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Luc Besson (Luc Besson)

( filmmaker)

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Biography Luc Besson (Luc Besson)
photo Luc Besson (Luc Besson)
Date of Birth: March 18, 1959
Sign: Pisces
Profession: Director
Education: Special Film no.

Luc Besson called "the French Steven Spielberg". Each of his film becomes an instant sensation. However, the French style and taste distinguish it from the Hollywood kinogiganta.

Luc Besson was born in Paris, but spent most of his childhood against the backdrop of idyllic landscapes of the Mediterranean, where his parents worked on a scuba diving instructor. All contributed to the fact that the work of Besson was in the future is also linked to the sea. Even in the age of 10, after a meeting with a dolphin in the sea (he looked into the eyes of a dolphin and swam, holding him for several minutes), Luke decides to become a marine biologist. Another of his passion was photography, not simple, and underwater. Luke could spend hours removing the colorful fish and crab funny - big and small sea creatures.

The radical change in the life of the producer came when Besson was 17 years old. Besson gets in a car accident. I came to Marseilles in the hospital and was told: "You'll never be able to dive". The illusions were shattered. And there was no support or comfort the boy: his father was in Tunis, the mother - in Corsica.

Luke returned to Paris. He missed a large bustling town on the dusty streets, the long and unnecessary exercises. In his spare time composing boy stories: it was then, in his youth, he wrote the story "Zaltman Bleros", which later became the "Fifth Element". It was then that he found his new vocation - cinema. Besson began working with the French television crews, scrutinize, study, watch movies

The age of 19 he went to Los Anzheles.Prorabotav there three years useless "gofer", onvozvraschaetsya home. After serving in the army, Besson began looking for its niche in France. He dabbled in different areas: the 80 th came and brought the era of music videos. Rookie filmmaker has made a few clips on a 16-millimeter film, but realized that it - not his vocation. In the end, Luke managed to establish his small company, which he called "Les films du loup" - "Wolf's films. We had to shoot ....

. Initially, the studio released Besson Short-painting "penultimate" / L `avant dernier, which was the original" prototype "of the first (on the long road to success), this film directed by a new generation of" Last Battle "/ Le dernier combat (1983)
. His task was to make a truly high-quality film with virtually no budget. Lack of money was offset by the ideas. For example, the lack of dialogue (voice had an expensive luxury for a small studio) was due to detail of the plot: the characters could not speak, as victims of an unknown virus that had paralyzed the vocal cords. Despite the difficulties, this black-and-white film maker has brought well-deserved fame, has received 20 national awards and became known outside the country

. The second film Besson's "Subway" ( "Subway"), . released in 1985, . already filmed such stars, . like Christopher Lambert and Isabelle Adzhani.Film, . show the audience the fantastic pictures of the Paris underground life, . today is already a cult classic,
. After painting the director changed the name of his studio, began to yield considerable income, in "Les films du dauphin" ( "Film dolphin") and took up the project, the idea that long nurtured.

In 1988 the world has released new screens of the work already known Besson's "Le grand bleu" / "Big blue" / "The Big Blue", the life story of a French diver, played by Jean Reno. This was the first English film director. Accompanied by a Picture of an even bigger success. The film received 7 awards "Caesar", is gaining great popularity around the world and is among the five most popular French films in the history of cinema.

Another idea was the band director, devoted to his wife Anne Parillaud. That left the first film from the "dark" series Besson's La Femme Nikita "/ La femme Nikita (1990). Echo of the story, tells of the wildly girl-heroin addict who became a hired killer, still exerts influence on the whole genre of "black thriller." After the release of this film the director has received full recognition in Britain and the U.S.. Confirmation was the entrance of a remake of "there will not be returned / Killer" - a very bad movie: but his appearance indicated that the work of Besson was perceived as an event. During the filming of "Nikita" Luke broke his leg, and later divorced his wife.

In 1991, the movie appears "Atlantis" / Atlantis.Semochnaya team dived into the icy ocean, even beyond the Arctic Circle to capture on film the most interesting moments in the life of the underwater world. American criticism of his praises, calling the "sea of imagination and magical dream.

Prepare for the film The Fifth Element / The Fifth Element Luc Besson began back in 1993. For a year he reshapes and verifies the script, based on his own plot, and is working on the selection of actors. Problems with the budget are forced to postpone work on the film.

Over the next picture Besson worked on the land on which stood quite firmly. In the spirit of "Nikita", he directed his second film in English - Leon / Leon (1996), whose script was written specifically for Jean Reno. This dark film about the strange relationship between the killer and a 12-year-old girl, wonderfully played by Natalie Portman (she was then actually 12), drew the attention of the world kinoobschestvennosti. In his native France, but he never received any of the "Cц?sar", which was nominated. At the award ceremony wondering operators of all TV stations filmed in close-up crying Besson. He could not control myself - so dear to him was "Leon".

Penultimate work of the director had a 100 percent Hollywood, is fully Americanized film "Fifth Element" / The Fifth Element, who opened the 50 th festival in Cannes in 1997. If the `83 пЁпЎпЄя? Besson had to economize on the sound, it is now recognized him as the meter allocated 90 million dollars, which, however, justified themselves. Bruce Willis and the new wife of Lucas Milla Jovovich looked very "in the commercial" in this sci-fi stories about saving mankind

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