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Bernardo Bertolucci (Bernardo Bertolucci)

( Film director, screenwriter)

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Biography Bernardo Bertolucci (Bernardo Bertolucci)
Bertolucci (Bertolucci), Bernardo (p. 16. 03. 1941), Italian film director, playwright and poet.

He studied at the University of Rome. The son of Attilio Bertolucci. In his book of poems awarded Viareggio in 1962. First test of his work in cinema began his amateur films in 16 mm film - 'Ropeway' (1957) and 'Death to pigs "(1958).

. Close acquaintance with Pasolini allowed him to become an assistant director on the set of 'Akkattone' (Accatone, . 1961), . followed in the style of his teacher and meter off the first full-length feature film 'bony godfather' (La Commare Secca, . 1962), . sociological reportage of the inhabitants of the Roman mining,
. In one year from the Gospel of Matthew 'Pasolini staged his second film' Before the Revolution '(Prima Della Rivoluzione, . 1964), . history of the spiritual 'nedovozmuzhaniya' young bourgeois circle with obvious biographical allusions, . which became one of the leading films of the Italian youth kontestatsii in film, . her romantic refraction.,

. During kontestatsii feature-length documentary TV film 'pipeline' (1965-66), worked on the unfinished film 'channel' (1966), put fiction film 'agony' for the anthology "Love and Anger '(Amore E Rabbia, 1967)
. In free-style adaptation of 'The Double' Dostoevsky - movie 'Partner' (Partner, . 1968) - directly detected as an ideological hero the double, . which is very typical of Bertolucci's art in general, . and fixed point of the sunset itself kontestatsii, . the loss of its dominant position in the Italian cinema,
. At the turn of 1960-1970's he opened adjacent to the movement of Italian political cinema, without sacrificing its own internal precepts. In the television movie 'The Spider's Stratagem' (La Strategia Del Ragno, 1969), expanded adaptation of outline X. Borges 'theme of the traitor and the hero', explores the nature of heroism and betrayal in the context of revolutionary struggle. In the adaptation of Moravia's novel of the same name 'The Conformist' (Il Conformista, . 1970), . Following viskontievskoy treatment of the nature of fascism ( 'Gotterdammerung'), . reveals the background of cooperation with tyranny as the substitution of unmet, . primarily sexual complexes.,

. In receive (and quite unjustly) notorious tape 'Last Tango in Paris' (Last Tango In Paris / Dernier Tango A Paris, . 1972), . creates a romantic version of the modern tragedy of love, . in which the hero is the victim of false recover from the conventions of bourgeois leftism circle,
. In the 1976-m removes epic 'Twentieth Century' (Novecento), . programmatically biased, . taken from a left-leaning saga of struggle of social classes in Italy, . story which embraces the three-quarters of 20 centuries, . and which, . in turn, . in many ways signaled the transition of Italian cinema from the topical relevance of political cinema to the works itoriko-analytical,
. After the film 'Moon' (La Luna, 1979) and the 'Tragedy of a Ridiculous Man' (La Tragedia Di Un Uomo Ridicolo, 1981) for long breaks with the Italian theme.

. Moving to England begins its 'cosmopolitan' period of creativity as a modern artist-citizen of the world
. On the material of Chinese history creates a profoundly original analog 'Twentieth Century' in its Asian refraction - the film 'The Last Emperor' (The Last Emperor, 1987), deservedly got a loud world fame. Adaptation of the same novel by Paul Bowles was his psychological drama of the African material 'under the cover of heaven' (another name - 'Tea in the desert') (The Sheltering Sky, 1990). 'Little Buddha' (Little Buddha, 1993) was adapted primarily for American audiences textbook precepts of Buddhism. After 15 years of absence and took off in Italy, the film 'I'm dancing a' / 'Stealing Beauty' (Io Ballando Sola / Standing Beauty, 1995), a kind of anthology of the leading themes and motives of their own creativity. Sometimes it appeared as co-writer of films of other directors and as a producer. Co-writer of his own paintings.

  • Biography producer B. Bertolucci (Bertolucci), information about some movies, links to English-language sites.

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  • Biography and filmography B
    . Bertolucci (Bertolucci).

  • Curriculum vitae B. Bertolucci (Bertolucci).

  • Interview A. Vyazemskaya with B. Bertolucci (Bertolucci) in the magazine "Cinema Art", б? 2, 1997

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