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Antonova Natalya

(Russian actress)

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Biography Antonova Natalya
photo Antonova Natalya
Antonova Natalya Sergeevna was born on March, 12, 1974 in Moscow in a family which was not connected with art. Her mother is a teacher-philologist, father - military man. Natasha was am active naughty little girl. Football in which she played together with boys was her most favourite game.

Natasha didn't reflect on actor's profession, she dreamed to become a ballerina. But her mother was against this profession, by the way Natalya was at that time well-fad child. After leaving school, Natalya decided to become an actress and entered Schukin education establishment. Her classmates were Olga Budina and Elena Zakharova.

Natalya 'infected' with theater her close relatives. In a consequence Natalya' younger sister - Svetlana Antonova (she acted in TV serials ' Station ', ' My Love ', ' Hunting for a piranha ', etc.) and her cousin Oleg Mosalev (he plays in the Russian youth theater) devoted their life to acting.

In 1997 Natalia Antonova became the actress of Gogol Theatre. She played in performances: ' Ivanov ', ' Faithful wife ', ' My crime ', ' Arsenic and... Ancient laces ', ' Woman with the past ', ' Another's child ', ' Madam Blizzard '.

Natalya Antonova had cinema debut in 1997 with the roles in films ' My First Teacher or a Russian stag party ' and ' At the beginning of a foggy youth '. Then she worked in the following TV serials: ' Kamenskaya' (Elina Bartosh), ' Jugra's Gold ', ' Three against all ' (Irina Havkina), ' Hunting Season-2 ', 'The Autumn blues '.

In 2001 Natalya's five year old son acted in a film for the first time. He played a role of Sasha Bely's little son in the film "Brigada'. The experience was unsuccessful. Her son became very nervous, always cried and was irritated '. They decided to end up with acting career of the son up to fifteen years.

Fame came to the actress after a role of Polina in the serial ' Other life ', aired in 2003. The actress embodied the image of a young, beautiful, clever and ambitious girl rushing from provincial small town to the capital in searches of 'other life '.

In the same 2003 Natalia acted in the film 'Emperor's Love'. She managed to plat a very difficult in emotional plan role.

Natalya has been acting in various films, on screen she creates positive images of young, beautiful, strong and ambitious women.

In 1996 Antonova married and gave birth to son Artem. After five years of marriage Antonova divorced. ' I would divorce earlier, if it did not concern my son. The reason of their divorce was that She categorically couldn't perceive her husband's way of life, his habits. Now she considers her fast marriage as an error: ' We dated too little and hadn't time to learn each other '.

The actress has found family happiness in a new marriage. Nikolay Semenov, gynecologist, became her husband. Nikolay already had a son from the previous marriage - Anton.

In 2005 the spouses welcomed their son Nikita, and in 2007 year - one more son Maxim.


1997 My First Teacher or a Russian stag party (Моя первая учительница или мальчишник по-русски)
1997 At the Beginning of a Foggy Youth (В начале туманной юности)
1999 Let's get acquainted (Будем знакомы)
2000 Kamenskaya (Каменская)
2001 Jugra's Gold (Золото Югры)
2001 Only Once (Только раз)
2001 Life with Duration of a Song (Жизнь длиною в песню)
2001 Resort Love. Autumn Blues (Курортный роман. Осенний блюз)
2001 Three against All (Трое против всех)
2002 Hunting season-2 (Сезон охоты)
2002 Another Life (Другая жизнь)
2002 Three against All-2 (Трое против всех-2)
2002 All what You Love (Все, что ты любишь)
2003 Emperor's Love (Любовь императора)
2003 Chronicle of Death and Love (Хроника любви и смерти)
2003 Fiancé for Barbie (Жених для Барби)
2004 Obstinate target (Строптивая мишень)
2004 Samara-Gorodok (Самара-городок)
2004 Golden Head on Executioner's Block (Золотая голова на плахе)
2004 Viola Tarakanova. In the World of Criminal Passions-1 (Виола Тараканова. В мире преступных страстей -1)
2005 Love Intrigues (Происки любви)
2006 Under Ursa Major (Под Большой медведицей)
2006 League of Deceived Wives (Лига обманутых жен)
2006-2007 Love as Love ( Любовь как любовь)
2007 Guest Performer (Гастролер)
2008 Just Return! (Только вернись!)
2008 Surprise (Сюрприз)
2009 Baker's Dozen (Чертова дюжина)
2009 Photographer (Фотограф )
2009 Third Wish (Третье желание)
2009 Eyes Blue Like a Sea (Синие, как море глаза)
2009 Maxim Platov (Максим Платов)
2009 Operation 'Holy Man' (Операция "Праведник")
2009 Make a Wish (Загадай желание)
2009 Dirty Work (Грязная работа)
2010 Thirty seventh romance (Тридцать седьмой роман)
2010 Terminal (Терминал)
2010 Solar Eclipse (Солнечное затмение)
2010 Captain Nemov's Heart (Сердце капитана Немова)
2010 Breath with Me (Дыши со мной)
2010 Maxim Platov (Максим Платов)
2010 Nadezhda's Love (Любовь Надежды)
2011 To Save and Keep (Спасти и сохранить)
2011 My Sin (Мой грех)

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Photos of Antonova Natalya
Antonova NatalyaAntonova NatalyaAntonova NatalyaAntonova Natalya

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    Antonova Natalya, photo, biography
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