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Belyakovich Sergey

( Actor, Honored Artist of Russia)

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Biography Belyakovich Sergey
Belyakovich Sergei Romanovich was born July 7, 1953. His father was born in Brest region and they, along with his family often went there as a child on vacation. Sergei's Russian mother and father - Byelorussian. When he had to choose which nationality to write in the passport, he has chosen to be Belarusian.

He studied in one class with Viktor Avilova. In 1974, the brother, Valery Romanovich Belyakovich, suggested Sergei and Vite Avilova "doing theater. They thought up to play "Marriage", and traveled to different dormitory, pasted the announcement that that's such a theater is typed. Sergei and his brother being accomplished by a poster - took my mother's old combination and pririsoval Agafya Tikhonovna. The result was a sort of pop art: a combination of real, and his face painted. At night, climbed onto the roof of the shop and hung. It was evident from afar, even from the train. She could not take very long, has all the performances were, but she still hung.

But it was not even a story. This background, as the Old Testament. In Vostryakovo they played only two performances: "Marriage" and the first version of "vaudeville". This performance was the coolest underground era of stagnation. It began with the fact that flushing the toilet in the dark and someone shouted: "What, bitch, came to watch the play? Right now, we'll show you!" It was a performance with obscenities, with salty jokes. Censorship was only a limit to the actor's wit. Sergei went with tattoos - as if he had returned from the zone, - look at the club "Homeland" under the window and asked: "What's that?" Avilov replied: "Homeland". Sergei shouted: "Ah-ah-ah!" and closed his eyes in horror. Of course, this was not the theater, but simply nonsense called "Drama Ensemble" Pigeons ". They played in the library, in a small room, where about 30 people crowded Vostryakovskiy punks.

In 1977, they identified the room, but Sergey just got to the hospital - the leg was dry. His brother, almost single-handedly tried to bring the running room "to the mind and transform it into what in 1983 became the" theater of the Southwest, "and called the entire 6 years of workers' clubs" Gagarinets ". Sergey spent a week in hospital and after discharge with double force began to help his brother. Then he gradually began to catch up new people and had the belief that everything happens.

In early 1980 the theater was a solid young. And the performances were youth topics: "Old House" A. Kazantsev, "The Pretender" L. Korsun, "Meeting with the song on contemporary hit, and after it has always been a disco.

Almost 10 years the founders of "Theater of the Southwest, worked in the theater at the enthusiasm. Avilov, Sergei Belyakovich, Vanin, Galkina, Badakova, Grishechkin, Kopal, - played without any fees. Who, in which the theater for so many years would work for free? That is pure art!

During perestroika, they were called "Russia's first self-supporting theater. But they procured a horrific conditions: all the money earned, plus an additional 20% - gave to the Foundation for Culture and Development Area. This lasted for 2 years and in 1988 they finally became a municipal theater, and they appointed subsidies.

For a quarter century in the theater Sergei Belyakovich grew up in the artist's large-scale, large-scale. It was funny to tears in comedies, he was touched to tears by the soul in dramatic roles, he knew something that many in the theater can not: be completely invisible, but it is absolutely indispensable. Director Valery Belyakovich tries to keep a huge repertoire of his theater, . shooting performances, . as he considers, . only when absolutely necessary: it is not just the artists time to grow accustomed to images, . but also to grow up, . grow up with them, . reinterpreting some very important nuances of character.,

. Sergei had a very strong organic, masculine charm, and all the roles, where required, he obtained very good
. He was on anyone not like an actor in his own unique. Sergey's talent manifested itself until the last days of his zhzni, although health he was no longer a.

He was much to all sorts of notions. Here is an example. In the play 'Romeo and Juliet', he suggested that in an episode of the battle with the sword was complete darkness. And the actors struggled there with metal pipes. He thought that during the battle should spark flare. And how they do? We took a lighter without gas, which only sparks in the dark it has a great effect. Spectators were dumbfounded.

In 1994, Sergey R. Belyakovich was awarded the title of Honored Artist of Russia.
Remarkable actor passed away on May 31, 2009 at the 56th year of life.

Sergey has Belyakovich grown son Michael, and now he not only plays, but he makes plays. So we can assume dynasty Belyakovich posited

. Theatrical work

. Requires old clown - Peppino
. Walpurgis Night - BL-Mordovorot
. Brothers - XX
. At the bottom - Luke
. Siberian chef in the law 'Lynx on a spit', cook cutlets Voronezh and Coachman - 'cabbage soup', etc.

. Filmography

. 2001 Games in podkidnogo (in the episode)
. 2004 Capital Souvenir (animated), scoring: a gangster? 1
. 2007 Law and order: criminal intent 1,2
. 2008 Life on loan
. 2009 collapse of the favorite

Photos of Belyakovich Sergey
  • Sergei Belyakovich and Victor Avilov (photo from the personal archive of Galina Galkina)
  • Sergei Belyakovich and Victor Avilov, 1986 (photo from the personal archive of Anna Kiseleva)
  • Belyakovich Sergey
  • Irina and Sergei Bochorishvili Belyakovich
  • Belyakovich Sergey
  • Belyakovich Sergey
  • Belyakovich Sergey
  • Belyakovich Sergey
  • Belyakovich Sergey
  • Belyakovich Sergey
  • Belyakovich Sergey
  • Belyakovich Sergey
  • Belyakovich Sergey
  • Belyakovich Sergey
  • Belyakovich Sergey

Photos of Belyakovich Sergey
Belyakovich SergeyBelyakovich SergeyBelyakovich SergeyBelyakovich Sergey

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Belyakovich Sergey, photo, biography
Belyakovich Sergey, photo, biography Belyakovich Sergey  Actor, Honored Artist of Russia, photo, biography
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