984, October 20 - The first concert in Moscow (Sergei Ryzhenko)
. 1984, November - Songs whisper (I)
. 1984 December - Tolokonnye foreheads (Moscow, at Lipnitskaya)
. 1985 January - The first concert in Leningrad
. 1985, March 18 - SashBash & Shevchuk 'Kochegarka I' (Leningrad)
. 1985, March 18 - SashBash & Shevchuk 'Kochegarka II' (In the city of Pushkin and RnR)
. 1985, April - I Lipnitskaya (Moscow)
. 1985, May 19 - Vladimir Kuznetsov (Moscow)
. 1985, May 30 - the third capital (Leningrad, Alexei Cherry)
. 1985, Dec. 31 - Concert in Novosibirsk
. 1985, December 21 - Concert for the Novosibirsk Association Rockers (V)
. 1986 - Concert Katya (Bashlachev and Olesya Trojan)
. 1986, January 20 - Famously 2CD (Moscow, Studio Alexander Ageev) (IV, V)
. 1986, January 20 - Skladen (record Ageyeva, except the 1 st all Liho) (IV, V)
. 1986 January - Taganskiy Concert 2CD
. 1986 May - Eternal post (Moscow, at the dacha Lipnitskaya).
. 1986, August 15 - SashBash & Alice Chernobyl loners at the edge of the world
. 1986, August 22 - House concert at Firsova (Zaderei and Bashlachev) (VI)
. 1986, December 5 - House concert at Kantemirovskaya
. 1987, May 24 - Concert in DC Illich
. 1987, June 7 - V festival rock club (Leningrad)
. 1987 June - Bards are leaving the yard (for the soundtrack) (Moscow) (IV)
. 1987, July 5 - There Kira - Cyril Kuvyrdina (Moscow) (VI)
. 1987, July 8 - At the opening of the exhibition Mitkov (Leningrad) (VI)
. 1988, January 29 - The last concert in Marina Timasheff (Moscow) (VII)

. Roman numeral in parentheses (I-VII) indicates in which the anthology includes a collection of songs from that album.

. Anthology

. Bashlachev I - Summer 1984 in Cherepovets, and 09.1985 in Leningrad
. Bashlachev II - 04.1985 Moscow Marina Terganovoy and A. Nesmelova +
. Bashlachev III - 04.10.1985 - Egor Egorov in Moscow --
. Bashlachev IV - 06.1986 Vladimir, 06.1987 Leningrad, Moscow 20.01.1986
. Bashlachev V - 21.12.1985 Novosibirsk, 20.01.1986, Moscow, Leningrad, summer 1986
. Bashlachev VI - 1986-1988 Moscow-Leningrad
. Bashlachev VII - 14.01.1988 and 29.01.1988

. Videography

. 2007 Roksi'87 - DVD
. Also there is an incomplete record on VHS-tape (1997) and DVD (2007) titled 'Concert in DC Ilyich' - May 24, 1987 issue of the oral 'Roxy'. Record Igor Leonov and Alexander Startsev.

1988 Concert in DC MEI (Moscow) 09.01.1988. in two versions - short color and black and white full.

1986, Spring House concert in BG - Picture Joanna Stingray.

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  • Bashlachev Alexander (SashBash)
  • Bashlachev Alexander (SashBash)
  • Bashlachev Alexander (SashBash)
  • Bashlachev Alexander (SashBash)
  • Bashlachev Alexander (SashBash)
  • Bashlachev Alexander (SashBash)
  • Bashlachev Alexander (SashBash)
  • Bashlachev Alexander (SashBash)
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  • Bashlachev Alexander (SashBash)
  • Bashlachev Alexander (SashBash)
  • Bashlachev Alexander (SashBash)
  • Bashlachev Alexander (SashBash)
  • Bashlachev Alexander (SashBash)
  • Bashlachev Alexander (SashBash)
  • Bashlachev Alexander (SashBash)
  • Bashlachev Alexander (SashBash)
  • Bashlachev Alexander (SashBash)
  • Bashlachev Alexander (SashBash)
  • Bashlachev Alexander (SashBash)
  • Bashlachev Alexander (SashBash)
  • Bashlachev Alexander (SashBash)
  • Bashlachev Alexander (SashBash)
  • Bashlachev Alexander (SashBash)

Photos of Bashlachev Alexander (SashBash)
Bashlachev Alexander (SashBash)Bashlachev Alexander (SashBash)Bashlachev Alexander (SashBash)Bashlachev Alexander (SashBash)

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Bashlachev Alexander (SashBash), photo, biography
Bashlachev Alexander (SashBash), photo, biography Bashlachev Alexander (SashBash)  bard, poet, photo, biography
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