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Hailey, Arthur (Arthur Hailey)

( Writer)

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Biography Hailey, Arthur (Arthur Hailey)
photo Hailey, Arthur (Arthur Hailey)
An Englishman by birth and Canadian by nationality (since 1952), Haley says the American writer, because all of his major works were written in the American material and first published in the U.S.. Having managed to break into the American market, he became one of the few writers whose books sold out instantly, without the need for additional advertising.

Arthur Hailey was born on April 5, 1920 in Luton, England. He studied at the free high school, showed good. Avidly read and wrote poems, plays, and notes in the local newspaper. His mother, an ambitious woman, and wanted his son to reach a significant position in the life. But in 14 years, Haley had to quit school because he lost the contest for the only scholarship in high school, and paid training for his parents could not afford. 3 years Arthur Hailey worked as a gofer in one of the offices, and in 1937 took courses at shorthand and typing and raised himself to the clerk.

. At 19, he enlisted for service in the Royal Air Force, hoping to become a pilot, but the command refused to meet his desire - at Haley was not education
. But later he received a commission was sent to Canada for training and became, finally, pilots

. The last two years of the Second World War he served in London as a staff officer under the British Ministry of Air Transport.

. After the war, Haley left military service and moved to Canada - he loved this country, when flight training was taking place there

In addition to his main occupation - Journalism - Haley began writing scripts for television and play. Once, . while on board the aircraft, . performed the flight Vancouver - Toronto, . Haley thought - and that it would be, . if both pilots simultaneously feel bad? He started playing with this idea, . complementing and complicating the idea of, . and by the end of the flight was ready to play - could only move it to paper.,

. The play is called "La Jetц?e 08"
. CBS put it on TV, and the drama "Flying straight into the danger" has received incredible success. At the time dramas were at the peak of his popularity - every Sunday spectators pressed her to the screen in anticipation of exciting new dramas. The success of this play ignited a career Haley-playwright, and the placement of his works have become hits.

. Later in the play "La Jetц?e 08" was filmed feature film "Zero Hour", as the author himself revised the play in the story.

. After the success of TV Haley decided to try his hand on his literary efforts, hand in writing an action novel
. His first book "The final diagnosis" was published in 1959.

Literally from the first steps in the Romanist Haley managed to find the terms of their success. This meticulous detail, diversity of images, twisted plot and setting before the reader the social issues.

. Talking about the shortcomings of American health care system, begun in the final diagnosis, "Haley continued to" strong economic medicine "(1984)
. The downside of technological progress was affected by them in the "Airport" (1968) and "Overload" (1979) - in the last Haley described the possibility of an energy crisis. "Hotel" (1965) and "Wheels" (1971) touched upon the problems of racial discrimination, as in "money-changers" (1975) was shown the reverse side of the financial activities of banks.

. But readers in the books Haley attracted not so much social issues as a thorough knowledge of the object image
. Since the mid 1960's in America sharply increased interest in documentary genre. One of its stars was a writer and publicist, Robin Moore, famous for his books, "Green Berets" and "French Connection". But Moore was too controversial figure, . pays great attention to the political side of things, . and in his books were often questions, . extremely unpleasant for the senior leaders of the country, . and for these reasons that some of his works are sometimes not able to break into print.,

. Haley is from raising sensitive issues avoided by choosing a bystander
. Similarly, calculating the composition of the next novel, and skillfully manipulating the plot threads, Haley each book once again proved his skills, balancing on the thin line between fascinating history and technical guidance.

. Critics praised his novels, stressing that the lack of literary grace in them is compensated by the infallible and comprehensive knowledge of the subject, about which he wrote
. While working on the "changers" Haley managed to get permission from two major banks in the study of virtually the entire mechanism of financial institutions - he was even allowed to attend meetings of the board of directors.

. Working on rough draft "Evening News", . Haley, . who was then already 66 years old, . held in England a special course of counter-terrorism: he acted as a hostage, . ate snakes on the lessons of survival, . participated in training on disarm the enemy and fight indoors,
. After that, he was almost a year a plan book, designed the characters of the heroes and structured material collected. And another year left on his process of work on the text.

Such a passion for exploring the technical details of Haley allocated among the other American writers of the time.
He served as a competitor, perhaps, only referred to Robin Moore. Moore was the only civil person to whom the decree of President Kennedy was allowed to complete a full course of study at the Center for Special Forces of the U.S. Army at Fort Bragg. After that he was within half a year along with the division of the Green Berets in Vietnam. The result was the book "Green Berets".

For the "French Connection", a documentary novel about the struggle of the New York police of smuggling drugs from Marseilles, Moore trained at one of the police. The book (later filmed), was a resounding success, but here's the paradox - in spite of a similar approach to work, Moore was not as popular as Haley. Perhaps, . reason lay in the fact, . that Moore chose for their works too exotic theme: American Special Forces in Vietnam, . Police fight against drug trafficking, . war on the African continent (despite the opposition of the Department of State, . Moore spent three years as Goodwill Ambassador in Rhodesia, . assisting American volunteers, . they fought).,

. The reader, of course, these topics were interesting, but Moore's heroes were far from it
. Moore wrote about the unusual people in unusual circumstances, who lived by the principle "along the cliff in the abyss". A topic about which he wrote Haley, were close to each. The average American drove a car, assembled in Detroit, stayed in hotels in the South, taking medicines, produced by the pharmaceutical industry, and flying the local airlines.

. Sam Haley did not consider themselves "serious" writer - he often said in interviews that the most accurate definition, suitable to him as a person, literary work - "writer"
. He claimed to be a deep psychological analysis of the heroes of his books and did not try to discover the causes of conflict depicted. In part, he was obliged by this reporter to his past.

And the main characters of the novels Haley were ordinary people in ordinary circumstances that's true, sometimes out of control. He took the characters to their works of daily life and subjected to extraordinary tests - and thus was born the reader a sense of ownership of the situation, he could easily identify with the heroes Haley. The writer has always been proud that, in his own words, "never invented" their characters, and "took them from real life."

. Such a thorough knowledge of the "internal kitchen" depicts the subject and a fascinating exposition of its functioning was allowed to occupy a special niche Haley
. It is no exaggeration to say that he was actually the father of "production" of the novel in the best sense of the word.

But since the early 1990's Haley paused for a few years. Only in 1997, his army of fans got a gift - a novel, "Detective". Out of habit thoroughly studied materials, Arthur Hailey, spent several weeks in raids with the police in Florida and gained access to the archives. The result is a classic action-product with an exciting beginning and dynamic events.

. However, after the success of the "detective" Haley has rejected all requests for an interview, saying: "I said and wrote everything I could," - and added that had long been considered his literary career as a kind of hobby.

. In the USSR, Haley felt progressive American writer and gladly published
. If the Soviet people had to find out what is the western airport, hotel or studio evening news, especially in those places there is something extraordinary, coming to the aid of the book Arthur Hailey. I must say that Russia's readers in his love for Arthur Hailey were not alone - his novels were published in 40 countries in 38 languages with a circulation of 170 million copies.

In September 2004, suffered a stroke. Very distressed, depressed and killed, was afraid of falling into Alzheimer's disease.

. November 27, 2004 Arthur Hailey died in his sleep from a stroke at his home in the Bahamas.

. Despite the fact that as a writer Haley had died in the 1997th (since he did not utter a single work), just as the soul of an artist living in his paintings, writer alive until someone reads his book
. And the fact that Haley will be read many years after his death, no doubt

. 11 novels of the famous Anglo-Canadians will always be your favorite works for lovers of good prose, but for writers - an example of how you might be interesting to write in "uninteresting" subjects.

. Life

. In 1944, the soiree at the Consulate General of Great Britain Arthur Hailey acquainted with the consulate worker Joan Fishvik and already 23 June 1944 their rapid novel ends with the wedding.

. In 1946 he bought a house in England, where his first-born is born - Roger
. By the time Haley had already written his first novel.

In 1947 he was demobilized with the rank of captain and went to Canada, where he runs a real estate agent, advertisers, journalists, editors, business magazine, screenwriter and author of plays ... With the money the writer buys a house in a suburb of Toronto and in 1948 there was born his second son - John.

. In July 1949, working in the magazine, Haley met with Sheila Dunlop, stenographer, an Englishwoman, has recently emigrated to Canada
. Getting gradually develops into love. Nevertheless, in September the same year by Haley and Joan was born the third son - Mark.

In December 1949, Haley's first wife, Joan Fishvik, leaves his family, taking his three sons with him. She went to Illinois, USA. In 1950, the writer begins divorce from Joan, but the procedure runs very slowly. Without waiting for a certificate of divorce, in the autumn of that year, Haley makes a proposal Sheila Dunlop, but she decides to go for the parental blessing, and returned to London.

In May 1951 she finally left England. Hayley meets her in Montreal in the port. Her first question to the future husband was: "Do you have at least some money?". June 14, 1951 the writer by phone reported that he finally officially divorced. But Serifikat divorce still not sent.

. July 14, 1951 in Buffalo, New York, after numerous bureaucratic bride and groom buy a marriage certificate, and after 2 weeks in the house of Judge Zimmer they finally become husband and wife
. Witnesses - his wife and daughter of a judge.

May 1, 1954 in Toronto, the writer has a daughter, Jane. March 25, 1956 Sheila returned home from the hospital with a newborn son named Stephen. In 1958 the couple had a daughter, Diana. Genera of five of the six children of Arthur Hailey took Dr. Jim Bell (Roger was born in England).

. With Sheila Dunlop (who wrote in 1978 "I married a bestseller ') Arthur Hailey lived together for more than 50 years.

. Children Haley, a Canadian citizen, lived in Canada and in California
. Sam Haley lived in an expensive villa on the island of New Providence, located in the archipelago of the Bahamas, along with Sheila.

Grandchildren Haley - Paul Haley, Emma, Haley, Charlotte Haley and Brooke, Haley. The latter - a student in Northern California. Ryan Haley - a talented bass guitarist and vocalist in the group Erogenous Jones from San Francisco. Chris Haley - sound recording engineer in Seattle.

. Bibliography

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Hailey, Arthur (Arthur Hailey), photo, biography
Hailey, Arthur (Arthur Hailey), photo, biography Hailey, Arthur (Arthur Hailey)  Writer, photo, biography
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