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Biography Alain BABENKO
photo Alain BABENKO
Alena Babenko (Elena) O. (maiden name - Elena Baranova) was born March 31, 1972 in Kemerovo.Otets education engineer, mother - piano teacher. Naturally, Alena childhood went to music school. In addition, she tried her acting talent wherever possible: in the clubs, studios, worked in a choir, vocal and instrumental ensemble, participated in the festivities, speeches, and was in love with Edith Piaf. And yet, like many children of the seventies, Alan dreamed of becoming a ballerina.

After school, in 1988, Alan entered the Tomsk State University in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Cybernetics. Alena says: 'At first, mathematics seemed to me dry, but at some point, all structure, and I saw her relationship with everything that is happening around. I remember, was so absorbed that walked down the street, looking at birds, and imagined the integral equation and thought: 'All. Arrived. I think I'm going crazy '.

But technical education is not drowned in her desire for Mummery. In the first year she got an ad in the 'Student Theater of Miniatures'. The independent activity is so fascinated by her that everything else is practically no time. Then, after the first course, she tried to enter the Moscow Art Theater School for Oleg Pavlovich Tabakov, where studied Vladimir Mashkov and Yevgeny Mironov, but it failed.

. Having studied up to the fifth year in Tomsk State University, Alan accidentally met with an intelligent Muscovite, well-known television directors Vitaly Babenko
. He opened Alena completely new, extraordinary world. Alena married him, and throwing the Institute, moved in with him to Moscow. And soon came the baby in the family Nikita ...

City chocolates

Alain said that the most important turning point in her life happens by chance. She never sought to Moscow only in order to escape from a small town. 'Moscow I have been associated with Papa and endless trips to bring back a large number of delicious chocolates, . from chocolate, . ending with 'dream' - round shaybochkami in pink bracteoles, . are instantly eaten ', . - Recognized the actress,

Moved to the capital, while Alain was a housewife. Ran the household, has a son, while her husband and family friend of the famous actor Anatoly Romashin not advised her to try to do to VGIK. Examinations starlet passed on the 'excellent' for chance was on the course, which was led all the same Romashin.

VGIK Alena Babenko graduated in 2000 ...

The path to fame

Not having time to finish VGIK, Alena Babenko has already debuted on the screen. In the series 'Kamenskaja' actress starred in several episodes. Then there were small roles in serials 'Mamuka' and 'Island without love' melodrama 'silver wedding' and other films.

Famous actress brought a major role in the film 'The Driver for Vera'. At the shooting she was invited assistant director Chukhrai. Alena came to the samples without makeup. It approved, although said that it looks like a boy, and the image should be amended. She inherited a difficult role: she played humpbacked and lame girl with a complex inner world. Alain nobody did anything taught gait. She observed the people on the street. Shortly before the shooting she saw the girl with the same gait, which was then transferred to the screen. Actress herself acknowledges that her faith in the 'thirty percent'.

At the festival 'Kinotavr' picture 'Driver for Vera' furor. We talked about the new rising star in our cinema. The very same Alena at that time had already starred in another film - in 'Swan paradise' Alexander Mitta, and therefore the wave of enthusiastic press conference last party ...

. Kaleidoscope roles

. Alena without a moment's rest on our laurels, playing a variety of roles: a schoolteacher Gal in 'Swan paradise', the secretary comrade Polykhayev Serna Mikhailovna 'golden calf', the translator Nina in the film 'On the Upper Scissors'
. It was her original work in comedy Faith Watchdog. 'Love me'. Alain played the main female role - some sort bitchiness boss design department on behalf of Cyrus. Actress with warm recollections of the work, noting the concerted and comfortable relationship with the director and with wonderful partners: Paul Derevianko and Michael Ephraim.

. Do not leave the audience indifferent and work Alena Babenko in the film by Dennis Neimand 'Tin' (2006)
. The actress played the role of the correspondent of the yellow press Marina, which hunts for the scandalous facts. But once it becomes the cause of exposing the article to life, and Marina falls into a depression ... For this role, Alena had to perform complex tricks, difficult for the unprepared person: jump into the dirty, political gasoline puddle jumping out of a burning house, run by motorcycle. Many things had to learn on the fly, but Alain coped.

But the film 'Indy' (2006), the mood is quite different from 'tin'. After a chase and shooting happened Alena get used to the image of a passionate loving woman. Her Arina, the wife of a wealthy businessman and the mother of a three-year old son, suddenly finds a new love in the face of a St. Petersburg architect, who, incidentally, also a family. Now at stake is all ...

Alena Babenko had a chance to work, and with the Eldar Ryazanov. Meter national cinema actress confided one of the main female roles in his film 'Andersen. Life without love '. Alena Babenko played the daughter of Admiral Henriette Wulff. It is noteworthy that her heroine was a physical disability - hump. Therefore, after the film actress is often asked why it was such a beautiful, young, often mutilated in the frame. At this Alena says: 'So what! Let mutilate. First, I like to take risks and experiment. And secondly, I select what I'm really interested in, not worrying about how I look at the screen from an aesthetic point of view. After all, these characters are fascinating to play, where you can explore the nature of man.

. In autumn 2008, Alena Babenko took part in the TV project "Ice Age 2" on the First Channel, where she brilliantly demonstrated mastery of figure skating in a pair with Roman Kostomarov.

. In the spring of 2009 participated in the continuation of the TV project "Ice Age: The Meltdown."

. Personal

. With ex-husband, Vitaly Babenko Alain parted
. Today it is in their free time traveling through Europe with her son Nikita. In one of the student performances, he and his mother appeared on the scene, having played in the episode. But the boy is not going to become an actor. Alain does not insist on this. Her work is always time consuming and forces.

Alain does not sit on diets and is not engaged in fitness. She joked: to look good, do not need anything for this not to do. Even Alain does not attend social events. With reporters kept simple and without pathos. Her dream - 'circumnavigate the Earth in a transparent ball, which is operated by the word'.

. Awards

. 2004 Prize winner of the National Academy of Cinematographic Sciences of Russia 'Golden Eagle' in the category 'Best Actress in a movie' for the execution of the role of Vera in the film 'The Driver for Vera "Pavel Chukhrai.

. 2004 prize winner of 'Nick' in the category 'Breakthrough of the Year', the film 'The Driver for Vera. "

. 2004 winner of the prize for Best Actress at the International Film Festival 'Listopad' in Minsk.

. 2007 - Prize in the nomination "For best actress in a movie" at the festival "Constellation" for his role in the feature film "Ferris wheel".

. 2008 - Prize "MTV Russia" in the category 'Best Actress'

. Filmography

. 2000 - Kamenskaja (TV series)
. 2001 - Mamuka (TV series)
. 2001 - Silver Wedding (TV series)
. 2002 - Shifted
. 2002 - Kopek
. 2002 - Seniors and grandsenory
. 2003 - Birdy (short)
. 2003 - Thank you
. 2003 - Give me life (TV series)
. 2004 - A Driver for Vera
. 2005 - Children Vanyuhina
. 2005 - On the Upper Scissors
. 2005 - Love me
. 2005 - Leningradets
. 2005 - Children Vanyuhina (TV series)
. 2005 - The Golden Calf (TV series)
. 2005 - Swan's Paradise (TV series)
. 2006 - Cadets (TV series)
. 2006 - Tin
. 2006 - Andersen
. Life without love
2007 - Carnival Night-2 or Fifty years later
2007 - Indy
2007 - Ferris wheel
2007 - His children
2008 - I think: one, two, three, four, five ...
2008 - Apostle
2008 - Pope Rental
2008 - The illusion of fear
2008 - The Apostle (TV series)
2009 - Katia
2009 - At Sea
2009 - Holidays strict regime

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Alain BABENKO, photo, biography
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