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Pedro Almodovar (Pedro Almodovar)

( filmmaker)

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Biography Pedro Almodovar (Pedro Almodovar)

Born September 25, 1951 in La Mancha, in Kalzada de Calatrava, in the province Syuidad Real Madrid in Spain.
In 1959 his family moved to another Spanish province of Extremadura. There he graduated from school and goes to the parish school salestintsev fathers and brothers of the Franciscan. But there is learning bad and eventually ceases to believe in God. It was at that time had started his hobby cinema.
In 1967, Almodovar arrives in Madrid, where he finds a job of a clerk who worked for 12 years. Actively involved in the life of a troupe of the Madrid underground Los Goliardos ", wrote comic stories.
. From 1972 to 1973, trying to deal with the shooting short films.
. In 1974, removes the first feature film.
. In 1980, for the glory of the Almodovar comes after the film "Pepi, Lucy, Bom and other girls gang"
. In 1984, following the release of his film "What I've done this, that earned it?" director acquires an international reputation.
. From 1982 to 1987, working together Angel Fernandez, later - with Jose Luis Alcaine.
. In 1987, Almodovar and his brother founded his own production company, El Deseo. "
. From 1980 to present, every year takes cinematic hits, such as "Labyrinth of passions" (1982), "Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown" (1988), "Kika" (1993), "All About My Mother" (1999) and many others.

. Biographies
  • Page P
    . Almodovar on the site "Ozone". Photos, curriculum vitae, a selection of articles on the art director, a number of abstract films, issued on video.
  • A page dedicated to P
    . Almodovar in "Encyclopedia of Film" on the server "Cyril and Methodius". Biography, portrait, pictures from films, links to 3 film producer with output data and annotations.

  • Biography P. Almodovar on the server RTR TV.

  • Biography P. Almodovar, filmography, photos, links to other resources in the section "Directors gay cinema" at Wolfy's Gay Pages.
Interviews Publications Annotations
  • In Review. Agapov the film P. Almodovar, All About My Mother "at CINEMA.WEEKEND.RU (May 3, 2000).

  • Abstract film P. Almodovar's Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown "in the" Movie Memorabilia "on the server Irkutsk Express.

  • Summary of the film P. Almodovar "My innermost secrets of the flower" on site "Kinoteleskop.

  • Very brief information about the film P. Almodvar, Live Flesh "on site" Kinoteleskop.

  • Reviews of Igor Galkin 4 film P. Almodovar in "Selected reviews - Spain" analytical anthology "Kinopiston.

  • Abstract film P. Almodvar, Live Flesh "on the server RTR TV.

  • A Conversation. Zaitseva and K. Dyakonov on film P. Almodovar, All About My Mother "in the virtual magazine" Roland ". Shots from film director.

  • "In Moscow" Roland "show Almodovar". Review of the film P. Almodovar, All About My Mother "(radio Ekho Moskvy, May 6, 2000).

  • Review H. Klimenyuka "Almodovar, his mother," the film P. Almodovar, All About My Mother ". Hosted on server eStart.ru.

  • Abstract film P. Almodovar "Why me?" site "Cinema".

  • Reviews of Movies P. Almodovar, All About My Mother, "" High Heels "," Kika "," Labyrinth of Passion "," Flower of my passion "in the" Elitist movies from Igor Galkin, "site" John Silver Personal Video ".
  • "Cunning hidalgo Don Pedro of La Mancha"
    . A Review. Bossart the film P. Almodovar, All About My Mother "(Novaya Gazeta, May 11, 2000).

  • Brief description of creativity and filmography P. Almodovar on the site "Video Guides". Abstracts of more than 10 films with screenwriter and director, issued to licensed videocassette. Information on prizes and awards.

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    Pedro Almodovar (Pedro Almodovar), photo, biography
    Pedro Almodovar (Pedro Almodovar), photo, biography Pedro Almodovar (Pedro Almodovar)  filmmaker, photo, biography
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