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Luis Bunuel (Luis Bunuel)

( Film director)

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Biography Luis Bunuel (Luis Bunuel)
photo Luis Bunuel (Luis Bunuel)
Born February 22, 1900 in d. Kalanda province of Teruel, Spain.
. From 1907 to 1915 he studied at the Jesuit college in Zaragoza.
. In 1917, arrived in Madrid and continued his education in a student residence.
. In 1924 - 27 he lived in Paris and participated in the movement "Avangard", struggling with the bourgeois conventions of morality and art
. Then he began to work in film, was an assistant of French director Jean Epstein.
In 1928, out of his first film "Andalusian dog", created in collaboration with Salvador Dali. Financial assistance provided Buц?uel's mother.
In 1930 came a new film Buц?uel's "Golden Age". The film was banned for 50 years.
In 1932 he took the documentary "Las Hurdes. Land without bread, "which was banned for 5 years.
Spanish Civil War interrupted the activities director's Bunuel.
In 1936 he was appointed by the Government of Republican Spain attache in France. He also contributed to the formulation of anti-fascist and antifrankistskih documentaries.
. In 1939 he emigrated to the United States, where he worked as an editor in Hollywood and employee kinootdela Museum of Contemporary cinema in New York.
. In 1946 he moved to Mexico and returned to the director's work.
. In 1947, puts the film "Big Casino," which fizzled at the box office.
. In 1949, out of his movie "Big reveler" and has great success with the audience.
. In 1950, puts one of his most famous films - "The Forgotten"
. This film gets the "Palme d'Or at Cannes for Best Director, and also receives FIPRESCI Prize.
. In 1961 the director returned to his homeland and the film "Viridiana," which was awarded the Grand Prix at the Cannes Film Festival and banned in the home country director for "insulting religious values".
. In 1960 - 70 th takes pictures that are included in the golden oldies
. "Belle de Jour" (1967) was awarded the main prize of the Venice Film Festival. "Tristan" (1969), "The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie" (1972), "That Obscure Object of Desire" (1977) received the award "Oscar".
. For contribution to world cinema director has been awarded prizes at film festivals in San Sebastian (1977), Moscow (1979), Venice (1982).
. In 1982 published a memoir, "My last breath.
. The last years of his life in Mexico.
. Died July 29, 1983 in Mexico City.

. Biographies
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    . Buц?uel site "Ozone". Picture, curriculum vitae, an article on creative director, annotations 9 movies issued on video.
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    . Buц?uel site "Cyril and Methodius". The portrait, shot from the film, information about the awards.
Portfolio Publications
  • The text of a radio. Kamionsky devoted to 100 anniversary of the birth of L. Bunuel, online radio station Deutsche Welle.

  • To Article 100-A Anniversary. Bunuel in a virtual magazine "Kino-Express.

  • Article A. Medvedenko "The twentieth century - a century Bunuel" to the 100 th anniversary of the director. Published in the newspaper "Culture".

  • Article C. Kudryavtseva Angel fighter "in" Nezavisimaya Gazeta "100 anniversary of filmmaker L. Bunuel.

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  • Summary of the film L. Buц?uel's "Andalusian dog" on the server CD-MARKET. Most viewers review this film.

  • Abstract A film. Buneyulya "attempt crime" in your film festival "White Columns-2000" in kinoportale FILM.RU. A note on the work of the director.

  • Article about the film L. Buц?uel's "Andalusian dog" on the site KINNO-NET.

  • A Filmography. Buц?uel site "Video Guides". Abstracts of more than 20 films with the director, screenwriter and editor, published in the license videocassette. Information about the awards.

  • Abstract A film. Buц?uel's "That Obscure Object of Desire" on the pages of works by Igor Arkadieva.

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    Luis Bunuel (Luis Bunuel), photo, biography
    Luis Bunuel (Luis Bunuel), photo, biography Luis Bunuel (Luis Bunuel)  Film director, photo, biography
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