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Dulles Allen

( Head of U.S. secret services in Europe)

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Biography Dulles Allen
Welch Allen Dulles was born April 7, 1893 in Waterloo, New York in a very wealthy family. Allen captivated the stories his grandfather - John Foster, who fought, was promoted to general, was ambassador to Mexico, Spain and Russia, and even headed the State Department, successfully combining diplomacy with the intelligence.

In 1914, after graduating from Princeton University, this playboy went to conquer the world - he visited India, China and, presumably, fancied himself a second Lawrence (the legendary British spy). A year later, Dulles returned home, telling everyone about personal acquaintance with Chiang Kai-Shek. For the patronage of relatives, Allen Dulles, was adopted at the diplomatic service. But go to the East is as a diplomat for some reason he refused, preferring to Europe. During his diplomatic career, first in Vienna and then in Bern, Switzerland.

In December 1918, Dulles participated in the American commission for the peace talks in Paris. In 1919 he was in Berlin, and then was transferred to the State Department, where in 1922-26, he led the administration's Middle East policy.

In the life of Allen Dulles was another side to it is not reported, although the 'narrow circle' of her well-known. Through its membership in the American establishment Dulles played an important role in the 'Council on Foreign Relations' (QS). Even with the 1920 Council of the collective efforts of its members - is the largest financiers and industrialists, . policy, . captains, . owners of the media - produces a strategy for the U.S. on the world stage, . having the final fitting on the construction of global management of the planet from the American metropolis,

Today, the QS is one of the three major shadow of supranational institutions - in addition to Bilderberg and the Trilateral Commission. It arose in New York in 1921 as a branch of 'Carnegie Endowment for universal peace'. Known, . that the origins of the Council were also members of certain esoteric 'the Company' round table ', . converted in 1919 in Paris at the Institute of International Relations, with offices in France, . Britain and the U.S., . - U.S. Department and became the organizational base of QS, . which during the Cold War was a major think tank in the formulation of American strategy against the USSR and the 'socialist camp'.,

. Since 1927, Allen Dulles served in the position of the QS one of the directors, from 1933 to 1944 was secretary of the Board, and from 1945 to 1950 - its President
. Later, heading the CIA, he still remained one of the directors of the QS.

In 1920-1930-ies Dulles played a significant role in the Nazis came to power in Germany. A small excerpt from a study by John Loftus and Mark Aaronsa 'secret war against the Jews':

. 'The Nazis could remain a small political party, and Germany - the weak, defenseless state, in need of funds, if not powerful foreign capital investments
. Our sources connected with the intelligence, believe that a truly major event of this period was the alliance between American oil companies and Saudi Arabia. This event has become a fundamental prerequisite for a future war and catastrophe, arranged by the Nazis.

In historical works do not even mention the secret cooperation of Ibn Saud, Jack Philby and Dulles. They were the secret source of oil, capital and international influence, acting behind the scenes and who brought Hitler to the world stage. These people, supplying oil to the Nazi war machine in the 1930's, were the same people who robbed the Jews of last resort to escape to Palestine. Our sources claim that these partners in the oil deals were thorough scoundrel, carrying a large share of responsibility for the catastrophe, but manage to escape the burden of history '.

. Jack Philby - the father of Kim Philby, the talented Soviet intelligence
. Believed, . that he was 'recruited' Allen Dulles 'back in 1920 as an' agent of influence "on U.S. policy to prevent the support of official Washington's idea of a Jewish national home, . and then brought the project to the Saudi oil sales,
. In those years, Dulles was often in Europe. He had met with Mussolini, and Germany's newly elected Chancellor Adolph Hitler. It was not just about geopolitics, but also about big money - his brother John Foster was the director of the notorious German concern 'IG. Farben ', which owned stakes in some U.S. oil companies, and the Allen headed the board of directors of a major German bank.

. After the Second World War, Dulles was appointed to head the secret service in Europe
. Since November 1942, he carried out in Switzerland in constant contact with various groups of the German resistance.

Dulles number of diplomats, but all persons concerned knew that he was head of American intelligence in Europe. However, this did not prevent Allen to make progress. His most valuable acquisition - Officer germanskogo Foreign Fritz Kolbe, who himself came to Bern to offer their services. British resident waved his hand and thought: a provocation. And Dulles believed, and had to spring 1944 received from Kolbe over thousands of secret documents. Including data on developments Germanic scholars atomic weapons and missiles.

. A member of the German counter-intelligence Hans Bernd Gizevius, who worked in Switzerland, recalled: "Allen Dulles was the first intelligence officer who had the courage to extend their activities to the political aspects of war
. He tried to establish contact with resistance groups, acting in Europe. "

. Headquartered in Bern, Dulles became the center where, in addition to the Germans, met opposition in many European countries occupied by Nazi Germany.

. But most of Dulles' famous "Operation Sunrise Crossword" - so called as negotiations with the Germans about a separate peace in spring 1945, . became an occasion for a serious crisis in US-Soviet relations in the final stage of World War II,

In March 1945, Dulles conducted secret negotiations with General Wolff, however, they were conducted with the knowledge of management and limited to the issue of delivery of troops in Northern Italy. The Soviet leaders were not informed about the negotiations and learned about them through their scouts (among them, Kim Philby and Rudolf Rassler). Followed a sharp exchange of telegrams between Stalin and Roosevelt. Stalin demanded to allow representatives of the USSR at the next meeting, but was unable to achieve. Germany group of forces in Italy surrendered April 29, 1945.

Its truly Jesuit quality Dulles demonstrated in 1947-1949. Then his plan, and under his leadership in the People's Democracies of Eastern Europe was carried out covert CIA operations 'splitting factor', . during which the CIA was able hands of the NKVD and the secret services in Eastern Europe 'fix' a number of leaders of the communist movement.,

. The implementation of this operation has caused a wave of bloody repression
. The victims were such well-known and authoritative figures of the communist movement's national bent, as Rudolf Slansky (Czechoslovakia), Wladyslaw Gomulka (Poland), Laszlo Rajk (Hungary), Traycho Kostov (Bulgaria), and many others.

The CIA then worked through his agent, Colonel Joseph Svyatlo, deputy chief of the Tenth control security of the Polish People's Republic of. It is generously supplied Svyatlo fabricated 'evidence' espionage and subversive activities of these leaders. After Svyatlo passed these 'proofs' in Moscow, from there follow the instructions on the organization of revealing processes.

. It was then between the USSR and the future of the socialist bloc fell first bloody furrow, which was conducted with the active involvement of the CIA and Allen Dulles personally.

. Soon the U.S. broke a big scandal
. August 29, 1949 in the Soviet Union produced a successful test of an atomic bomb that America was seen as a bolt from the blue. After all, CIA Director Admiral Hillenkoetter just a year before, sent a memorandum to President, . in which he wrote, . that 'there is a very weak probability, . that the Russian will create its first atomic bomb at the earliest by mid-1950, . but the most likely date, . our opinion, . - Mid 1953 ',
. Naturally, all dogs were hanged for the CIA, with the loudest expressed his indignation Allen Dulles.

Secretary of Defense James Forrestal asked him to analyze the work of the CIA at this stage and Allen lambasted intelligence activities to the nines. For words to be answered. And in 1951, Dulles called in to work at the CIA, offered the post of Deputy Director. And two years later, in February 1953, he led U.S. intelligence agencies, and remained in that post until 1961.

The period during which the Dulles led the CIA, was marked by the secret operations, the result of which was zero, if not negative. Could not help even the fact that these operations chief of the CIA personally invented beautiful and romantic names. In most cases, nothing is impossible, but a couple of times CIA incredible price costs still make the grade. Thus, in 1953, Dulles undertook an operation 'Ajax': the Americans overthrew the Iranian government headed by Prime Minister Mossadegh and restored the shah's rule in the country. Coup led directly to Roosevelt's grandson - Kermit (Kim) Roosevelt, who was obliged to spend on a campaign at least $ 2 million. month. Conclusion: if the Mossadegh could be something to negotiate, the Shah was completely insane.

In 1954 the CIA overthrew Guatemala premiere Hokobo Arbenz. After the coup, took power the government of Carlos Armas, who was so corrupt that the Americans immediately regretted his deed. Other covert operations Dulles were altogether anecdotal. In 1954, the CIA launched Operation 'Moby Dick', in which the airspace of the USSR and other socialist countries run thousands of unmanned balloons to conduct aerial. It was assumed that these balls, flying from west to east, will be met in the Pacific. No ball, which cost $ 50 thousand, as expected, the ocean is not reached

. Finally, . in April 1961 on the initiative of Dulles was held catastrophic landing in the Bay of Pigs 'Brigades-1625' - a special unit of Cuban exiles, . then blatant unprofessionalism Dulles became apparent to all,
. By submitting his resignation, President Kennedy put it very politely: 'Allen Dulles - the legendary personality, but with the legends is very difficult to deal with practical affairs'. Dulles later blamed the failure of the operation on President Kennedy, who, in his opinion, had not committed enough force to its implementation.

. In 1963, Allen Dulles, the last time he returned to public activity, becoming a member of the commission that investigated the Kennedy assassination

At rest, he wrote a book entitled it, neither more nor less, 'The Art of Exploration'. The fact that it represents, suggests, for example, then, Dulles described the operation as a 'Gold'. In 1955, the CIA dug a tunnel length of about 500 meters from the zone of the divided Berlin to the Soviet sector to tap telephone conversations. In this operation the Americans spent about $ 6 million. But after the onset of winter, according to Dulles, 'snow above the tunnel began to thaw because of the underground heating equipment, and the secret is about to threaten to become clear - at the surface would have stood out tricky road leading from West Berlin'. Equipment immediately disconnected, and the danger was past - this, according to Dulles, and the art of intelligence.

Actually, it is strange that such professionals, as Allen Dulles, did not occur, that in Berlin, from time to time snow falls. But it's not so bad. In fact, the plan 'one of the most courageous and effective intelligence activities' was known in all parts of the KGB in 1953, when the tunnel is only designed. After it was built, the Soviet counter-intelligence officers have successfully used the tunnel as a channel of strategic disinformation. At the time of publication of the memoirs Dulles already knew about this, but it did not bother. He was a frequent participant of television programs on foreign policy.

He died in Washington on Jan. 29, 1969 from complications in the lungs after influenza. Buried in a cemetery in Baltimore. His wife, born March Clover Todd, whom he married in 1920, survived him by 5 years. The couple had three children.

. Interesting facts

. In our country, since Ehrenburg (that belong to his pen the lines "If Dulles on some misunderstanding would go to paradise where he will be hatching plots and begin to shoot the angels") tend to demonize Dulles

Since the 1990's in the Russian media began to mention the so-called 'Plan Dulles' - a secret plan to capture the Soviet Union through the corruption of the population, allegedly uttered Dulles in December 1945. Like, that's when Dulles devised a plan to collapse of the Soviet Union with the help of "sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll."

. The doctrine of Allen Dulles (verbatim):

. "We throw everything we have, all gold, all the material power and resources stultification and Fooling people
. The human brain, consciousness of people are able to change. Sowing chaos in Russia, we soon be replaced by the value of fake ... We find like-minded people, his aides and allies in Russia. Episode for episode will play out a grand tragedy of the death of the rebellious people on earth, the final extinction of its identity.

From the literature and art we ... gradually erase their social nature, break with artists, recapture their psychical image, the study ... the processes that occur in the depths of the masses. Literature, theater, movies - everything will depict and glorify the basest human emotions. We will do our best to maintain and raise the so-called artists who will plant and hammered in the consciousness of the cult of sex, violence, sadism, betrayal - in short, of all immorality.

. In public administration, we will create chaos, confusion
. We are quietly but actively and continuously promote the tyranny of officials, bribe takers, unprincipled. Honesty and integrity will be ridiculed and no one will be needed, will become a relic of the past. Rudeness and arrogance, lies and deceit, drunkenness and drug abuse, animal fear ... and the enmity of peoples, especially the hostility and hatred for the Russian people - all this we will be neatly and inconspicuously to cultivate.

And only a few, very few will guess or understand what is happening. But these people we put in a helpless position, made a mockery, they find a way to slander and call dregs of society ...

We will shatter the way generation after generation ... We will fight for people from childhood, adolescence, we will always be the main emphasis on youth, become corrupt, corrupt, defile her. We will make them cosmopolitan.

But in 1945, Dulles' role in the OSS (Office of Strategic Services) did not allow him to issue such instructions, and the very similar OSS projects simply could not deal. It was not too serious organization solely focused on gathering information.

Plans for transforming intelligence has already been discussed at the time, and Dulles, of course, participated in their development. It was he who originated the idea that we should actively intervene in the internal affairs of other countries, to apply sabotage, assassinations and even support coups. However, the reformed service Dulles was not invited.

There is no evidence that when he was CIA director Dulles issued a similar directive. This is not a word either in declassified intelligence documents, or even in research on the history of American intelligence.

And not in the nature of Allen was to build long-term, decadal plans. Major General Kenneth Strong, . led the U.S. Army Intelligence in Western Europe during the Second World, . Dulles called "the most outstanding American professional scout of his time, . although more prone to the rapid collection and analysis, . than to long-term intelligence projects. ",

. According to one version, the report had been spoken by him in the U.S. Congress in 1945, on the other - this is an excerpt from his book, published either in the 1945th, whether in 1953 year-em
. None of the known reports or books Dulles is no such plan, the very same text almost verbatim the same as the words of one of the characters published in the years 1971-1976, Anatoly Ivanov, a novel 'Eternal Call'.

. And yet in Russia's history Dulles played a pivotal role.

. In 1917, he worked at the U.S. mission in Bern
. Allen was on duty when a diplomatic mission called requesting a meeting a man who introduced by Vladimir Ilyich Lenin.

Why called Lenin, never, perhaps, not cleared. Perhaps wanted to wave across the Atlantic. But Dulles took him for a mentally unbalanced and exile in the meeting refused.

. The next day, Lenin had already rolled into Russia in the famous sealed train ...

. Movies

. Allen Dulles became widely known in the Soviet Union after it became one of the minor characters of the cult television series "Seventeen Moments of Spring '
. In the film, the highest ranking German come in contact with Dulles and lead with him the secret negotiations to conclude a separate peace with Dulles, acting behind President Roosevelt. Scout Stirlitz reveals the conspiracy and disrupts the continuation of negotiations, reporting on the conspirators to the German authorities and inform Moscow about the details of the negotiations.


1963 'The Art of Exploration'
1966 'secret surrender'

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Dulles Allen, photo, biography
Dulles Allen, photo, biography Dulles Allen  Head of U.S. secret services in Europe, photo, biography
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