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SUSLOVA Apollinari

( Beloved FM Dostoevsky's wife VV Rozanov)

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Biography SUSLOVA Apollinari
photo SUSLOVA Apollinari
Apollinaria Prokofyevna Suslov was born in 1839. Apollonia's father, Prokofy Suslov, began life a serf Sheremetyevy graphs, and then raised himself to the merchants and manufacturers. Daughters of Apollonia and hope it decided to give a real education. Hope later became the first Russian woman doctor.

Apollinaria attended a finishing school, then Suslov family moved to St. Petersburg, and here she began to attend lectures at the University. She immediately got into the whirlpool of the student movement: political struggle, demonstrations.

In 1861 Apollinaria Suslov first heard F.M. Dostoyevsky, at the time - already venerable writer, whose lectures have had great success with young. At the time of the meeting Dostoevsky was forty, Apollinaria Suslova twenty-one. An interesting portrait Suslova that time in the memoirs of the writer's daughter - Lubov Dostoevsky:

. 'Pauline came from the Russian provinces, where she had rich relatives, sent her enough money to live comfortably in St. Petersburg
. Every fall, she recorded the student to the university, but never worked and never give up exams. However, she diligently went to the lecture, . flirted with students, . went to their home, . preventing them from working, . incited them to performances, . forced to sign the protest, . participated in all political rallies, . trod led students, . red banner, . sang the Marseillaise, . scolded Cossacks and behaved provocatively ..,
. Pauline attended all the balls, all literary gatherings of students, danced with them, cheered, shared all the new ideas that worried the youth ... It revolved around Dostoevsky and please him in every way. Dostoevsky did not notice this. Then she wrote him a letter explaining in love. This letter was found in the papers of his father, it was a simple, naive and poetic. One could assume that she had written him a shy young girl, dazzled by the genius of the great writer. Dostoevsky, touched, read a letter Pauline ... '

Soon F.M. Dostoevsky and the young student affair began. The writer has provided Apollinari Suslova literary assistance, so, in a family magazine Dostoevsky brothers 'Time' appears tale Suslova "While" - weak and ambitious, according to critics.

. Their relationship could be described as a love-hate
. From Apollinaria Fyodor ever have heard criticisms, demands divorce 'his consumptive wife'. Then Dostoevsky writes: 'Apollinaria - sick selfish. Selfishness and pride in her enormous. It requires people, all perfections, does not forgive a single imperfection in respect of other good traits, she also frees itself from the very smallest of responsibilities to the people '.

. After another argument, instead of the planned joint visit to Europe, Apollinaria Suslov went to Paris one
. F.M. Dostoevsky came to France a little later ... Apollinaria not waited for him, she has a new friend in French. Here remembers Lubov Dostoevskaya on further developments:

'In the spring Pauline wrote her father from Paris and announced the wrong end of her novel. French lover cheated, but she lacked the strength to leave him, and she implored her father to visit her in Paris. As Dostoevsky lingered with the arrival, Pauline threatened to commit suicide - a favorite threat of Russian women. Frightened by his father finally went to France and did everything possible to reason with inconsolable beauty. But as Pauline found Dostoevsky's too cold, then resorted to extreme measures. One day she came to my father at 7 am, . woke him up and, . pulling out a huge knife, . stated, . that her lover - a scoundrel, . she wants him to plunge the knife into the throat and now goes to him, . but first we wanted more time to see my father ..,
. I do not know whether possible Fyodor fooled this vulgar comedy, in any case, he advised Pauline to leave a knife in Paris and accompany him to Germany. Pauline agreed, this was exactly what she wanted. "

After the death of his first wife F.M. Dostoevsky suggested Apollinaria Suslova to marry him, but she refused. Their relationship continued to be nervous, uncertain, painful especially for Fyodor Mikhailovich. For Apollinari Suslova F.M. Dostoevsky was not a great writer, but just a fan, his books, she almost did not read, so that all the rich inner world of Dostoevsky for it though and did not exist. When Apollinaria Dostoyevsky wrote in a letter: 'Oh dear, I am not required to cheaper invite you ...', Fortunately for her it was only words.

Quite different was the attitude to the proposal F.M. Dostoevsky young stenographer, Anna Snitkin: it was agreed to any invitation to any happiness - if only with Fyodor Mikhailovich. Anna Snitkin was ready to dissolve in it, to sacrifice herself to him. Polya, however, longed not submissive service to genius, but personal freedom ...

After the novel with F.M. Dostoevsky Apollinaria Suslov burned many compromising her papers, including letters to her writer. Secrets of their violent and unusual relationships and vanished into history, leaving researchers only guesses and suppositions. Critics have repeatedly found features Apollinari Suslova some images of the great classics - Pauline ( 'player'), Nastasia Filip ( 'The Idiot'), Katerina and Grushenka ( 'Brothers Karamazov'). Even after parting with Apollinaria, Dostoevsky writes: 'I love her still, very much, but did not want to love her'.

When Vasily Rozanov met Apollinaria Suslova, he was still at school, she was well over thirty. VV. Rozanov knew that Polya was the mistress of the F.M. Dostoevsky, and for him, desperate admirer of the great writer, one that was already enough to show an interest in it. The diary Rozanov is a short record: 'Introduction to Apollinaria Prokofyevna Suslova. Love her. Suslov loves me, and I love her so much. This is the most remarkable of the women I met ... '

. November 11, 1880 Rozanov received the certificate: 'From the Rector of the Imperial Moscow University student 3rd year student of History and Philology Vasily Rozanov in, . that to its entry into legal marriage from the University of obstacles no ',
. Bride at the time 40 years, the bridegroom - 24.

But by the time Apollinari Suslov had not wanted to feed himself stranger vanity and curiosity. Her and so got chimeras edits epileptic brain first lover. Ungrateful this occupation - to serve a kind of genius. They are like the sorcerer, who molded a wax figure of a man, that through the doll to reach the original and pohozyaynichat in his fate. Resist not resist, it is still going to act against their will, as if it were someone's diabolical dictation, and sometimes such a screwed that even hangs herself.
. Perhaps Apollinari hoped that the love of a young man dispel evil spell
. But instead he looked at her lab glance, endlessly checking the texts of the graven image. So? Well then do not be so good, lord of literature, angry. Sami asked for!

Family life s. Rozanov gradually becoming a nightmare. Suslov arranged husband publicly jealousy while flirting with his friends. VV. Rozanov, of course, suffered greatly. According to his memoirs, the daughter of VV. Rozanov, Tatiana, "Suslov mocked him, saying that he wrote some silly book, very insulted, and finally threw him. It was a big scandal in a small provincial town '.

Apollinaria Suslov twice went from Vasily Rozanov. Ironically, he forgave her and asked to go back. In one letter in 1890 VV. Rozanov wrote to her: '... You ryadilis in silk dresses and gifts scattered on the right and left, to create a reputation as a rich woman, not realizing that this reputation you bent me to the ground. Everyone saw the difference of our ages, and all of you complained that I was vile lecher, what could they think otherwise, except that I married money, and thought that I was carrying all the 7 years of silence ... You shamed me a curse and humiliation, against all and sundry to interpret what I am doing idiotic labor '.

. Who really lived Vasily Rozanov, with some of her favorite heroines, who have suited him wild scene, humiliated, betrayed, tyranny? They have all of Dostoevsky as a choice, either on line otospitsya along and across
. But threw it, or rather, cut off, already Suslov. And deprived children born in another family, the church's blessing, inheritance and names, refusing their father divorced, she is also personally. For gang rape, which during the seven years of marriage in. V. Rozanov performed on it in the company of beloved classics.

When VV. Rozanov had the good fortune to come across another woman, his future wife, Barbara Dmitrievna Apollinaria not give Rozanov divorce 20 years, condemning the new family on the additional difficulties and suffering.

. Apollinaria Suslov died in 1918 at age 78
. A year later, no more, and VV. Rozanov. Shortly before his death, he remembered Apollonia: 'Since it was difficult, but it was impossible to forget'.

Many historians have written that this woman had lived empty and mediocre life that she did not leave behind any kind of memory, no children. And it is true. But there is another truth: this strange woman love two genius of the Russian land - F.M. Dostoevsky and VV. Rozanov.

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SUSLOVA Apollinari, photo, biography
SUSLOVA Apollinari, photo, biography SUSLOVA Apollinari  Beloved FM Dostoevsky's wife VV Rozanov, photo, biography
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