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Diaghilev Jana (Janka)

( Poet, singer)

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Biography Diaghilev Jana (Janka)
Jan Stanislavovna Diaghilev, the well-known more as Janka, was born in Novosibirsk, September 4, 1966. Born in a simple family with wealth below average. His father, Stanislav Ivanovich, the profession of Power Engineering, and his mother, Galina Dementevna - industrial ventilation engineer. In Yanke mixed three nationalities: 3 / 4 Russian, 1 / 8 Ukrainian and Czech blood. The family lived in the city center in a wooden one-story house without basic amenities (taking part) at Yadrintsovskaya, 61. The area was not too happy, and a small Yana often had to stand for themselves. The house was left to parents Galina Dementevny. When Jana was 2 years old, from pancreatic cancer, my grandmother died, and after a further 2 years and my grandfather. Janka grew sickly girl, and my parents decided to strengthen the health of his daughter in sports. The girl had congenital anomalies, . foot was slightly turned and jostled each other, . but despite this, . Jan yourself enrolled in skating section, . been a runner skating, . what had been very hard work and ambition, . made significant strides,
. Then he swims, too long.

As a child, Janka has been mostly quiet, domestic child, she loved to be alone, spending his free time alone with books. 'Janka very fond of my mother, her mother, Galina, often came to me and told me about Jan. She was very friendly with my mother, very trusting at first. John was home, but at the same time very private child. She was affectionate with her mother, often sat with her in an embrace on the porch, kissed, caressed. For Yana is unexpected from our point of view, because it was still a little prickly man '(classroom teacher ZS). Janka enrolled in school number 42, one of the most prestigious and still. 'In the primary grades Janka was funny awkward little girl, all in konopushkah, wore a long red braids, twisted in karalki was like everyone else, nothing stood out, was quiet and calm. " (Elena Karpova, classmate).

In school she studied mediocre, although the teacher always called it capable of a little girl and said that John could learn better. It is not like the exact sciences, in algebra, chemistry, physics had stable 'troika', at the same time showed a clear tendency towards the humanities, in literature, for it has received 'five'. I read a lot - 'range of interests from Yana was, I would say, very interesting: it is all great, this is - Tsvetaeva, Akhmatova, Nikolai Gumilev, Platonov - that this level of reading' (P. I. Diaghilev). Classmates and a teacher of literature recall that Janko has always written interesting essays, creative approach to such tasks. Expressed surprise judgments. And then firmly defended its position in disputes with the teacher.

From music was very fond of Vysotsky's work. Parents gave Ian a music school. She studied at a music school, piano class, she reluctantly, and education are not asked. Seeing that her music teacher came to her home in her absence and asked that they stop their parents 'tortured' child. Janka then she started to play. Mastered the game with two hands, and love from time to time to sit and play for yourself and friends. Once there was a desire to learn the guitar, that Janka did, engaging in a circle at the club zhirkombinat.

Already in his school years, she wrote poetry, which will probably not have survived. Her friend, Anna Volkova (Nura Nyurych, very close friend, Yankees), says that Janka read her a poem, written in the first class. There were only 4 lines, and one of them - 'Shadows of the trees look north'. Friend ZH.CH. recalls that many have seen in the Yankees notebook with poems. Sometimes she read something out of very close friends. About the same time and began to compose songs, but never sang them in public.

Will the case Janka hit the 'A' class, while classes with the letter "A" unofficially considered prestigious. It so happens that a girl from a wealthy family was surrounded by a secured peer. In the middle grades become apparent complexes. Nevertheless, Janka always wore that, what could afford and never tried to keep up with fashion classmates. What did not prevent her to have her friends and often be the soul of the company. Appearance is not worried about it, only in high school, she sometimes became a dye, to make feminine hairstyles, deliberately lost weight. 'She then began to dress more elegantly. Wore some bright blouses. " (classmate RV). And before that was a thick clumsy girl, deliberately rough and insolent, but internally was thin and vulnerable man, fair and sensitive. 'Janka matured very early. It seemed she was always gloomy. In fact, she just went in himself, lived your world. It is revealed only in its close environment. And this her way nobody saw. " (classmate Elena Karpova). In general, many say its duality, the disparity between the external and internal appearance, which could see only the closest people.

. That interest in music led to the fact that modest and uncommunicative Janka transformed when the guitar fell into the hands of
. And she drove her around for a. Sang and companies, and on holidays, and just. Participated in the school initiative, with the songs chosen sometimes unusual for a typical concert in the Soviet school, the lesser-known poets, poems, lyrical, and somehow the cool evening she sang a song in my poems ... Played in school productions. In high school, was fascinated by astrology. In 1983, John graduated from the school.

Student years. Start your own creativity (1984-1986)

. Parents wanted, . that after graduating from high school John entered the Kemerovo Institute of Culture, . but for various reasons, it is not formed (in particular, . seriously ill mother, Jana), . and in 1984 Janka somehow entered the Novosibirsk Institute of Water Transport Engineers (profiling on the construction of water facilities),
. There she became a member of the ensemble of political songs AMIGO. With this ensemble, she toured with a concert the whole region. This was her first concert experience, the ensemble was quite famous, he even shot for a newspaper. Songs were sung mostly in English, which owned the well Janka. Interests of the time - English poetry, guitar, lyrics and BG Bichevskaya. The first known poems Yankee dated 1985 m year. About the same time Janka acquainted with Irina Letyaevoy, 'rock mother'. Irina has been an active figure in rock, the manager of several groups, organized in their own House concert of well known rock musicians. In short, this is all activities rockers in Novosibirsk. In her apartment there was no lock, . people came and stayed to live for months, . here stopped, . coming on tour, . and well-known musicians - Grebenshchikov, . Shevchuk, . Kinchev, . Mike, . Bashlachev: In December 1985 the first one of these House concert Janka met SashBashem,
. Sasha immediately made a strong impression on her that has had a tremendous impact on the future path Yankees. Since that time, in fact began Janka such as we know it.

October 8, 1986 after a 6-year disease dying of cancer her mother Janki. This blow Jana endured a long and painful - the mother she was very fond. And in December, again came SashBash. I recall that just at this time he was in severe depression, and Janka somehow helped him to cope with this condition. With Yankoy they are very close friends, communicate, Sasha gave her his notes, drafts of unperformed songs. When he left, he left his legendary Yanke bells, which are still kept as a relic in the family Yankees. Once Sasha said his father Yankees: 'Your daughter knows about life a lot more than you might think:' Stanislav Ivanovich, as Yanka, too, was shocked Bashlachevym, his songs, his talent. It seems that after all these meetings and the start of the Yankees as the author. It became much more serious about his poetry, some of them registered as songs. My father remembers that when she began a long time to sit in his. room, something to writing, writing after the meeting, Janka abandoned her friends, parties, much had changed - in a state of great turmoil.

General history dating from the Yankees Bashlachevym has acquired a mass of legends. They say that they loved each other. It is known that after the first acquaintance Sasha arrived in Novosibirsk has specially to Jahnke, and lingered in her month. Then, in its drafts and has appeared for the first time the line: 'You'll see the sky, I see the ground on your soles'. However, there are serious differences in time. For example, according to other sources (not supported by documentary), first encounter took place back in domoskovsky during the life of Alexander, ie. in 1983-1984. There is evidence that they intersect and then - in Moscow and St. Petersburg (where Janka not yet appeared publicly). Janka and was one of his St. Petersburg House concert in late 1987-th. But be that as it may be - you should not try to discover some hidden meaning in friendship with Sasha Yankees, and, especially, on this basis, attempt to somehow link their work. The fact that these acquaintances, no doubt, men of genius may be interested in the human, biographical, but also to understand the lyrics or the Yankees Bashlacheva he does not give anything new.

. The beginnings of Yankin creativity and the impact of writing and many many
. Comparisons to Janis Joplin, Joan Baez, Patti Smith, Melanie, early Bichevskaya already stuffed on edge, and, in fact, does not reflect anything. Do not stop there. Of course, Janka was familiar with the work of all these singers, known, for example, that she was very fond of Joplin and often sang in the company to its blues, wore a badge with the image of Janice. But the direct effect is not noticeable. Much more interesting attempts to academic research Yankin texts. Of them there is a work of Marina Kudimovoy 'Janka-wailer', where Yankin creativity is tied to these authors, of which, however, most likely, and not heard; article A. S. Mutin ' "feet above the ground or closer to you (on some aspect folklorizma in the works Yankee Dyagilevo)', . in which the author has done a lot of correct and interesting observations, . but, . alas, . many of the conclusions debatable, . Yes, and the study gives the impression of unfinished work; St. Petersburg story by science fiction writer Helena Khaetsky 'Study on Yanke', . in which the association shall be held parallel with different authors, . a correlation with folk art,
. Iermonah Gregory (In. M. Lurie) (St. Petersburg), also known for his studies Russian rock poetry, repeatedly analyzed Yankin texts in their articles. The Yankees turned to the texts in their studies philologists S. YU. Mezentseva (Tashkent), SW. Domanski (Tver), C. Sviridov (Kaliningrad). Well-known rock journalist and theatrical critic Marina Timasheff repeatedly tried zaparallelit Yankin songs with Bashlachevym. But the lyrics (not the song, tk. poetry much more - about 80) the impact, the similarities do not track. There is a poem of 1987 the first year dedicated to 'A. B. ', there alliterativnoe' I bear in mind five crooked stakes', which could be written in the manner of creative competitions or even a parody - but far more differences than similarities. When it comes to that, you can drag the anything and to anything. But why?

Janka was familiar with Dmitry Revyakin, even co-sponsored the lyrics 'We had', which performed at concerts (one of them, the 1-m Novosibirsk rock festival 1987. recently been published - CD 'We had'). Janka often come to the rehearsal group, and once, in December 1986. right there, a couple of his girlfriend, Angela Marina composed lyrics. It just all liked the song a little to correct, and get something that we can now hear. But the further development of this creative union has not received.

In late 1986, starting the second course, Yanka throws Institute. Understand that the choice of university was a mistake. Soon friends persuaded her to go 'conquer the capital'. In Moscow, Ian spent 2 months. Returned calm, cheerful, business. Friends recall that this is the first trip taught her to drive and gave her strength and skill for future work. Anna Volkova believes that Janko was one of the most persistent people, whom she met.

Abandoning college, Janka has not received any special. At work settle down, too, had no desire. 'I do not need the money', - she explained. The story goes that she refused to pay for House concert, even when she became famous. And then, in the 80's, Janka with Ira Letyaevoy lived on 40 cents a day, feeding in urban kitchens, where the side dishes and salads worth 5 kopecks. Communicate with energetic, clockwork Ira Iancu strongly supported in the difficult period after the death of mother. At this time, she often was in a bad mood, she felt depressed.

Gradually Janka began to perform their songs for the audience. This occurred mainly in Akademgorodok, a youth club, which hosted some enthusiast. One time, intrigued, as his daughter lives, at a concert, despite protests Yankin, and visited her father. And then realized that this - this. I saw the reaction of the audience, on the atmosphere in the hall. Could not find themselves without throwing youth, but seriously and permanently

. Unfortunately, concerts in his hometown at the Yankees was very little - a few times in Akademgorodok, but performance in prefabricated pominalnike Selivanova in June 1989.

. Getting active creative activity (1987-1988)

. Egor Letov Janka met for the first time in April 1987 in Novosibirsk I rock festival, held in DC Chkalov
. Letov was playing drums in a group PIC Klaxon. In the dressing room Yankees drew the attention of a shy young fellow intelligent species in ridiculous spectacles. There, she met his future girlfriend Julia Sherstobitova from Tomsk. Immediately after the festival, . became a turning point in the life of Yankee, . Vadim 'Black Lukic' Kuzmin, . Janka, . Ira Letyaeva, . Konstantin Rublev, . Evgeny Danilov and other Novosiberians went to Omsk, . where Janka familiar with the comrades Egor on civil defense groups, and other rockers Omsk,
. Jahnke enough weeks to blindly fall in love with Yegor and stay with him for eighteen months.

In April 1987, held a rock festival in Simferopol. The festival was massive - it appeared Choi, Shevchuk, Mamonov, TV and other famous musicians. Janka and Egor there were, but were present. Group met with Roman Neumoevym (INSTRUCTIONS FOR SURVIVAL), who invites them to visit Tyumen, as well as with Nick Rock-n-roll, who later became one of the closest friends Yankin.

In June, in Omsk to Yegor Letov came to visit Julia Sherstobitova with his girlfriend Lena. Janka was living then with Yegor. There Julia Janka and get to know. Then Julia went to Kemerovo - write a diploma in Art School. Came to her and Janka. In July, drove Egor, and they Yankoy returned to Omsk. And in July, Egor, Yanka and Julia met in Moscow. It passed the famous rock festival Podolsky. Nick, Egor, Yanka, and other Siberians were there to speak, but the last time they were 'hacked' - performances were not held. After the festival with Yegor Yankoy some time lived in suburban Lyubertsy Sergei, the elder brother Yegor.

In our country at that time was taken so that if someone did not suit 'the system', then it would have healed. Here and Yegor declared mentally unwell, and he was forced for a time in a psychiatric hospital stay for. After liberation, Letov ought to periodically come and celebrate. Once arriving at the hospital with Yankoy, he went to the doctor observed, and the girl left in the corridor. The doctor examined Yegor, asked him to wait and went. Then played a sixth sense, Letov ran out of the cabinet and said Janke: 'We are going, going.', But at this point, another staircase have already been raised by people in uniform: With 40 rubles in his pocket for two guys went away from Omsk. All summer and autumn of this year, Janka traveled around the country hitchhiking along with Yegor Letov, who were in hiding:

. 'We were in the' run 'until December 1987, traveled across the country, living among the hippies, sang songs on the road, ate, what God has sent the markets were stealing food
. So the experience of wandering life I poimel in all its glory. Where we just may live - in the cellars, the abandoned cars, in attics ... ' (from the memoirs of Yegor Letov).

. In July, Janka, Egor and Vadim Kuzmin first visit to Kiev, where for two weeks lived in Oleg Dreval.

. Sverdlovsk, Leningrad, the Baltic States, Koktebel, Simferopol, Omsk, Novosibirsk ...

. If you have any opportunity to give concerts
. In contrast to the humble, not very confident, Yankees, Yegor always believed that any work should be issued, recorded countless albums and bootlegs, including in them all, even failed his creations. So much so that in the discography are confused now, even seasoned fans Letov (splitting albums, shuffle songs, albums teams from the fragments of different records albums with the same name only increased the confusion). Obsessed by his own popularity in informal circles, confidence in his genius, Yegor trying to stir up and Iancu, drag it to the public, convinced of the need to sing songs to people.

. Speaking at a House concert, get-togethers, Janka see that her songs are really a good response from the audience, like the people
. Comes self-confidence. In the period 1987-1988 he. Yankoy written most of the famous poems and songs. Janka dreams of creating your own group. But, in the absence of such, in 1987 the same year, is attempting to become the bassist CIVIL DEFENSE. Something is not developed. Probably for the better. It seems that in this as well Janka never once made, - all remained at the level of searchlights and rehearsals. However, Janka and Egor act together, playing concerts apartment, with written. However, participation in the Yankee Yegorovs release was not equal. It is unclear why it was so hard to cram it into their projects as a layer between the songs. Eventually Yankina activities of that period (this has happened so often and later) limited to only small patches of albums and Civil Defense COMMUNISM: poem of 'totalitarianism', . song 'My Grief light' to 'necrophilia' (with reprint Letov somehow threw Yankin song from the album, . returning it to the place only in the most recent reprint in 2007 on the label "Vyrgorod), . covers Soviet songs - 'I do not see', . 'White Light', . back vocals, . glockenspiel, . 'Nyurkina Song' in one of the albums COMMUNISM,
. One wrote together ( 'in every home'), one sang together ( 'declassed elements'),.

Communism was a subsidiary project of Egor Letov, clean studio team of musicians Defense and some other Siberian punk bands. In the period from 1988 to 1990. group was recorded about 10 albums, and several Janka sings his and others' songs, plays up to the glockenspiel and singing Yegor. Some songs included in the 4-cassette collection of the best songs of Communism ( 'HOR-Records', . 1994), . 'Nyurkina Song' - in the album 'shame', . something else - in the collections of 'I am leaving another half of the Kingdom' (1992) and used by Julian (Group GIFT, . Moscow) for a collection of remixes of 'Centennial Rain' (1993),
. The rest exists in the form of amateur recordings, some albums are now published on the label 'Vyrgorod', others produced "HOR-Records.

. But much more apparent inequity that Letov actually dictated Yanke, as she write her albums - and down he did them exclusively for their understanding.

. All this is very well said Black Lukic:

. 'General' music 'relationship with Yankees with Yegor were quite clear: "Well who is Igor Fyodorovich equally in the music talk! It, . I think, . noticeable at all in all projects, . where he takes part: it only let in the group - at least by, . though drummer, . though flautist - it eventually will turn CIVIL DEFENSE '.,

. Hard to say, this is exactly suited Iancu or not, but in reality Letov gave her a lot - brought to the scene and helped to gain confidence in themselves, taught to work in the studio
. Understandably, rather diffident Janka listened to the advice of more experienced, and besides, and respected the man she. My only regret is that she has not managed to write anything about yourself, already having acquired some experience - all of her albums and many shows were done with Yegor or other participants in Defense and bear the imprint of the sound.

Letov was a dictator, not only in art but in everyday life, family life. Could arrange Yanke scandal, because she did not at the moment she left the room, or after the concert with all her dress down. Despite the fact that Janka at heart did not take many Letowski views, she even realize this was not recognized, and all the forces trying to reach the level of his chosen. If Yegorov said that the song is bad - Yanka listening to his opinion and trying to hone his lyrics and arrangements in accordance with the representations Letov about music. Often, however, resisted, arguing, but in the end still inferior. Perhaps it was easier to give than to spend the spiritual forces to disputes with Egor.

By late summer, Janka and Egor returned to Moscow, and in early September, come to Peter. Approximately one week later was organized by Sergei Firsov House concert Bashlacheva. Ian was delighted to meet with Sasha, but that seems to be nothing if it was not necessary. In a telephone conversation he displayed no interest in her arrival, that upset Iancu: it was his reluctance to communicate in your personal account. Unlike Yana, Yegor, who knew about SashBashe mostly admiring reviews for her, then saw it for the first time. And last. The concert was very bad - SashBash then was in a depression, and played little underaction. All this made for a very depressing Jan. After the concert a few hours, she wrote 8 songs - the most famous things that are included later in the albums 'Not allowed' and 'declassed elements'.

. About a month Janka returned home in Novosibirsk, then again went to Yegor in Omsk
. There they lived for some time my mother Yegor, three with Yulia Sherstobitova. At the same time, at home MANAGER, Julia Yankin recorded songs on a portable tape recorder Japanese. Perhaps it was the first record Yankees. She still kept by Julia.

In December, Yegor learned that wanted him removed, and he can return home. I went to Tyumen to Romychu Neumoevu, becoming familiar with INSTRUCTIONS FOR SURVIVAL. Began the first serious quarrel with the Yankees Yegor. Whole year's end, she shook her incessantly between Novorsibiskom and Omsk. New Year Janka met with Yegor in company with the Black Lukiд? and his wife, Oksana.

. In early 1988, again with the assistance of Letov, was created by the project GREAT OCTOBER (the name was coined by itself Yankoy in a hurry, and it was then not quite successful)
. My father always very surprised at the ability Yankees 'command' guys. But in general, in the family was quite secretive, and its activity is not specifically told.

... Secrecy, but gentleness and kindness - these are perhaps the main features of Yankin. She loved little animals, always brought the house all livestock, which was sick, and she had treated. The house is often lived at the same time for 3-4 cats or dogs. 'That if you could all help! " - All the time, said Yanka. Particularly fond of cats, affectionately calling them 'koteyka' (a word often found in poetry as a Yankee, and Yegor). And she was very fond of soft toys, especially teddy bears (hence the song Egor Letov 'Teddy Mishutka', dedicated Jahnke and written more in her lifetime). Even on the day of birth of the Black Lukic Janka gave him a soft blue with red eyes Cheburashka. Her toys and now still standing on the shelf a long series. With all this terribly afraid of big dogs. 'Dogs and cars - these were the two major fear in her life', says St. Petersburg's girlfriend Yana Marina 'Fyodor' Kiselnikova.

Janka dressed simply and modestly, almost never used in cosmetics and perfumes, has been very humble in life. Old pants, leather boots, 1-2 sweater, jacket, sweatshirt - her entire wardrobe. The remainder wore clothes from his mom. From skirts and dresses she declined almost immediately after school. In the outfits had no money, and did not pay Janka clothing much attention. But hippovskie adored all things - and wooden beads Baubles, leather shnurochki, hayratniki, ksivniki, handbags - she was making them, bestowed a Friend. Hair - always the same: long flowing hair ...

What was she like - Yanka? All remember her as a person very easy and agreeable, kind, cheerful, and contact the girl, very energetic, winding, sometimes a little strange, but all your favorite. Many friends believe that she took drugs. But close friends say that it is not true. Rumors of drugs, probably due to some strange behavior in the Yankee way of speaking, tastes, which remembers almost all who knew her. No arrogance, 'star disease', feelings of exclusion, characteristic of many rockers. Janka was one of those people who are sincerely glad to any company. In every city, wherever it came, immediately there were people vying offered her lodging, food, all assistance. Janka never greet around their problems, not complaining. All experienced in itself, and the standard answer to the question: 'How are you doing? " was: 'Well, OK'. The most that could afford even with close friends - to share some minor troubles, grievances. On the contrary, - all helped and supported morally, was able to find the right words of comfort for friends. For example came to Anya Volkova, Janka found her in a terrible state of depression, went out to smoke on the stairs, and there wrote 'Nyurkinu song'.

. Despite the openness and simplicity, really close friends in her life was a little bit - Yanka very readable and meticulously treated to friendship and to the choice of those who were close to her
. Communicating only with really interesting people she. Other singles she simply did not need. Sometimes, straining to people in the company, sometimes sought to retire - all depending on my mood. Nevertheless, Janka, as a rule, was the focus of any hangouts. She did not know how to play - neither in music nor in relations with people. Even in love, she acted like a man: she won, she threw. Rarely fall in love, but hard. He remembers one of the musicians of Novosibirsk Dmitry Radkevich (leader of the now defunct group DUMMIES, at one time played with Dmitry Selivanov):

'Personally, I do not perceive her as a woman for many men it was' their guy', but not more. Janka after a woman was totally non-sexual. One time is too full and terribly awkward - I could not hold in their hands. In her term, the family and motherhood are not considered. 'Troublesome', - she said. Janka was altogether devoid of any family units. For example, she never celebrated a birthday, so none of us knew this date '.

However, once, even before his acquaintance with SashBashem, Janka tried to marry. Chosen of her was one of the musicians of Novosibirsk, Dima 'Dimentsy' Mitrokhin. Dimentsy fell in love with Iancu and made her an offer. For 2 months before the wedding Janka came acquainted with his parents. After viewing a family album, said: 'That's called bytovuha, but for me is the way to the scaffold'. This novel ended. Some time Janka and Dimentsy remained close friends, but in 1988, Dima married Ira Letyaevoy, and a year later they had a baby. There are new things, care, and Mitrokhin gradually moved away from the Yana.

First Yankina acoustic record - "Do not Put 'was made in Omsk and refers to January 1988. For a song written in St. Petersburg, Janka added a couple more old and some new. Because of the brevity of the album almost did not apply or had walking as dopisok. At the end of 1990, the year Yegor Letov, without consulting Yankoy, supplemented by various acoustic recording (both live and studio) versions of her songs. However, Janka categorically repudiated by this pirated version, and he was released only after the death of Yankin. Album 'Not allowed' - one of the best records Yankees (Egor himself has repeatedly stated this in his articles and interviews): almost acoustic, Letov only slightly played up the electric guitar, podstukival on the plates and Bong. Interestingly, the record was assumed to be electric, but it failed to organize, - all that is written down, it seemed to fail, and Yegor erased all parties except the voting. Subsequently, the 2 songs from that album Yegor supplemented drums and bass guitar and for some reason turned into a concert bootleg 'Instruction on Defense', . Janka which had nothing to do: record was made in autumn 1987 in the Tyumen hostel engine plant, . and Yanka first appeared in Tyumen only in the spring of 1988 th,
. It is much more appropriate to be processed to release a full album of songs Yankees 'Not allowed', or better yet - the album itself in its authentic form - a duplicate of the last song, talk to her ...

. Travel lasted - from Omsk Janka returns to the NSC, and after a few days in the company Dreval, and Dima Mitrokhin sent to Jц?rg to Vadim Kuzmin.

. February 17 suicide Alexander Bashlachev
. Janka went to the funeral. From this tragedy, and began a period of depression, accompanied Iancu until the end of life. Even then, she dropped: 'This is it gives me a sign that it was time to go'. Being secretive, Janka rarely talked about Sasha and his acquaintance with him, except that sometimes, with the closest of friends. But it is clear that communication with him has left a strong imprint on her soul, and death SashBasha she felt very long and hard. Certainly, and changes in her work were associated with this event, which Janka so never fully recovered.

From Peter Janka Fedyaev to go travel the Baltic. At first Lithuania, then Riga, thence Janka returned to Peter, then to Novosibirsk - April 14-18 there was held a traditional rock festival. Janka performed 18 or April 19. In addition to her were, in particular, A. Strukov P. Neumoev Egor. After the festival Janka with Yegor for some time lived in Omsk, and then recovered to win Janka Tyumen.

. The first public concerts, record an album (1988)

. Yankin first public speech - the first festival of alternative and radical left music in the Tyumen Oil Workers in DC (24-26 June 1988)
. Speeches Yankees strikingly different from the speeches of other musicians. If the performance of the group is usually accompanied by shouts and noise, then when on the scene Janka, the entire room plunged into silence, and only after the songs sounded stormy applause. According to the memoirs of Arthur Strukova, 'Janka sang acoustics - for her it was a debut on the stage, after House concert'. In fact, Janka played albeit without the group, but the electric guitar, it can be seen in the photo. Unfortunately, the recording of this concert was not found. The concert was recorded, including, and in the video, but all records have probably been jammed because of the then high cost of videotape. Opinion eyewitness: 'Ural you like this ballad about the life of a modern girl hippies. From punk-rock has nothing to do '. But the characterization of Egor: 'Baba - punk, to hippizmu relationship has no clean punk rock, aggressive'. Before the festival she was very worried, tk. could not afford to fail. But there was a complete sell-out. The festival has become the first serious test for the Yankees and confirmation of its importance in the rock life in Siberia.

. Two weeks before the festival, . in the Grand OCTOBER - Igor 'Jeff' Zhevtuna (guitar) and Eugene 'Jackson' Kokorina (drums - his weak professional level recall almost all, . who has ever heard) was written Tyumen bootleg 'declassed elements', . - Local 'polustudii', . tape 'Saturn',
. Fate pitied Yankoy, it so happened that this record is not listed as canonical even by musicians, was the best embodiment of an electric studio songs Yankees. Many happy sounding album, the technical imperfections, which is understandable - the album was recorded almost 'live' in one breath, without a sound engineer, with minimal technical capabilities.

. According to Eugene Vigilyanskogo (cm
. interviews), then the same was made and some apartment Yankina record. This occurred after the festival in the kitchen Tyumentsev Alexei Mikhailov.

. In the same period a concert in DC net-making factory with INSTRUCTIONS FOR SURVIVAL, although the size of the hall and the number of people is more like that of House concert rather than a big concert.

. Almost all summer Janka, Letov, Neumoev and Jeff met in Kiev, where he again stopped by Oleg Dreval
. Big concerts there Janka not play. Were House concert, performances in small rooms. The organizer was a famous musical figure of Kiev Vladimir Rudnitsky.

August 1, 1988 - concert in Kurgan with INSTRUCTIONS FOR SURVIVAL, which is probably one of the best concert recordings of electrical Yankees. From the Mound Janka with Fedyaev returned to Tyumen, and from there went to Alushta on the next festival (cm. the recollections of E. Vokhmyanina and M. Kiselnikovoy). The same summer in the Crimea Janka thoroughly became friends with Nick Rock-n-roll. From the Crimea again went to concerts in Kiev.

Fall in Novosibirsk it with a group of Shut-down were recorded 3 songs (published in 1999. firm 'Branch Out' as a bonus track to the album 'declassed elements'). They differ markedly from the rest of what is written Yankoy - post-punk arrangements, viscous, slightly depressive sound, long entry and codes, slow vocals. The band's style is not very suited Iancu, but at one time, for lack of other opportunities, she was going to play with the band concert, or even record an album.

September-October Janka CIVIL DEFENSE conducted in Vilnius. First - concerts with the defense, then the traditional festival 'Lituanika'. Speeches at the festival did not even planned, because the level of this festival is not intended participation of lay groups, which then attributed Iancu and GO.

. After Vilnius Janka with Yegor get to Peter on the first House concert, which was met by well-known for samopisnym albums Letov
. The audience received as an attachment Iancu, and all have always been shocked by her singing, her talent. In Moscow - the same reaction: 'spiritually anemic, distrustful Moscow went to Iancu, as somewhere in the Renaissance, marveling at her strength of the feelings he has not seen a', - says Sergei Guriev, adding a belated remorse: ' We ate it '. 'From the song Yankee breathes despair, but with them for some reason easier to overcome this hopelessness' - wrote another journalist, Svetlana Koshkarova, and it is just and appropriate. 'Iancu worshiped, adored, worshiped - to the dense solid Siberian girl, hands FENXKI on red lohmah hayratnik, embroidered with beads, not Madonna, not anemic fragile miracle. I think she lived, did not notice this worship, lived entirely in his. Songs - absolutely intimate. 'You'll see the sky, I see land on the soles of your' could write only recklessly (and unrequited?) Woman in love. With whom? " (E. Borisova. 'Janka. Chronicle of the phenomena of death ').

Incipient contradictions between Yankoy and Yegor. And a half years of marriage they parted. 'To live with him, he must be equal. If he concedes, he crushes you '- said Janka. The cause of their quarrel Yegor not tell, but Ian tried as soon as possible to forget about this period. Certainly, Egor on his own loved Iancu. But the love of competition and prevented permanent differences, as in the works, and in relation to life. And Yanka could not stand it, left. It was not a weak man, but tired of the constant struggle. Many still continue to blame in the death of Egor Letov Yankees. Only her close friends say the opposite: they broke up long before her death, and since then not much talked. However, almost to the end often played in joint concerts. But over the year and a half Yegor managed to embroil Iancu with many of her friends - all that is said and done Egor, Yanka was right, even if he is insulted and humiliated her friends. Or prefer not to argue. Two friends Yana - Anna Volkova Irina Letyaeva - still feel guilty that they at one time had almost ceased to communicate with Yankoy and insufficiently supported it morally most critical period. Nick Rock-n-Roll recalls the story with ironic perepevkoy his group 'Koba' Yankin song 'I leave with more Polkorolevstva'. Jana herself reacted to it well, with humor. But when on song learned Letov, gave Nick a scandal, and Janka sided Yegor, after a quarrel with Nick. Thus, it turns out that Letov, if not directly, but indirectly to blame for much of what happened to Yankoy, in her solitude, her depression. And she Janka, with all its demonstrative feminine, freedom and independence, in this respect behaved like a very ordinary woman - love, bogotvoryaschaya of his chosen, forgiving him everything. And, do not hesitate to sacrifice loyal and devoted friends in the name of this strange and unequal love. Only in the end it will probably become more sober view of events and somehow tried to improve relations with people, but that she had not fully.

. 1989

. All this happened, since the second half of 1988, and grew about six months
. Meanwhile Janka is gaining two capitals - St. Petersburg and Moscow. December 2-4, was held in Moscow rock festival 'cheese'. Janka had planned to play a few songs in the statement GO, but something is not happened - there was singing Yanka.

January 28, 1989, Mr.. - The first public concerts in Moscow, in DK MAMI: first Letov in electricity, then Janka with GO. The concert was full of drive and a wild, unbridled energy, but rather a failure on the sound, like most electric performances Yankees.

In January, the same - participation in seyshene in NETI, in Novosibirsk.

With Anatoly Sokolkova, trying to do something to help musicians gain official 'roof', Defense and Janka enter the Leningrad rock club, but to the end and do not take root in it. Almost all of St. Petersburg musicians instinctively rejects alien and incomprehensible to them. The friendly relationship is only with musicians Kinks.

After 1988-year - and more and more noticeable - her poems and songs have become increasingly dark, vague, serious. Many - in the masculine. And more and more about death: cornices, fall, and high-rises:

. 'And somehow I stand and look up to now
. As a multi-storey flight buried in snow '.
. ( 'Cross and zero', 01.1989)

. 'According to the rough concrete on the knees down
. Fly away, to be dispersed - height, cornice '
. (poem 1989)

. February 17, 1989 - the anniversary of the death of Sasha Bashlacheva
. Janka involved in a series of concerts to his memory. February 19 - in DC MEI, full house (because of the defense), February 20 - Concert of memory Bashlacheva in St. Petersburg. Organizers did not want, . to the concert were all indiscriminately, . and tried to arrange an evening 'for dealing with' - small zalchik DC food workers, . a grab-bag of unannounced artists (in the person knew, . seems, . only Reviakina and Zaderei) three songs Yankees, . comparable in strength to the emotional impact of the pagan spells, . multiplier Reverb,
. "Frost on the skin, whispering:" Who is it? " '- Recalls attending the concert Ekaterina Borisova. After all these activities Janka is a strong depression: 'Bashlachev trodden path, and I have to go through it. From me in this life all just trouble and suffering. All breathe a sigh of relief when I disappear '- she repeated after arriving home. Many recall that this feature was generally characteristic of the Yankees - the blame for all the troubles that have occurred with other people, was inclined to ascribe to themselves. Even if no rational explanation for this non-existent (see, for example, memories with. I. Diaghilev).

In 1989, Stanislav Ivanovich got married and moved to his wife, Alla Viktorovna, who lived with her son and daughter -. Soon they got an apartment on the street Dovatora and Janka stayed in the old hut at Yadrintsovskoy, 61.

Gradually moving away from Egor, Yanka almost ceased to communicate with the rest of his comrades, with whom he worked. Sama Jana talked about Letov: 'All we quarreled so that there is no turning back'. At one point she was almost one - no friends, no family, no lover. He remembers one of the familiar Yankee, physician clinics Novosibirsk:

'One day I told her about his patients told,' Imagine - say - today was a patient with a diagnosis of 'anhedonia'. - 'What is it? " - Interested Janka. 'This condition, when there is no joy, no happiness, but not depressed'. - 'It's my diagnosis', - then she decided. And a week later wrote a song with the same name '.

In early 1989, was made an acoustic recording made at the request of Letov at home Firsova specifically for the Russian emigres in Paris in 1995 reissued under the title "Sold!". Yankin songs accompanied only by her guitar. Only the last song, 'declassed elements', they are traditionally sung a duet with Letov. Then, also wrote an acoustic album of the Egor 'Russian Field Experiment'. Shortly after recording Letov for unknown reasons, abandoned these albums, and demanded to exclude them from the discography of Defense and Yankees. But then relented and gave them the 'right to life', modestly naming their bootlegs. And thanks for that. In 1990, Yegor gutted this Yankin record, adding a few songs from it to the album 'Do not Put' (the same version, so angered the very Iancu).

January-February - House concert in Moscow (one of the most famous recorded in February, Oleg loaf and published later under the title 'Acoustic', and later re-released with added bonus tracks (2 songs recorded in the. Rozhkov and I. Krasnov in Novosibirsk) as 'Krasnogvardejskaya' - under the name of a nearby subway station).

February 24-27, the festival was held in Kharkov 'Rock against Stalinism'. Janka has not participated in the program, but went for the company. February 26 advocated CIVIL DEFENSE. February 28 Letov, Janka and Alexander Chernetsky (Group DIFFERENT PEOPLE) play House concert, the statement Yankees that recently issued by Moscow 'Branch Out'. Alexei Koblova preserved and complete recording of the concert (the most common 90-minute recording of speeches Egor and Yankees). It is hoped that someday this concert will be released completely.

In late March, held a series of solo acoustic gigs in Irkutsk and around. Initially, Janka performed in Angarsk. Concert was organized Angarsk Creative Youth Coalition (hereinafter - TOM) and Igor Stepanov (now living in Israel). The same union, just in time, an exhibition of artists Mitki, which Yanke and was given the opportunity to play. Room VOLUME hold about a hundred people. At the concert brought together many people. Before the concert the hall was made a bucket of beer and the foresight to put near the place where she was to be a performer. The concert went well, Janka was in good spirits, in between sipping beer from a bucket. On the second song broken string, a whole hour looking for a new. But despite the bad start, Janka played the entire concert, as usual. After the concert the audience was surrounded Iancu and was assailed with questions. She hid in a corner and looked tired, like a hunted beast.

The next day, Janka performed in Irkutsk in the reading room on the street. Trillisera. The concert was very pleased. Came to the concert, only those who knew exactly what was going on, so everything looked completely at home. Janka was in high spirits, the sound was excellent, the execution of a fierce and expressive.

The Irkutsk land Janka always come together with Anya Volkova. Anya was considered impresario Yankees, and in fact was just one of her closest friends ever since student days. We met with Anya Janka summer of 1986 through a common friend, Olga Glushkov. Olga was Yankin classmate, and Anna studied at the medical school. In the mid-90's Olga died tragically, resting with her husband abroad.

The next day, friends drove Iancu watch the city, and then to Lake Baikal. Until that time, Janka has not been to Lake Baikal, and just then a chance before leaving to see the pearl of Eastern Siberia. Janka remained very satisfied with the organization and the warm reception, and agreed with irkutyanami on further cooperation.

According to some reports in the library took place on 3 concerts, as well as a concert at the Polytechnic Institute. Some concerts were recorded, but almost all of the records retained by Stepanova, and get them now, of course, is problematic.

. March 30 Janka returned to Novosibirsk, the next day with Arkady Kuznetsov (IPV) is leaving in Omsk, but in mid-April, is in Moscow
. There is evidence that there was a concert Yankees.

In April - concert with the DPP in St. Petersburg, a concert hall 'Time' in Avtovo: 3 songs, frantic sound, back vocals Yegor. Then, in Peter French journalists make a movie about a rock in the Soviet Union. Petersburg's concert Yankees and Yegor came into this film. Unfortunately, this record, it seems, Russia has not been preserved.

April 22 - Concert in DC MVD in Simferopol, along with the defense. Travels in the Crimea: Yalta, Gurzuf: Yanka also took part in one of rock festivals in the Culture Palace of Trade Unions in Simferopol. Were under video, perhaps they could ever find.

June 3 Janka involved (2 songs) in the Novosibirsk Tribute Concert guitarist GO Dmitry Selivanov by hanging on April 22 that year. The Yankees also played in a concert of Civil Defense, INSTRUCTION ON SURVIVAL, MANAGER, and many others. More information about the concert and its participants can be read in the article by Lev Goncharov 'Maybe something happened', for example, here: http://selivanov.lenin.ru (memorial site D. Selivanov). Speech by Yanka has recently been published along with other preserved its video recordings. The rest of the concert on video can be found in private collections.

In late June, Janka, Oleg 'Bert' and Alexei Tarasov Koblov come to Kharkiv. Stopped, as usual, Dmitry and Svetlana Rudim.

June 23 - a small seiches with Chernetsky in Kharkov. The remaining 90-minute recording, which Janka, Chernetsky and Kharkov musician Koch (Sergei Kocherga, gr. Quiet corner) take turns singing their songs. Surely such gatherings with a guitar were innumerable, but, unfortunately, only a few remained in the recording. In contrast, joint concerts with Letov, the record is striking in its naturalness, ease and lack the characteristic strain in the voice of Yankees in the presence of Egor (it's very noticeable when compared, for example, with a concert Feb. 28). Furthermore, in those days took another House concert, recording, apparently not preserved (see. notes to the interview with Czarnecki). According to the memoirs Bertha, was also a House concert with the Yankees Kochey and Andrei Vohom.

Concert in Kharkov on June 26, DK 'Pishevik' in the closing season. 'Broken strings - guitar reorganized into five, then another - play the game at four. And could probably play the game and on one '. In Kharkov, it is still poorly known, but accepted unconditionally.

In July, after Sergei Firsov, and Novosibirsk photographer Andrei Kudryavtsev Janka acquainted with Elena and Vladimir Filaretova from Peter. Janka came with Anya Volkova. Immediately House concert has been arranged. Soon arrived and Egor Letov with CIVIL DEFENSE. We lived with Filaret, immediately arranged numerous House concert.

Festival in Tallinn 'Rock-Summer'. Janka CIVIL DEFENSE were present but did not speak - for the same reason as in 'Lituanike'.

That summer was held the second punk festival in Tyumen. Janka it also acted. Although this reason few people remember, like the fact that this festival was in general.

The second half of the summer - again, Kiev, where Iancu are actively invited to personal appearances. Janka came with Nyurychem (Anna Volkova) and Valeriy Rozhkov (g. Flirt), which were by then a husband and wife. Concert was more than the previous summer. Local audience Iancu already knew and loved.

. Also in 1989, from 25 August to 16 September in Omsk home Egor and under his leadership saved the first 'official' and (importantly) to make any very Yankoy electric albums' Anhedonia 'and' Home! "
. Drums and rough guitar were recorded in St. Petersburg at the point Kinks (in m. 'Specific') on 20-21 July 1989, Alexander 'Daddy' Kanaeva. According to his testimony, in the process of recording Janka sang several more songs than included in the albums. At the same time to release a number, which would then not written (apparently, these are the boxes of the Tyumen bootleg 1988) And though Letov almost never played on these albums, they have a clear imprint of the sound, the inherent GO. 'Annoy me such utter sad, passive and pathetic statement of global injustice, a visible presence in Yankin voice and performance, I decided to compensate for its own aggression ... Perhaps the result was not entirely typical of her (and, perhaps, not peculiar), but got something in common, terrible and sad that in my understanding - a higher, deeper, farther and indescribably wonderful original design '. Janka rebelled, Yegor proud of the results of his work - but, they say, came not 'impotent woman's lament', and steep punk, without the 'aestheticism and refinement', and without despised Yegor pity to the world. But the pity is still torn from the noisy, grinding to muffle the voice of pure Yankin 'corporate' dirty rave sound Letov and company. It's a shame that there is almost no electrical recording, where the instruments would have sounded adequate Yankin songs, would not spoil them, not drowned, but rather emphasize the benefits and did even better, more expressive ... We will never know, . why is it inferior - whether from a woman's softness, . fear of losing respect for Egor and the opportunity to work with him? It had not refused the same from these albums (as it was with 'Do not Put' and 'declassed elements', . Considering their pupils', . imperfect),
. People who are not familiar with the intricacies, Iancu attributed to the holder of the Siberian punk musicians, and herself an attitude, apparently, suited. Many are now arguing about what would have been without Janka Yegor. Of course, he gave her a lot. And, certainly - not less deprived. One can only wonder what would have happened, play Janka, for example, with Kalinovaya BRIDGE, THE INSTRUCTIONS ON THE SURVIVAL or with someone else. Somehow, it seems that any of these options would be better. But Janka chose Yegor, and, despite constant strife and discord, and not broken with him completely until the end. However, after their family break she wanted to work independently, gather your group. Such attempts have been made several times, but really nothing has happened. In no small measure due to the reluctance of Yegor

. To a large extent Iancu and her creativity has changed not only communicate with Yegor, . but the constant rotation in the men's company, . in which almost everyone was a remarkable creative personality, . and needs to be kept at the level, . proving, . that it is not worse than their, . that her work has the right to stand next to their music,
. Bad effect on the psyche and the complexity of finding musicians. These selection Janka take very seriously (like everything in life) - for her technical skill was not enough, it was necessary to close in spirit, friendship, mutual understanding with the slightest hint. 'His' musician, who did not play anywhere else, it was only Sergei Zelenski, worshiped Iancu. Very warm relations were with Jeff, who is also not always eager to play with the DPP, and the bass guitar in the group of Yankees. Jeff Iancu united and passion for folk music. Together, they sometimes traveled from village to village, collecting local folklore, recorded the unique folk songs, legends. Janka itself is also very fond of folk art, often play something on one or get-togethers with someone chorus, some of it was written - 'Garden', 'That Do not Wind', "Forgetting-pozabroshen" ...

Not going well, and with the studio. He needed money, communication, organizational skills. None of this was. As a result, the easiest way was written by its people - on the 'coffin studio'. And there - the pressure Letov imposed Yanke his vision of music. After spending several years in the men's team, Janka changes and character - is becoming more severe, hard, purposeful. To some extent, it helped her to fulfill your potential, but it seems that she has forgotten that she is a woman. Even about himself often spoke and wrote in the masculine - 'I went', 'I sang', 'I did' (cm. example fragments of her letters). Jana's father remembers that this manner it took over from his adopted grandmother - the mother the second wife of Stanislav Ivanovich (however, other close people argue that it is complete nonsense).

. In different cities are beginning to walk on the hands of its records, mostly acoustic
. Janka is known not only in underground circles, but from the official records refused: 'We heard on the "Melodies" comes your plate? - False. Not registered and not going, . even if the offer '(interview with journalist Elena Gavrilova in Barnaul, . on the 'Rock-Asia', . October 1990); 'And on the "Melodies" we refused to be written' (from the responses to the notes during a concert in the auditorium of the Irkutsk Polytechnic Institute, November 10, 1990, Mr.,
. After this replica heard an approving roar of the hall). Letov in an interview said that the 'Submit' proposed Yanke written record, but a condition - no foul. Initially Janka really going to make a compilation from different albums, but then decided to abandon recording. 'I will live the way I like' - as something she said and did not retreat from this principle. For example, in one of his speeches, she interrupted a concert in mid-sentence, commented: "Everything can not go on to sing or play, or talk '- and threw the guitar in the corner.

. Nevertheless, around the same time, songs Yankees start slowly appearing on the radio, mostly on youth stations: 'From the Big Mind', docked version of 'Gori Gori Sunny'
. It is unlikely that she Janka knew about it, and hardly anyone asked her permission. In London, a famous leading BBC radio Seva Novgorodsev also includes her songs in their programs.

Through the efforts of the Firsov Jahnke learned in Europe. Even had an invitation to go to concerts in France, Germany. It is not known why, but these plans never materialized, although the Janka perceived the news about such an invitation with pleasure and enthusiasm. 'I want to see how people walk the streets and just smile', - she said. Known at the time Arbatskii poet-party-goer Andrew Polar, alias 'Drone', 'Bald Dron' tried to make Jahnke and Yegor invitation to Germany. Do not have time.

In October, in Barnaul is the first festival 'Rock-periphery'. Janka was attended, but did not act because of 'abstract breakup' (a phrase from a small interview with Yankoy Barnaul samizdat magazine 'peripheral nervous system').

. In late December the 2 concerts Yankees and Yegor in Gorky Polytechnic Institute (Nizhny Novgorod)
. In their group played POL-GPA, which included a colonel and Siskin. After seiches took a little House concert at Sinister's favor.


Year 1990 for fans of rock music opened Cherepovets 'Rock-Acoustics' (12-14 January). Audio company 'Melody' was destroyed by Yuri Morozov on the request of the Yankees in the night after the concert - Yanka not want to get into the book festival, planned for the publication of 'melody'. There is evidence that someone keep a record from a panel. Video Yankin speech on January 13 survived and was recently published in St. Petersburg label 'Manchester Files'. The views of all who played there, very heterogeneous, with Hugo - clear: '... as a bracer for the distorted and scorched earth. Her voice flowed in the veins, pulsating inside, scattering blood and cleansing the soul from the faeces, which loads the social environment around us' (A. Kushnir, A. Pigarev). 'You, Janka - big river' (Masha Volodina).

. But, . There were other reviews: arrogant, insulting phrase in his autobiography ever cranky Yuri Morozov, . said about Yankin speech in Cherepovets as: '... tipsy Janka, . noisily galloped under the habitual umtsu-umtsu on stage and vote, your voice, . To then hang soon ',
. But people, . close contact with Yankoy on that statement, . argue, . that there was no drug, . no alcohol, . Janka just very nervous, . excited - in fact it was actually her first performance at a great festival, . which brought together rock musicians of different genres, . including the already famous.,

. Against the background of general reckless fun Ianca festival was distinguished for its reticence: '... Well, imagine what is happening at a rock festival in the evening in a hotel room? In a small room crowded by 20 people ..
. Wine, grass ... And the Yankees did not. She kept apart. And I even remember that this became the topic of some conversations - that she recluse and not, as one would say now, the public man '(Dmitry Kryukov, Nizhny Novgorod).

. On the way to Moscow, to the vestibule, Janka Kryukov gave an interview - a case, rare in her life
. Article about the festival, the interview was later published in one of the Nizhny Novgorod newspapers, but we found it was not possible.

. After 'Rock-Acoustics' Janka with Sergey Zelensky spent several days in Moscow, and then returned to Novosibirsk.

. In mid-February and Janka DEFENSE again come to Moscow
. They played acoustic - Janka and Egor - somewhere in Metrogorodke, in the library.

. 17 February 1990 in DK MEI in Moscow held a historic concert, unofficially - in memory of Sasha Bashlacheva, which, except for Civil Defense and Nick's Rock-n-roll, participated in, and Janka with GREAT OCTOBER
. Concert issued (I must say the sound is processed very carelessly, and do not understand the reason for cutting the songs Yegor, all performances of Nick and several joint jam rooms), but the full version is only waiting in the wings. Fragment of jam was released in 2007 as a bonus track to one of the republished album CIVIL DEFENSE. Video recording was made, but was erased, like most other Yankin video.Sohranilsya only black and white without sound recording with movie cameras, only 2 m. 40. (then finished film), made by Julian Davey.

After 3 days, 20 February - Memorial Bashlacheva in St. Petersburg, in BKZ 'October', also recorded, published and analyzed on shelves. Almost the only statement on the Yankees as an official event. Again with Letov (and again after Letov! - He always insisted on that order), again little songs - only three. Organizers in shock after their speeches: 'Who are these Gopnik, speakers now - a skinny guy and a fat girl? They could not invite the singers better? Another foul from the scene lacked !..'; concert almost ended in scandal. Lipnitskii in 'SHIFT-poster' Iancu reproached for excessive frustration and lack of humor in songs. We know that in life she was cheerful and lively person, but there is not one funny song, not a single funny rhyme. But what kind of humor you can speak to a memorial concert? No Janka, nor Egor not participate in the final choral singing Ilchenkovskoy 'Bay, bell'. No Janka, nor Egor not included in the TV version of this concert. However, ironically, precisely record the Yankees and Yegor received wide circulation among the people and were subsequently published again. Other speeches quite difficult to find.

. Winter-Spring - House concert series in Moscow and in St. Petersburg, in Brick Lane in Filaretova - Letov and Janka (at a House concert and sang Oldie (HEAT PROTECTION COMMITTEE)).

. March 1990 - in Novosibirsk on the amateur studio at DC Chkalova recorded album Nick Rock-n-Rolla 'Midnight Shepherd'
. Iancu persuades Nick to take part in the recording, perhaps, something to sing along, but refuses to Yanka. 'Participation' in the record was limited by the fact that in one of the songs she podzvanivala little bells.

April 9-10, 1990 - concerts with Letov in Kiev - the last known of their joint performances. Keep a record of at least one of the concerts Yankees. In May, Letov there is an idea to write under Communism something like the current 'Old songs, especially', which would include street thieves' songs with the involvement in this project Yankees. But this idea has not been realized.

During this period, Janka lived mostly in Novosibirsk, NETI in a dormitory on the Red Avenue (near metro 'Zaeltsovskaya'). But there the Yankees had many friends, gathered a lot of interesting personalities. One of them, Julia Sherstobitova (she was also a vocalist of some GLASS BUTTONS) is devoted to the song in 1987 'I leave more Polkorolevstva'. Every evening impromptu gatherings with a guitar on the balcony. They sang everything, and Janka, too. Regularly something down - in a hostel was a lot of good at the time of equipment. Yankina song 'Spiders in the Bank' and the people's' That Do not Wind It written to ...', 'Krasnogvardeiskaya', just recorded in the hostel in this period. And also 'Nyurkina Song' and 'Centennial Rain' (the only non-live recording of this song).

At the same time in Yankin life came close to a man, Sergei Litavrin, who was older than her age at 10. He lived in the same dorm - while Janka lived with him. Sergei liked the music, which did Janka, her songs, they Yana loved each other, but apparently not all went smoothly - many now remember their strange silent relationship, on complaints relating to mutual misunderstanding. Over the past year Janka painfully torn between normal human desires - to be a woman, have a family, home, loved one, and creativity. Impossible to do several things equally well, always have to sacrifice something. Janka tried to select works, songs:

More on 'Rock-acoustics' Janka and Nick Rock-n-Roll met with journalists from Vladivostok, who were going to make a movie about an acoustic rock festival and show it on local TV. In the summer of that year with Nick Janka themselves visited Vladivostok, near the sea. Lived behind the scenes feature of the club - they led one of those journalists, Inga. There is also information on video, made by Inga in Cherepovets. This tusovka in the dressing room before the concert, . small interview Yankees, . The concert, . recorded in a somewhat different perspective, . than the well-known record, . and again in the dressing room after the speech, . song with the Black Lukich Record and a copy kept by several people, . but find it quite difficult due to rarity.,

. August 30 - House concert with Letov in Filaretova in St. Petersburg
. In the not very large apartment cram

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Photos of Diaghilev Jana (Janka)
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Diaghilev Jana (Janka), photo, biography
Diaghilev Jana (Janka), photo, biography Diaghilev Jana (Janka)  Poet, singer, photo, biography
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